Written by Frankwebber

18 Jan 2013

go into the house and he opened the door and grabbed my wife, pushung her against the wall and started kissing, lifted her dress and rubbed his fingers aroound her pussy. i watched and enjoyed. took a look around his place while the 2 of them got into it.

found a box of cigars and helped me to one. found myself a comfortable place to relax and enjoyed watched they were doing to ach other. by the time i was comfortable they had undressed each other and was making their way to the bedroom and i followed. he pinned her to the bed and slowly caressed her inner thigh which made her moan. he opened her legs wider and slowly licked her inner thigh ending up at her hole of temptation. he slowly let his lips cennect with hers as she jerked with on god dont stopped. he went at it for about 10 mins and slowly worked his way up to her tits and her nipples were hard and pointy. he caressed them too and she let out a huge groan. i stepped closer and slowly played with her clit which was soooo fucking wet. she was enjoying it and she wanted more, we did not want to rush it so me & him took our time in seduction her. i continued to play with her clit and slowly moved my fingers into her pussy which was wet and she groaned for me to finger fuck her her. i slowly increased the pace of my fingers in and around her pussy, making her grab his cock and playing with it. she told him to lay as she wanted to suck him. he did as she commmaned and started to suck him and i continued to play with her pussy, increasing the movement of my fingers in and out of her pussy, she started to enjoy it and wanted me to increase the pace must faster, i noticed that she was going faster on his dick, i had this though that i wanted him to come in her mouth, so i increased the pace more and more and she went faster and faster on him and by the time i saw him jerk i had all my fingers in her pussy and flipped herself over grabbed his, started to give him a hand job and i force all 4 my fingers into her pussy he came she came and that thet time was fucking hard and horny. dropped my pants slipped my dick into her and rode her, flipping her legs way about her shoulders, raming my dick so far into her. he turned to her gave her his cock and she started to suck it. she wanted to on me facing hi and she wanted to suck him, which we did, i could see his cock was red on top, she drove his cock deep into her mouth, forcing much more than what she could take, she loved it, i drove her hard from behind and was starting to come, when i pulled out. him and me wanted to entered her 1 from the front and the other from the back she wasnt to happy but i talked here into it. after greasing him with lub we slowly entered her, me from the front and him from the back, it ws a new venture to me as well. she jerked and moaned & groaned but she wanted it now and shouted dont u guys stop, she said its sore but i am enjoying it, dont rush guys i dont want to tear but i want you guys to follow my moans and groans, which we. slowly and i slowly we went to the beat of her moans and groans him in me out and him out and me in and the pace increased and we went from xero to hero, we fucked her like there was no 2morow, he ramed her behind with his huge pole and i drove my ferreria in and out of her pussy until we came not at the same time but like 3 seconds afetr each other. slowly he removed his pole from her behind and then i pulled my ferreria out of her. she laid there her legs wide open, she groaned and moaned and said her behind was a sore but it was great sex and she really enjoy the fuck. we shower toger all three of us, she in the middle and the 2 of us on her side playing with toys / assets. we left his house about 2 the morning. he call us the next morning and spoke with on spaker ph and said he enjoyed the fuck. she replied the same and wanted to know when can we meet again, i smiled and said yes but this time we must make it a 4 sum.

to date wife still talks about it and the when our next time gonna be. i thinking of a weekend away camping in the bush veld ......... immagine ........................