Written by Kinky787

03 Feb 2017

Im not mentioning actual profile names, if they wish to be known they welcome to comment.

So having the day off and browsing the site for some action close by I notice an advert under quickies that a certain White Mature lady was going to visit a popular sex shop not too far off from me though she was looking for black cock to fuck her..

Although im not black, I was like what the hell let me take a drive to see if this is for real.

Arrived at the shop and went to the cinema / play area. Not much happenning just a few guys roaming and 1 black lady who I assume could be a working girl or shop attendant.

After about 15mins pass the time stated on the advert, a mature couple enter. Right there I was like wow what a looker for a lady in her 50.s it was them, same as her pics. She went to freshen up and the hubby scouted around then when she returned he motioned to a big black dude to follow them. Im like damn wish i was black now, what a lucky guy.

I thought they went for privacy and left them to watch some porn in the cinema.. after a while I walked around the playa areas to find the door to one of the rooms open and the same black guy guy with the couple. The hub taking pics of his hot wife sucking this huge cock and then he proceeded to fuck her really wild. What a sight. The hub and wife knew I was watching but sadly he signalled to me to stand back and not enter the playroom but only to watch.

Perhaps if I was black the luck wud have been better but nontheless the show was awesome.