28 Dec 2017

A few years ago friends of us got divorced after 11 years of marriage. When we met them they were a really lovely loving couple but things started not working out for them. (let’s call him R and his ex M). M took it very hard although it was her idea for the divorce. My wife was her support and they started spending more and more time together while M worked through the divorce.

About a month after the divorce M started asking my wife to go out with her, to be her “wingman”. Initially it was maybe a Friday or Saturday night but not too late. They used to be back home around 10 after they had a few drinks. As time passed M and her “wingman” started going out more regular and home time was after midnight.

I never had an issue with them going out because I used to go to our local club and meet up with my friends, have a few drinks, talk crap and watch sport. When I get the phone call from my wife that they leaving the club or where ever they were I just finish my drink and go home. (The club is 5 km from my house).

That was the first 6 months of M being single and her “wingman” by her side. This is where the story takes a turn for me. I was on call the week end for work and the rules at work are very strict, no alcohol, if you get caught on a random you are dismissed with immediate effect. So when I’m on call I never go out anywhere, I stay home and watch TV the whole time.

The local club had a inter club competition going on the week end and I’m on call. Bummer! The phone rings and it is my wife begging me to come down to the club because everybody was there and a band was plying. Normally it is a huge party during the interclub. I said no because of me being on call. After the third call from her (she was slurring by that time) I decided to go and have a coke at the club, just to see what was going on. I walked into the club and it was packed towards the back, men were outnumbering woman at least four to one. Eventually I saw M standing around a couple of guys and I made my way towards her. I must say she looked well over the alcohol limit standing there. I asked her where my wife was and pointed towards the bar where my wife was sitting chatting intimately to a guy I have never seen. I as I got closer, I saw he was leaning against the bar counter, almost hanging over my wife and she was playing with her foot against his leg up and down. I slowly walked towards the bar and ordered a coke. Standing about 3 meters from them I could see they were in a deep conversation. She got up and pulled him towards the dance floor for a slow dance. As the song ends she looked up and froze when she saw me standing at the bar, she tapped the guy on the arm and waved at me. They made their way to the bar and introduced him as Mitch from Pretoria. I greeted him and told her that I’m going home after my coke.

I never expected that she would tell me not to wait up for her that night in front of Midge. I left for home with my mind running all the different scenarios. What is she up to, will she cheat on me, and is that the alcohol talking. I was totally confused. Watching TV my mind started playing games with me and eventually I decided to go to bed just after midnight. Just before 04H00 I heard her car coming up the driveway, later keys rattling in the door as she tries to unlock it. It felt like a minute or so before she got the door open. I Herd the door close and the clicking sounds of her heels on the tiles as she walked towards the bedroom giggling. I did not know what to expect. She went into the on suite and I hear her stumble as she took off her shoes and clothes. I can see her shadow moving towards my side of the bed. She asked if I was awake and I said yes. She climbed on top of me completely naked and started kissing me. In between the kisses she was saying how good the party was. I was pinned beneath her with her holding my hands above my head. She started slowly moving up higher and higher until she straddled my face. She was completely soaked in her juices or is it not only her juices. She did not taste like normal but I loved her taste. It took a while for me to bring her to orgasm but when she started to buck she couldn’t stop. It was lovely and I enjoyed it. When she was done with my face she rolled over to her side of the bed and said she, M and Mitch will meet for breakfast a little later.

I fell asleep, knowing she was safe. Around 6H00 she got up, showered quick, put a short dress on and left to go and meet M and Mitch for breakfast. I left for work a little later. When I got back around 11H00 there were still no sign of her so I started to do the washing. When I picked her panty up that she wore the previous night, I could see a large stain on the front. To my surprise she didn’t even hide her stained panty. Could it be or not? Did I eat her out after she and Mitch did some fucking before she got home? She denies it, even after I showed her the picture I took of her sexy “stained” black panty.

I must say, after that night our sex life changed dramatically. I do not complain at all.

What did she do? I know what I saw although up to today she denies it. You can tell me what you think!