Written by Ordinary_Sexual

06 May 2015

I've never fucked so much in my life!...on a weekend that is. I stayed over at a friend's place I met on the site few months back. We can't seem to stop fucking when I've visited him before...3hrs of playing & fucking....he makes me scream and squirt slightly on his cock, making him moan as he feels it gushing down his cock.

so got there Fri morning & after some chit chat our hands couldn't hide what our minds were on. Soon we were naked..now normally I need lots of foreplay, want lots of foreplay...but with him I just want his hardness entering me. He knows he just needs to kiss me and my neck...he tests me like that...turns me over & when he feels with his cock he can feel my cum already running from me.

He spreads my pussy and gets on me in 69 and licks and finger fucks me while i suck him. He fucks me missionary, me moving back and forth hard on his cock so he doesn't even have to move always. I can feel his cock stroking my pussy inside..rubbing my gspot....now you ladiesnwill know that feeling of build up...and then...cum gushing over his cock with me moaning like I'm being murdered. He sits up between my legs and while he thrusts lifts my legs back to my head and pushes me down so I basically bounce back when he thrusts down..again I want to claw at him, grab the pillows, scream...

he turns me on all 4's and fucks me hard from behind, his cock slamming into me so I can feel his balls hitting my pussy as he does...the feeling is intense of his shaft thrusting and rubbing over my gspot. My cum running slightly down my legs by now.

but...of course I always have to ride his cock...and he loves it. I'm grinding on his cock, feeling it almost slipping out and then sliding back in. I clench on his cock as I go up and go back hard, his face shows it all, his moans tell me he loves it...and he tells me "you do this so well, you ride me soo good"...it spurs meon and I fuck him harder & faster....him trying to kiss me in between, but I need to cum. I start moaning, going faster and then..explode..my pussy throbbing/spasming as I cum, I have to hold still until the spasms stop...and ride his cock again..over and over.

this went on for abt 2 hrs.

Our date (a lady he's fucked once who's bi) cancelled to meet me with him..so we went out for a bit.but came back, showered and I let him read my stories I posted on the other site of my 3somes and 4somes...while he was reading I sucked on his cock..he enjoyed that. He now calls it (our story time)...when he stopped reading he said "fuck me now"...& I rode his cock again. He spread me open and finger fucked me til I came. Used my toys on me as well til I came.

the next morning we woke at 6am...and...guess what..we kissed...and fucked again!!! He went out that morning and I showered..watched a bit of his porn and used my toys on myself again. I asked him...guess what I did..and he said...u played with toys...u an addict.

Lunch time he came home & we're both exhausted..we get in bed & he goes "babe, we gonna sleep" lol...

the eve we think of either going out or meeting some swingers he knows...but my muscles are aching and I'm tired...so we both take bioplus & voltaren pills lol. And we lay together kissing & cuddling watching moviesy. He still said "pls, just don't ask me to fuck u again".so we lay and I stroke his arm and body just watching movies...and suddenly he turns around and puts my hand on his dick..and he's hard again! He kisses me passionately like he always does and spreads my legs after few min & feels my wetness. He rubsy my clit as I stroke his cock...I roll him over on his back & ride his cock again. We can't get enough. He asks me to watch porn with him and wants me to suck him again. So I hear the porn fucking while I suck him in, deep throating, licking, sucking his tip and balls. He starts cumming and he holds my head down as he moans with each squirt of cum going in my mouth, I gently abd slowly now suck on him til he subsides. I spit the cum out and go up to his mouth & kiss him so he can get a taste of his cum. We eventually fall asleep in each other's arms.

next morning I shower while he lays. He goes and showers and we're both now so fucked. But we can't resist kissing again...and I warn him to stop or else. He gets my rabbit vibrator coz he knows ill cum again but he's not sure can fuck anymore. He fucks me with the toy and I cum very loudly with screams 3 more times. I suck him again...and low and behold...he cums again in my mouth....

now THAT'S a fuck weekend. Loved it. I told him I'll give him a 2 month gap so his other fucks can get some lol...he said "no...make it weeks, not months. I've never fucked so much in my life & we didn't even meet anyone"

Thx hun..now remember..have fun..but when I'm there again..your cock better stand on attention