Written by Iluvwatching

20 Jun 2018

I have on one occasion been met at the door by a totally naked lady (a stranger at the time! – it was the first time I met her!), she and the other guy I knew having arrived at the play venue before me, and having disrobed and started to play without me… When I arrived they both came to the door, and opened it in the nude (but while hiding behind the door!)… But I have never before, until last week, been welcomed by the sight of a naked lady with a vibrator in her pussy, moaning as she approached her orgasm…!!

We were chatting the night before, making arrangements to meet up the following day… your words were – when the cat’s away (for the day), the mice should play! And we certainly intended to play, and make up for lost time!

I asked if there was anything you needed me to get while on my way over to your place in the morning, and you replied that you had everything we needed (for lunch!).

I got naughty and suggestive… “So you’re not needing to rush out to the shops…? You could just lie in a relaxing bubble bath and wait for me to arrive?”

You answered: “That does sound tempting, since I no longer have to come outside to open the gate for you… you now just need to press my number on the intercom!”

This was great news – the complex’s security entrance had been upgraded, and now there is a new access control system in place. Previously you had to come out to where you could see the gate, and press your remote. Now you get a call to your phone, and can open the gate from wherever you are…

“Just push the button, and you can open from inside? That sounds like major progress has been made!”

“Indeed, after such a long time!”

“And I could park in the driveway, push the door open and lock it behind me, and maybe even discover you naked in bed!!!?”

“Damn, that is exactly what I was thinking, perhaps even busy with a vibrator…”

“… with a vibrator….? And halfway to an orgasm!!?

Then I really will need to let you know when I am around the corner, just in case you let the wrong person in!!!

This is kinky stuff we are talking about here, lover!”

“I am certainly not expecting anyone else. I think that would be the case… but then the decisions…. Do you help me finish it off, or watch me finish it off?...”

“I think I would watch you the first time, and then help you the second!”

“I think that is a really good choice, because there might even be a third or fourth I would definitely need your help with.”

“I think that I am going to be driving with an erection, all the way from home to your place, knowing that you would be preparing for my arrival in such a way”…

“Perhaps you could help me finish with the vibrator when you arrive”

“I’d love to do that!!!”

…And then I told you about having been met at the door by a naked lady before, but never one in bed playing with a vibrator in her wet pussy.

“I am extremely wet already!! And I would love to accommodate you!”

We made our final arrangements, and then said goodnight, with you suggesting that you might even need to use your vibrator that night, to release your tension, so that you could get to sleep….

Next morning, we had to wait for “the cat” to depart…. I was showered and ready, and then timed my departure to ensure I got there about half an hour after “the cat” was gone, to give you time to get sorted out. I sent you update messages along the way… as I passed various landmarks, so that you would have an idea of my progress, and have a good idea when I would arrive.

I told you I was running about ten minutes late…. And, with a wink, you told me that you would be starting without me!

As soon as “the cat” had gone, you put the heater in your bedroom, closed the door so the room would warm up quickly, spread the towels on your bed, and jumped in the shower.

I let you know when I was at the corner, and then again when I got to your gate…. My adrenaline was pumping!

Your message reply – “press my number”. I did, the system dialled your phone, and the gate magically opened! I drove in, entered your property, and parked out of sight. You would have heard my vehicle – I parked not far from your bedroom window. The front door was unlocked. I entered and closed and locked it behind me, leaving the key in the door so no-one else (just in case “the cat” should return!) could unlock it… I put some things down in the kitchen on my way through, and walked silently down the passage…

I could hear the sounds of your pleasure coming from your room! My erection hardened in my pants as I listened to you, the anticipation building!...

Your bedroom door was closed over, keeping the warmth in, very slightly ajar… I stood listening at your door for a few moments, then pushed it open, entered, and closed it behind me.

You were lying back against your pillows, butt-naked, facing the door, with your legs drawn up and your knees spread… and with your purple and white vibrator pulsing in your pussy, just as you had promised! What a sight to be welcomed by!! Thank you, my lover!!

Your room was so warm, from the heater and also the sunlight streaming through your net curtains. Having just come in out of the cold, I was now seriously overdressed.

