12 May 2017

It was a boring Friday at work and was contemplating what mischief I could get up to.

I logged into my wechat and started searching. I received a response from a older Russian lady and we began chatting. I suggested meeting her at cresta for a quick hi and bye meet which she agreed too.

Whilst waiting in the parking I called her and directed her to me. In the distance I could see this hot figure and big boobs approaching me. Her pictures on her profile did not do her justice. She was in her late 40s and dressed to impress. We chatted for a few minutes and said bye as she needed to get back to work.

The entire way back all I could think of was her. I messaged her and asked her what did she think of me. Her response was nice. I thought about my response for a while and then went in straight for the kill. I asked her if I was nice as a friend or nice for a fuck.

She read the message but didn't respond. 30 minutes elapsed and still no response. I then typed out an apology and said I couldn't resist asking as this moment May never repeat itself.

She said it's ok and she wouldn't mind a good fuck but her life's hectic with work, divorce kids etc and that there will never be time. So she doesn't want to lead me on etc.

I then dug deeper into the conversation and worked out she would have 30min on a Friday before she needed to leave.

The only place I could think of with the location and time constraint was adult world.

She was intrigued about this place right under her nose and called me instantly to find out more. I explained the setup and what goes on behind closed doors and she wanted to check it out.

I then posed the question of playing on the 1st day of meeting and chatting. Her response was it will be a second meeting ;) so it's fine and what ever happens, happens.

I met her again at 4pm and she walks in as soon as possible so nobody checks her out. Curious she walks around and checks out the merchandise whilst I get a movie n pay.

I hold her hand and walk her into the dark corridor. We enter the cubicle, I lock the door and switch on the movie whilst she gets comfy I slip into just my boxers and sit next to her.

Focused on the movie my hands start caressing her. I could hear her breathing getting heavier and I grabbed her hand n placed it on my ragging hard on.

She turn towards me and said " you're mine" before diving into my crotch, grabbing my cock, stroking it hard and swallowing it.

I just lied back and ran my hand through her hair. I moaned to the remarkable job she was doing on me. She sat up and took off her clothes whilst I put on a condom. She asked me to lay down and hold onto her tight.

She got on top of me and I could feel her moist pussy positioning her self. She then slotted me into her and I slid smoothly into her wet pussy.

I was so deep in her I felt as if her pussy had swallowed my sack as well. She took my hands n placed it on her ass, which i slapped hard and grabbed hard. She then started slowly riding me like learning how to all over again. Gradually increasing speed she reached a point of her pussy being slammed into my groin at a immense pace.

By this point holding her ass was only limiting her momentum. I pulled her parallel to me and held her tight. This gave her more encouragement to go harder.

I could feel my load building up and getting ready to blow which she could feel as well. I asked her to slow down as I was going to come. She said do what I need to do but she ain't stopping coz she is almost at her climax as well.

I grabbed on tighter and burst my load in her. I could feel the hot jizz in the condom and she could too. This maybe her hotter and thrust even more harder till she exploded and screamed so loud, I'm sure everyone in the store could hear her. She started slowing down her movements and I could feel all her juices coming out and dripping on my leg.

She stopped grabbed her phone from her bag and looked at the time. We had run over.

She quickly jumped off, got cleaned up and changed. She gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and thanked me for this experience which was the best thing that has happened in a long time.

She then dashed through the door and left.

We chatted for sometime after that but never managed to sync up to meet again.