Written by Tsepo

25 Apr 2014

What a day, what a day, i had yesterday was.... first after having a little chat with Ms N, a lady I met online, we hooked up in the afternoon for fun. She was shy and not sure but made her feel at ease and as soon as we started playing. Oh boy, oh boy she took charge and we had some mind blowing shagging!!!!!

Later in the evening got Ms N to chat to my new contact from another site Ms M because they both wanna do girl to girl..... as we were chatting Ms N recommended Ms M to take a chance and hook up with me. We did and gees she is the youngest I made out with in a while, lots of energy and wow she knows what she wants. Got to my place, had some wine, gave her foot massage as we were talking and then all her broke loose.... damn we fucked the whole night, double mind blowing. Could not believe the energy I had especially cause she is a size 36, you know i like them bigger, it was amazing WOW. Im surprised my neighbours did not complain about the noise.

What a double blast I had and thanks to the ladies.... psss gave Ms M last round before we woke up to go to work.