Written by Curiosus

26 Jul 2016

So over the past weekend we had a wedding. My wifes cousin. As weddings go people started to leave and less and less people are there. Just the party animals.

Anyway. The wife came up with the idea we sneak into the disable / family room bathroom for a quicky. I told her that its too risky cause her parents is still there and they will know something is up if we both dissappeard. So she left the dance floor and went to her sister at the table. While took some girl for a spin round the dance floor.

Song about 80% done i see her and her sis standing up. She went in the direction of the bathrooms and her sis came to me. I thought ahe wanted to dance so i spin the girl around and the song ended and said thanks and grab my sis in law. We went around once and the she told me. We need to go to the bathroom. I was shocked but i didas instructed cause i thought ... omw 3some with my sis inlaw. The inlaws can think wat they want. Im not passing up on this.

So we letf the dance floor. She knocked on the door and my wife opened and we went in. My wifes skirt already pulled up and stockings pulled down and standing ready at the basin. Sis inlaw closed the door and told me to be quick we only have like 3min. I drop my pants. And entered my wifes soaking wet lady bits. As i rammed her hard i looked over to where sis inlaw stood. I can she her wanting some action to so i asked her. " you just watching or what ? " to which she just smiled and my wife answerd. " yes she just watching quickly " i felt my wifes knees begining to buggle and insaid im close tooo.. to which my my wife responded .. sis help .... and she came over took my dick and stick in her mouth. I came immediatedly. Sis in law sucked up all my came while wife pulled her stockings up and skirt down. Sis inlaw stoodup and told me... wait her 2 minutes before youcome out. And the 2 of them left. I stood there half limb and not sure what happend. After bout 2 min. I flushed the loo for cover and opened the door.

I went to the table where we sat and my brother inlaw asked me where i was so long. To which i could only replied. " to much beer had a piss like a camel"

On our way home. I did not say anything. Then the silence broke when wife asked me... sooo... how was it. ? I didnt know what to say so ijust said pity we had ao little time. She laughed and said. After we done at home with round to will tell more. So we got home. Ran in and got undressed and had amzing sex.

Lying there spent my wife starts by saying... so your sis inlaw....... (to be continued. )