Written by Tsepo

14 Jan 2018

Met at a party and just greeted, later I get a friend request and inbox. We talk for while and set a date. On way from a meeting I picked her up in Alex as agreed. Wow her thick curves and big butt we tugged in tight in her jean, busty boobs held up in her bra showing a bit in her slightly opened shirt.

We got to my place had a few drinks and started kissing. In few second she went straight for dick, sucking it deep and gently squeezing and sucking my balls. Returned the favour getting her in a doggy position on the couch, a donoza, spread her big but chicks wide and started eating her pussy... dam my head right in her bubble big butt with her pussy so wet. Licked her so good she demands my dick in her pussy. Pounding her a few times with my hard dick got her screaming.... haaa ka rota, Im cuming fuck me hard. Damn she started vibrating as she came.

What followed was lots of fucking, facesitting, more cuming, squirting when I tapped her pussy with my dick, and her legs kept shaking even between breaks.... it just went on.

Dropped her later in the evening. Her good bye was tjo o nyobile shap. Only to find the next day she forgot her phone in my car. Gotta go drop it off.... maybe more wetness!!!