I looked into your eyes, smiled and blew you a kiss with my lips… you blew me one back, and just kept on working away with the vibrator. And then my eyes were drawn back to your pussy and the fun you were having there… and never left your pussy as I put my bag down and stripped off my own clothing, while standing at the bottom of your bed…

As soon as I was naked, my erection already standing proud, I knelt on the carpet at the bottom of your bed, my upper torso on the bed, supported on my elbows, my face now just inches away from your pussy, watching intently as the vibrator moved between your spread vulva, up towards your clit, circling there a couple of times, then plunging back down into your vagina, then drawing back out again, slowly, glistening with your moisture. I watched for just a few minutes…. I wanted to just watch, but I couldn’t help myself… as you once again pushed the vibrator deep into your pussy, I placed a thumb on your clit, feeling the buzz of the vibrator and what it was doing deep inside you... I pressed gently on your clit, massaging it lovingly, then stroked down towards your urethral opening, and you squirted! Some of it hit the vibrator, fortunately most of it landed on the towels you had spread in anticipation. You apologised! And again I told you that you NEVER need to apologise when that happens… I love it, every time!

You removed the vibrator, switched it off, and put it on the bed next to you. I moved up a little, until I could reach your pussy with my tongue, and started licking. I licked your clit, around it, over it, teasing it between my lips, doing all the things that you like so much… then I moved down, licking between your clit and your vaginal opening, and then probing your vagina with my tongue, as deep as I could. Back up again to your clit, then back to your opening, and you grabbed my head and held me close, pulling me in to your pussy, grinding against my tongue, my nose almost smothered… You called out – “be careful, lover”… and then you squirted again, on my mouth and tongue at close quarters, a much bigger jet this time, and I felt your juices running down through my beard and between your legs onto the towels. Thank goodness you had taken the trouble to put the towels down before you had started playing!

Your thighs involuntarily gripped my head as you came, and then you relaxed, collapsing back against your pillows, a deep sigh replacing your moans of ecstasy, and I could tell that you were spent. I lifted my face from your pussy, found a dry corner of the towel on which to wipe my face, tried to dry my beard a bit, and then moved up to lie on top of you, to be able to kiss your lips for the first time that morning. “Hello, lover!” … our first words exchanged! You kissed me back hungrily, and then you sucked at my beard, tasting your cum. I lifted my face again, so that I could look deep into your eyes, and positioned my cock so that it would rub against your clit. We stayed in that position for a long time, my arms braced so that I was lifted off your chest, looking into your eyes, as you rotated your hips, using my cock, rubbing your clit against it, your moans building again until you came once more.

By now my arms were quivering, from supporting my body in that position, and you took pity on me. You wanted to feel the weight of me on your chest, to have our bodies in the closest contact possible… and we lay like that for a while…

I rolled off you, to lie next to you on the bed, and you immediately reached for my cock and said “now it’s my turn!” You moved down, and took me in your mouth, now tasting your pussy juice on my cock head. You give such a wonderful blowjob, lover! Sometimes taking me all the way in, deep throating me, sometimes licking at the head, all the time making little noises of appreciation, loving what you are doing for me just as much as I love what you are doing!

And then I needed to stop you, so that we could rather have a prolonged day of loving… we lay next to each other. We cuddled, we kissed, we touched… I had brought you some naughty stories that I had written, and you asked that I read them to you. You sucked me again as I read them out aloud…

We had things we wanted to discuss, and we lay together, in close embrace, talking about the things that matter to us… and then I wanted you!

Again I lay between your legs and licked your pussy, and again you came for me, rewarding my efforts with your juices… I moved back up, pushed my cock against your pussy, and found your opening so willing and wet for me. I pushed in, your eyes opening wider as I pushed in as deep as I could… and then we fucked! For a couple of hours up to now we had been making gentle love, touching and pleasuring each other as we know we each enjoy, and heightening the pleasures… But now it was time to fuck… and I pounded into you as hard as I could, your hips rising to meet my thrusts, all the time you were saying “Yes, lover! Yes!”, over and over, and I knew that you too were getting close again. I thrust hard and deep, and we came together, groaning and quivering, and again I collapsed on your chest (I don’t want to squash your boobs, lover!!)… and it was over…

As I shrivelled you tried desperately to hold me in you, but then I popped out, and this time our combined juices dribbled out and wet the towels…

We needed something to drink, it was almost time for lunch… we each put on just a top, and walked through to the kitchen, realising just how warm your bedroom was and how cold the rest of the house was… You made us lunch, wearing just your polar fleece top (and a pair of socks!), long enough to cover your pussy but leaving your bum and legs exposed to my view whenever you turned away from me…

And then after lunch it was time to shower and clear away the evidence of our loving, knowing that you needed to go and do stuff, I needed to get home, and “the cat” would be returning home in a while too…

Thank you for my special welcome, my lover! I am so gad that your access control system has been fixed, and that you were able to greet me from your bed in such a sexy, kinky, exciting way! A fantasy came true that day!