01 Jun 2018

I am a videographer, and part time I edit couples video for them, ranging from erotic to family fun. I have been doing it for a while and built up a few regular clients. I am sharing this with permission from the couple who's video this is.

I have seen a lot of videos in my time doing it, but nothing as sensual and intimate as this.

Normally I get a few cellphone or camera clips and stitch them together, rarely one long take.

When I received the footage, first thing I noticed is that its a video of the whole evening, not broken up bit by bit.

I started viewing the video, part of the process is selecting the best parts, and then putting music to it and making it look good.

From the moment I pressed play, I could not look away. I will describe what was captured.

They were a couple in their 40's, and have been married for a few years. She is about 5 foot, medium build, curvy hips,

soft skin, about a C-Cup, with light pink areolas and responsive nipples. She has the body of a woman that has been through life, and a deepness in her eyes. Her pubic region is well kept, not shaved, but clipped to a very short length. I will call her Jane. He is the same height, average build , but not muscular, there is a hardness to him, he is not very toned, his penis is thin, but long, with a slight kink to the left. I will call him John.

The video starts as John and Jane, sit in front of each other naked, piercing into each others eyes, you could hear a pin drop, but at the same time, feel like you are in a war zone. after 5 mins of staring, John gets up, and get a blindfold.

He sits in front of her again and they agree on a safe word.

He gets up, walks behind her, blind folds her, she places her hands behind her back, he ties them together, ever so gently. He tells her to sit on her knees. He reaches next to him, and gets a nail file. He gently touches and sucks on her nipples, they were hard, but after that, they were even harder and more prominent, even her a areolas were raised. He takes the nail file, and starts to lightly file the skin around her nipples, as he was doing that you could see the little bit of pain, and immense enjoyment coming from her face, him, asking her if she deserves this. Jane saying yes she does, yes, after every file. When he was done, he took some toothpaste, I think it was mint, and proceeded to rub it around her nipples. You could see how it was stinging Jane, but what you could see more, was how much she was enjoying it, how she loved what he was doing, and how aroused she was getting. After a few second, John proceeded to gently suck and lick the tooth paste off the nipples.

They took off the blind fold, and looked into each other eyes again. John starting to get hard, with a little growth, his penis slightly levitating. He then blind folded her again, and instructs her to lie on her back. He moves his fingers all over her, all down to her legs, he parts them, and she takes a deep breath.

He takes what looked like two worn washing pegs, it looked like they had hardly any grip left. He proceeded to put one each side of her vulva, she hardly reacted, so I assume it was not really painful. After doing that John started getting hard, his penis now 3/4 I would say.He moved away from between her leg, and then gently pressed them together, she moans slightly, I think the tow pegs are now pushing together and putting a bit of pressure on the sides of her vulva. As she let out that moan he got fully hard. He made her get up, and gently walk wide legs to the edge of the bed. He laid her on the bed, so only her back and bum is on, so that he could hold her legs up and be able to enter her. With her legs in the air, and still wide he enters her.

You could see how turned on she was, she was so wet, and he so hard, he slid in as if she was made of oil.

He gave a few soft thrusts, and them slowly started moving her legs together, as the pegs were pushing against each other she gave another moan, and he started going faster.

They went like this for about 4 minutes, pressing her legs tighter and tighter together and him thrusting faster, and faster, with her moaning louder and louder. He then opened her legs, and removed the pegs, she was so close to cumming, but he stopped just before, now, she is lying on the bed, wet, sweaty, and so horney, wanting more. He steps out of frame, and comes back with a clit vibrator, he whispers to her that she has been very good, and he starts again, while using the vibrator.

Just as she is about to cum, he stops, he moves to her head, and removes the blind fold. Now looking into each others eyes they start again, and they both cum.

He went to lie next to her, and held her for a long time.

It was one of the most intimate things I have ever seen. I even thanked them, and gave them a reduced rate.

Just wanted to share :)