13 Feb 2016

Being a single guy, I had been chatting to a few women and decided that it was time to spend the day with one of them, now there was a choice of three, the problem was which woman would I get lucky with.

I thought about it and then decided on one, let's call her Susan.

I contacted Susan and chatted with her and then asked her what she was doing on the weekend, she mentioned nothing specific and that is when I asked her if she would like to go out for the day, to which she replied that she would.

On Saturday morning I fetched her as arranged and we started off early for Cullian, now those of you that have been there, a nice party town with all the little shops around and restaurants around. On the way there we chatted more, getting to know each other better. We walked around the town and looked at various shops, ending up at the mine tour. We booked for the mine tour in the afternoon and waited around for the vehicle to arrive.

We were one of four couples on the vehicle and we managed to get the back row of seats to ourselves, the other couples were seated all forward of us. As the vehicle started off, Susan moved closer to me and as the roads are through a mine, they were bumpy and uneven. Slowly her hand made its way from my thigh towards my crotch and this started getting me aroused, until such a time I was bursting to break free from my pants, Susan soon became aware of my arousal and started to rub me harder and harder, the tease was starting to get too much. We could not do much else on the trip around the mine, as the vehicle stops frequently and the guide gives some explanations on the mining activity.

Soon my hand was moving from her thigh to between her legs, she was wearing a skirt and this made it easy for me, slowly I lifted her skirt up and my hand made its way towards her wet spot, she was soaking wet and when I touched her mound, she let out a gasp, she was so horny that she wanted me, she was rubbing me so much that I felt myself wanting to simply burst wide open. I slowly moved her panties away from her wet mound and slipped a finger inside, she was soaking wet, her whole crotch was drenched wet. I continued to finger her for the remainder of the tour until we got back to the starting point.

The problem now was that I had a roaring boner and Susan had a huge damp patch on her skirt as if she had wet herself. As we got off the vehicle, Susan asked me to walk behind her as she was aware of how wet she was. We skipped the rest of site seeing and made our way to the car. On the way home, Susan started to rub me again, but this time now she undid my belt and jeans and out popped my boner, she took me in her hand and started to slowly jerk me off as I was driving, this was an obvious distraction while I was driving and I struggled to keep the vehicle on the road. Then she went down on me and started to give me the wildest blowjob that I have ever received, sucking all my pre cum into her mouth and licking me up and down my shaft, teasing me until the point of exploding. Susan must have realised that I was going to explode and took me all the way, shoving my hard-on right down her throat, and with that I exploded and my cum shot out, right down her throat. She swallowed it all and then continued to lick me clean, running her tongue around my hard cock and then cleaning me up, licking my balls of all the cum and making sure I was nice and clean again.

We arrived back at her house and went inside, Susan was now dripping wet and her panties could no longer hold in her wetness and this was obvious from the wet patch on her skirt. Now it was my turn to pay back the compliments, to satisfy her and give her pleasure.

Part Two to follow