Written by orangeswing

22 Jul 2013

Saturday evening was dinner with Celine and Marc. It's been ages since we seen them as a couple. It's been ages since he got his cock into wyfie and I suspect why Celine invited us both. She usually prefers fucking me exclusively, or comming to Stephane's apartment where we'd end up fucking her. She was excited to see us, they both were.

Marc had installed a very large splash pool outside, something in the form of a kit with wood and rubber, about 0.,8meter deep and 3,5m diameter, so enough for the kids to enjoy and even for the adults to sit in. Food was BBQ and salad served with chilled rosé wine. We snacked, chatted and watched the kids play.

As the evening wore on, the chat turned to flirty conversation. Eventually Marc asked wyfie to accompany him to fetch more drinks. After 30min had passed, Celine and I relaised that they were probably busy. We checked on the kids and they were fine. So we ventured indoors, couldn't see Marc or wyfie in the kitchen. Celine turned to the guestbedroom and we enterred. There, with a view to the garden and partially the kids through a very securely curtained window, we found wyfie on all fours, summer dress hiked over her, her g-string around one ankel, her summer sandals off and feet facing us. Marc was fucking her, while he had a two handed grip either side of her neck/shoulder. Wyfie had her mouth open and facial expression intense.

Celine, spoke softly to me. "He's been wanting to fuck her all week, as he did enjoy her the last time." Marc coudln't be bothered with me or Celine. He was busy raking out my wifes cunt and making her feel his cock. Celine stood behind me, hugged me and bagan caressing my balls over my summer formal shorts. The sight of wyfie getting fucked turned me on and my cock was so hard it hurt. Then Marc groaned, went deep and ordered wyfie to squeeze his balls. She reached below and inbetween with one hand and obeyed. Then she winced and groaned as Marc ejculated inside her. Sensing his ejaculation subsine, Marc fucked her hard and forced her orgasm before he went deep and held her by the waist, his cock jerking and beating inside her cunt no doubt.

I pulled Celine down and knelt. Unzipping, I pulled her head and inserted my cock into her mouth. She was next to wyfie. She shared my cock with wyfie, them both taking turns to suck and lick and kiss it. Marc held his semi-ridig cock inside wyfie, and had his middled finger revolving inside Celine's pussy. I took turns, fucking one mouth, then the other. I could feel the seed boild in my balls. I held wyfie and Celine's heads together, and pulled back, then let go over their mouths, their lips, some of it landing on Celine's cheek, which wyfie sucked, some of it landing on wyfie's chin which Celine sucked for herself. Then I let them suck and pull, and pleasure me.

Behind them, Marc now squeezed his new erecting into wyfie's asshole. She yelped a bit but I made her chomp down on my cock to keep her quite. Celine slid down and below wyfie. Marc got her to nurse on wyfie's clit while he took my wife's asshole and made it work like her pussy! My cock hardened. I placed my thighs lower so Celine's legs rested on them, then I had wyfie lick Celine's clit while I fucked her pussy. When I ejaculated the second time, I made certain it went where I wanted it, deep inside Celine's fuckhole, while ensuring wyfie's mouth and tongue devoured Celine's clit. Celine's orgasm was very intense and I felt her pussy fluid hot around my cock....just the thing to help sperm travel..I though.....smiled and squeezed every potential seed into her.

Marc groaned and pulled out, of wyfie's ass, pushed that into Celine's mouth and came. His cock clean, he rubbed it against wyfie's oozing pussy and gave her soft fuck. He pulled out and put that back into Celine's mouth. His cock grew hard and he put it back inside wyfie's pussy. He hammered her cunt till she yielded oncemore, her orgasm overwhelming her. My cock wet with Celine's cunt juice got inserted into wyfie's mouth. Her moaning and verbal joy of her orgasm gave my cock intense sensations. Wyfie just kept my cock in her mouth, didn't suck. I slid two fingers into Celine, then a third. I gave her pussy and three finger massage. I let wyfie nurse her clit, soon sending Celine into another intense orgasm. Then wyfie herself lost it, while Marc arched his back, held her hips and belted her cunt.

I was hard and now I took Celine's asshole. Wyfie nursed Celine's clit while watching my cock fuck Celine's asshole. I took my time, a long time....I took breaks.....I made it last.......I made Celine's asshole mine......

We had to return to the kids, so we got up, ladies took turns in the bathroom to freshen up, wipe up...Marc and I washed our cocks.....the evening wasn't finished......we'd just given the woman their first round of cock. Marc said that he wasn't done with wyfie's ass.....

Having checked the kids, freshened our drinks we chatted and joked and laughed. It got really hot outside and while the kids were fine, we decided to relax in the lounge with a view to the terrace and garden and the kids.

Marc sat next to wyfie on the couch that wasn't in view of the kids. It didn't take more than an half hour, before his hand was in her lap, before he turned to her and kissed her, while his fingers found her wet nether regions and excited her. He kissed her neck and moved to her chest, where he pushed her top up and suckled her nipples, engulfing her breasts one at a time. Celine remarked that he seemed really horny today.

Marc sat back and now he had wyfie's neck in his hand, he guided her south to his tool, unzipping so his cock was accessible. She set his cock free. He held it to her mouth and released her neck. Closing his eyes, he rand his hands through her hair while he fed her mouth.

Celine seeing me watch them did not want me to feel neglected. She drew the curtain across the patio entrance, just hollaring at teh kids, checking on them, then returning, she moved us to the other couch with a partial view of the kids. Kneeling infront of me, she worshipped my cock. Marc and I had the same needs, as we picked them up and set them down on our laps. Skirts raised, underwear removed, our cocks pressed home. We rode each other's wives until we orgasmed. We rested......then went at it again....the second time, Marc fucked wyfie's asshole....he was truly having fun with her......I was fine with Celine's cunt......thats where you put sperm.....

The evening soon ended and we said our good byes.......when I fucked wyfie's asshole last night and this morning it felt so fucking good......I think Marc was right....her ass needs alot of attention......

Now that Karine isn't the center of my universe as far as swinging is concerned(arrival of her baby), I think Celine's pussy will be seeing lots of more my cock.....As for wyfie......well....this morning, she has instructions from Jean to meet him at lunch.....