Written by Ordinary_Sexual

23 Apr 2018

I’m so tired at work Friday and struggling through the long day due to the FMF I had the previous night. But I have to be strong as I have another “meet” that night with a man that lives 5min from me. We only started chatting Wed eve but we ended up talking via voice notes that night for probably 4hrs. & not even about sex. Wow, I didn’t expect to talk to someone for that long & feel like we’ve been friends for months. I joke that he must be careful that we’re not too good friends now, that the sex won’t happen.

So we meet at a very busy packed vibey burger bar for drinks. I’m just casually dressed with sneakers & jeans as I’d look over dressed otherwise. I’ve seen his pics obviously but in person I think he looks even better. A rugged manly...well...you’d almost think he’s a rugby player with a neatly trimmed beard with his short hair that also gives him a “I am Sparta!” look (go google it & I can’t believe you’ve never watched it!!) Looks wise he ticks my boxes. He gets up to hug me and towers over me....OH FUCK ME HARD PLEASE but my face is placid and I just greet him.

Good lord he can talk but he’s easy to listen to when he imitates the different accents of people he works with etc,& I’ll sit on his face when he talks too much I think while he’s telling me story after story. the place closes and he asks if I want to continue the conversation at his or my place.

At my place he tells me more stories and I share mine , we talk for hrs and I eventually say “do you only shut up when you have something in your mouth?”

It works and we lean in to kiss. Really...now he’s a good kisser as well...DING DING

What he didn’t know is while he stopped to buy juice for the vodka,I had freshened up & put red see through lingerie on. I take my clothes off and he moans seeing it. I stand over him and he pulls me closer, my breasts eye level while the 1.9m rugged but soft spoken man sits down with his hands gently stroking my body.

We move to the bedroom and I lay down a towel and smiling at his puzzling look I say “You’ll see why”

He’s medium build but his arms also make me all “girly” taking in his face and arms and everything else.

After kissing he moves down to my pussy and when his fingers slide through my slit all he utters is “wow”. He strokes me and inserts his fingers, placing his tongue over my clit. He has to stop to look at his hands soaked in slippery clear cum. “My god and this is all natural”

“You carry on like you’ve never had a wet pussy” I say. He says “I was in a 10yr relationship, so no I have never before...it’s fucking awesome, I love it”

(Yes I can get very wet, but as with all women my wetness depends on my attraction & comfort to that person in that moment along with other mental factors)

He starts eating my pussy & licking over my clit, inserting his fingers & tongue as deep as he can. Again he stops and his face is stern lust “oh my god you taste so good. I want to do 69”

So we assume the position & he starts moaning into my pussy as he’s licking me & kneading, lifting my bum cheeks while I suck his cock. He moans just as much as I do at the taste of my clear cum in his mouth “you are so yummy” & he pulls my pussy down on to his face & moves me back & forth on his mouth.

I cum & after that I know I need to get off as he might be smothering by now possibly not wanting to swallow on my gushing cum, so I get off to let him do what he feels he should.

I lay on my back and he starts finger fucking my gspot and I rub my clit...now I’m in gspot heaven while my clit is being stimulated. He has to continue this for quite a while so I can cum, but he keeps up and I start shouting louder and louder while I’m lightly squirting on his hand. His face is fear & I ask him what’s wrong. “You’re so loud, the Neighbour’s are gonna call the cops thinking I’m murdering you!”

We talk again & have a drink before we continue. Again 69 & playing, his moans also peaking my orgasms.

eventually it’s 4am. He sleeps over though and we wake up in the morning touching and talking. This isn’t the movies & I go freshen up and we brush our teeth before going back to bed.

Again he moans as he feels my wetness and his cock is hard and ready. I hand him the condom again & I get on top of him, riding his cock slow & building up to fast hard thrusts in almost twerking movements. He feels my hips & thrusts back up into my pussy and he cums as I watch his facial expressions as he does. I love it.

Again we end up talking until 1pm the Sat afternoon. “So what’s your plans” he asks.

“A couple asked me to accompany them to a meet n greet as they don’t know anyone, but I said I’ll let them know. It’s a tough time of the month and not sure I want to go out”

“Well let me know, else I’ll bring supper later, let me just go home and take a good nap 1st”

Sat night he offers to massage me and I lie naked on my stomach while he sits Over me. I can feel his cock resting on my bum cheeks. He massages my neck and back with oil and works down to my legs and Ass. His fingers spreading my bum cheeks to expose my pussy which is again wet. He puts his legs between mine to spread my legs and runs his fingers through my slit and strokes my clit and inserts his fingers inside me. I lift my ass up and he moans at...I don’t know...the sight...the wetness...my moans....

I start cumming and I move my bum up and down fucking his hand, him moaning along with me. I collapse after I’ve cum and then around.

he eats my Pussy, me riding his face dripping my cum over him. I suck his cock while rubbing my clit over his tongue. “I want you to fuck me from behind” after I’ve cum in his mouth.

“Wow I’m so wet” as I touch myself and my hand is drenched in my own wetness.

He pounds me so good while spreading my legs with his as he’s fucking me fast & hard. I rub my clit intensifying the feeling. I cum & shout, making him moan.

The night just goes on and we chat again until 2am the morning...so again he sleeps over. & again we have morning sex to end it off.

He leaves shortly after that Sunday, only to come braai some steaks for me again that night with our flowing conversation. So we’ve now spent the whole weekend together, & it was great. Before eating we can’t wait anymore and we get on the couch and he spreads my legs licking me again.

I cum in his mouth dripping with cum, his beard wet from me.

We go to the bedroom & chat once again but not long he’s feeling my wetness again and he is moaning and astounded at it each time.

We finish off the weekend fuck fest with me riding his cock again and him thrusting up as hard as he can. I love watching his face as he cums.

I now have to get a good nights rest but both of us struggle to leave and let the other one go after sharing our bodies countless times over 3 days.

“Let me rest my tongue Monday and I’ll make you soup Tues and you can say if my tongue is fine again”

Great 4 days of fucking...yum...