20 Feb 2016

We arrived back at her house and went inside, Susan was now dripping wet and her panties could no longer hold in her wetness and this was obvious from the wet patch on her skirt. Now it was my turn to pay back the compliments, to satisfy her and give her pleasure.

As we walked into her house, she drew the curtain s in the lounge and before I knew it, she threw herself onto me, pushing me down onto the couch where she commanded me to keep still. Slowly she removed her shift and reveled her bra to me, through her bra, I could she her nipples standing erect, wanting to burst out from her bra. I reached out to touch her breasts and she stepped back, telling me not so fast, that she was going to tease me now, it was her turn.

She then removed her skirt and there was this white G string around her waist, a small patch of cloth hiding her mound and the patch was soaking wet, the wetness showing up as a shimmering wetness. Seeing her wetness and her hard erect nipples, gave me an instant hard on, so much so I was bursting to escape from my cloths.

Susan left the room briefly and my eyes followed her, not moving an inch except for my hard on. When she returned, she had a scarf in her hands.

She commanded me to sit in the middle of the couch and to put my arms on top of the head rests. She then started to tie my hands to the steel pillars behind the couch. Now I was in a hopeless situation and Susan started to laugh at me, taking he bra off to expose her nipples to me, there were these beautiful hard pink nipples standing erect and just waiting to be plucked, to be licked and sucked but I could not get to them.

Slowly she moved forwards towards me and started to undo my belt buckle and my jeans button, undoing the zip as well and my hard bulge was being restrained by my underwear only, it was now becoming painful as I wanted out of the tight confines of my underwear.

Susan then came and sat on my lap, pushing her mound against my bulge and proceeding to push a hard nipple into my mouth, commanding me to suck it, to give her pleasure. I felt this nipple enter my mouth and what a feeling it was to feel that nipple, running my tongue around the nipple, sucking on it and pulling it into my mouth further, Sudden she pulled her nipple out and the pushed the other nipple into my mouth and told me to suck it, taste her nipple. Again what a feeling of that nipple in my mouth, what seemed like a few seconds she pulled it out and told me, "not so quickly now"

Susan then stood up, taking away her mound from my bulge and stood in front of me, her wetness even more apparent.

She slowly started to drop her G string, exposing her mound slowly to me until I saw this wet lovely mound pointing towards me, a nice looking wet pussy was right in front of me and I could not get to it,

Slowly she took her finger and ran it up and down her slit, soaking her finger in her wetness, rubbing herself and I was now going wild, waiting to grab her and take her, to have the pleasure of that wet horny pussy. Then she came an sat on me again, pushing her mound against me again and then slowly took her finger that she had run up and down her slit and pushed it towards my mouth, asking me "do you want to taste me?"

Of course I wanted to taste her but on my terms and not hers, I wanted that mound right in my face where I could eat that wet horny pussy, taste all of her wetness.

Then she slowly pushed her finger into my mouth and commanded me to suck her finger, I tasted he wetness on her finger and she tasted good, I wanted more.

Part Three To Follow