22 Jan 2019

Since I woke that Saterday morning I was horny. The idea of what is to come and to see you receiving incredible pleasure was the reason.

I noticed as the day progressed that your mind was busy and I wondered if you were also thinking and if you are horny of the idea of what is to come.

It was very hot. The aircon and fan was running in the bed room with the door closed to make it more comfortable for later.

It was after 5 and no word from him. We started getting the idea that he is not coming and already felt disappointed.

You asked my if I spoke to him through the day and I replied no not a word.

I decided to sent a pic of you to him and see what reaction will come from it. We decided to sent a naughty inviting picture but to use your phone to give him the impression it came from you.

I saw you getting in your bikini and getting in the pool to cool of.

Look at the phone to see if there is any response but the message showed still to grey marks. Meaning he did not opened it. In anticipation I check every now and then to see if he opened it. Every time your phone pinged I checked but every time it was one of your zumba friends sending messages.

It was about an hour later with no response.

As you got out of the pool you asked me if there were any response and after I said no you said.

“ Nope, he is not coming. I am going to take a power nap.”

You got on the bed still with your wet bikini and shortly after fell asleep.

About 15 min later there was another ping on your phone. It was a message from him.

“ on my way”

I immediately started rushing to get ready like setting up the camera in our room. You were still sleeping but I decided not to wake you and to give him that pleasure of waking you and perhaps supressing you.

One thing was for sure. The picture worked because 10 min later he was pulling in the drive way.

As I opened the door I could see that he was already horny. He greeted and started looking around. Searching for you .

I told him that you were in the bedroom sleeping but that he is welcome to go and wake you up. And that I will be waiting outside.

As he went in the room I logged into the camera. Saw you lying on your back. Still sleeping.

He stood in the doorway for awhile looking at you before he started removing his shirt and pants. By the looks of him he was fully erected. Again I was amazed by the size of his toy. The idea of it deep inside you fucking you and giving you intense pleasure made me very horny. He took a condom out of his pockets and put it on the bedside table before getting naked next to you on the bed.

He removed one of the bikini cubs and start sucking on your nipple. While his hand one hand started playing with your other breast. Touching it lightly his other hand moved down your stomach going down inside of you bikini. Feeling your smooth waxed pussy. I can see movement from you but are not sure if you are still asleep or starting to wake up.

I could see his hand moving in the inside of your bikini bottom. Giving me the impression what he now was feeling you in the inside of your pussy.

With your eyes still closed I saw you moving on the bed and knew that you are now awake.

He pulled you bikini down and made himself comfortable between your legs. Start kissing and licking you. I saw as you opened your eyes putting your hand on his head, start playing with his hair.

He looked up and I could hear you saying “ this is a pleasant way of waking up and surprise”

He only smiled back. Still sucking on your pussy.

You closed you eyes again and tilted your head back. Making pleasurable moaning sounds.

After a while he started moving up. Kissing your sexy body as he goes moving to your mouth. I now noticed that while moving up he now have two fingers inside you.

You started intensely kissing one another for some time. He when started kissing your neck. I smiled while watching. Knowing that he reached your soft spot and kissing your neck makes you horny. Kissing your neck while playing with your pussy.

You reached with one hand, taking is penis. You could feel you huge and hard his erection was. Giving you flashbacks of passed experiences with him inside you. Making you wanting him more.

He reached for the nightstand and took the condom. With his erected cock still in your hand you went forward taking him in your mouth. As you remembered that I was watching through the camera and knowing it makes me horny seeing you sucking him you turned towards the camera to give me a full view.

Now it was his turn lying on his back making moaning sounds.

He stopped you just before he was about to cum. Pulled you towards him were you went sitting on his lap. I saw how his enormous penis inside you. Almost vanishing from site.

You started moving up and down. Fucking him. Your tits rocking as you are building momentum.

I saw you going forward. Knew that you had a big orgasm. Now lying with your head on his shoulder. Recovering.

He gave you a minute. Got up and helped you on your knees. Turned you around and pushed forward going deep inside you. Started fucking you wildly from behind. Holding on to you.

Can see your body getting tense as you had another orgasm. He did not stoped fucking you. Giving you another orgasm. Can now see his body getting tense. Knowing he had cum.

Both was lying naked next to one another on the bed as I came into the room. Could hear both cashing your breaths. With room was filled with the smell of sweet and sex.

