Written by Frankwebber

09 Jan 2013

she told me to caress her ass and felt that she had no undies, i knew this nite was not going to be for the feint hearted. we arrived at the restaurant, James was not yet their, we proceeded to the bar and order for wife white wine and me a whiskey. ten minutes later james arrived and i recognised him immediately from his photo and he was all like the photo. wife smiled at me to say he is cute and sexy. we proceeded to our table and ordered our starters and we chattered away for about 30 min getting to know each other on a better level wife was questionable i was shocked but i loved. we ordered our main meal, i went to the toilet and when i came back i saw james hold my wifes hand, his other hand was under the table and they were smiling. as i sat his left my wifes hand and put his other hand on the table and i said hold it, dont let me stop your guys enjoyment, carry on this is why we are here. he proceeded and said that i have such a beautiful wife, i smiled and i could c he had his hand on her inner thigh and i know she loves that, i whispered into his ear to slowly caress her inner thigh and let his fingers slip pass her pussy touching it gently, he did that and she smile with a wickedness to it. finally our main meal arrived and we enjoyed it and then james said lets go to my house for dessert, i have something we all will enjoy. james said that he has to bump a lift with us as he was dropped, i guessed that he had planned this one, nevertheless he joined us. driving to his place he sat at the back and wife with me in front. we were driving for 5 min when he learned forward and slipped his hand under wifes dress and started to feel her tits, she dropped her seat and then he put his other hand into the dress as well, she did not stop him, he played with her nipples and she moaned and groaned. he undid her dress and lifted her bra and started sucking her nipples, she grabbed his head and pulled it closer to her, he slide his hand down to her pussy which by then was soaking wet, he played around her pussy, making her even much more horny. she stopped him, climbed over to the back seat, ripped his pant open, and dropped her hot lips onto his hard rock cock and sucked him like she was gonna rip his dick off his body. she the climbed on him and started to ride him like a wild bull, clawing her nails into his body shouting like she is been fucked by a guy with a huge cock tearing her pussy apart, and she came like she has never been fucked in ages, watching them in my mirror, i could c that their had reached the ultimate of totally sexual satisfaction.

we reached his house and then we went in for dessert ............................................. to follow soon .................... i shall post it soon but be sure that this is a true encounter