I went to your side of the bed. Pulled my pants down and came lying next to you. I could feel the wetness of your sweaty body next to me. Can see that your pussy is now red and swollen.

I started touching your pussy. Could feel you wet you inside.

Could not help myself any longer and decided to get on top of you. As I push inside your pussy was warm and wet. As I started fucking you I saw you looking at him next to us. As he was watching us fuck he started getting horny again. He saw you reaching towards him. Grabbing his dick and start playing with it.

I cumed inside you and got next to you. You took the opportunity and bend towards me. Sucking my dick clean with you ass towards him as invite.

He took another condom and turned towards you.

As he entered you from behind he started sucking my penis more intense. Making my hard again.

Still naked we drank some water and smoked some weed. Chatting about life.

It got dark outside. Still warm as the Free State can be this time of year.

I made a remark for us to get in the pool to cool of.

I decided to keep the backyard lights of not to be seen by the nabors as we got naked in the pool.

It was a refreshing cooling of experience sitting in the pool. Just for things to start heating up again.

Reason been that I did not notice you two start playing with another under the water.

You asked him to get up and to sit on the side of the pool. Can see him in the moonlight fully erected.

You went standing in front of him. Bended down and started sucking him. Letting him deep inside your mouth. I came and stand behind you and started fucking you while you fuck him with your mouth.

We switched places with him behind you and me inside your mouth. Making you having several orgasm. Only stopping when he cum inside you. Realizing what he were not wearing a condom. But still you loved it to feel his warm juices inside you.

We went back to the room. Still wet. We got on the bed with you in the middle. It was time for a movie. One I cleverly selected before. A erotic thriller with some nude scenes and a lot of sex.

As the movie started we me start cuddling you.

I noticed as the movie got hotter his hand moving towards your pussy. First started only touching on top slowly moving down. Touching the insides of your legs. Moving towards your wetness.

As he glided one finger in you started touching us both. Making as ready for more.

He got up and as he got on you he lifted you legs. Putting it on his shoulders. Opening you up for him for maximum penetration.

The bed started rocking as he fucked you. He again did not stop. Allowing you to have multiple orgasm. Making you scream of pleasure. Again cumming inside you.qqq

I noticed by looking at you what your mind were on a different planet. Lost in a world of pleasure. Gave you some water to recover. You were dead tired. Was time to sleep.

I woke during the night with your hand on my cock and head on my shoulder. Playing with me. As I woke I notice the bed slowly rocking. Saw him behind you with one hand on your breast. He was fucking you slowly.

I realised that he must have woken and must be still horny or he never slept and decided to wake you by firstly touching you and kissing your back and neck.

I can feel the rocking motion of the bed intensified as he is fucking you now harder. With my cock still in your hand you intensified the up and down motion. Playing faster with me as he is fucking you faster. Moaning of pleasure in my ears.

I could not hold back. Cummed in your hand making is warm and sticky. He stopped after cumming himself and then is was all back to sleep.

I woke and noticed that it must be early morning with the sun coming in through the window. He was gone. You were still asleep next to me. As I looked at you I was wondering if you had nice dreams.

I could hear someone in the bathroom and started to hear water running. As a good friend who slept over for a few times in the past I know he is a early bird and are leaving soon.

As I reached for the smoked next to me you woke.

“ Morning. You said. “ did he left already?”

“ No he is in the bathroom. Taking a shower” I replied

You took a cigarette and as you were smoking it your eyes was fixed at the bathroom door visible from our room.

“ Still horny?” I asked. Knowing that he be leaving soon after his shower.

You gave me a naughty smile and answered “ always”

“ In that case why not going and surprise him in the shower.” I remarked.

You gave me a quick look to make sure if it was okay.

“ Come on go wash his back before he gets out the shower” I encouraged you.

You got up and started walking to the bathroom. Still butt naked. Looking back with a naughty smile at me like saying thank you.

You came back awhile later. Still wet of the shower.

“ He said I must say thank you and bye. But I am the one who needs to say thank you. It was a sleepover to remember. Cant wait for the next one.”

You put your head on my shoulder and immediately fell asleep. I smoked another cigarette. Watching you sleep. Thinking that you are not going to wake up soon because you did not sleep much and was drained of all your energy.

But it was al worth it. Until next time. Cant wait