Written by Lucky me

29 Nov 2013

A couple of months ago I met a girl on a site.After tallking for a while,we met at a bar for drinks.That was the wednesday.The friday I booked a room at a hotel and we had sex till we were both tender and exhausted.Two weeks later she called me and asked if I want to go to a house party with her at a friends place.I accepted and off I went the friday night.We chatted to some of her well know friends and danced.Alchol flowed and the dance became more prorogitive.I couldn't take it anymore and dragged her to a bedroom.I pushed her on her back onto the bed,took her jeans off(no panties) I went on knees between her legs and started to lick her allready wet pussy.She got hold of my hair and grinded her clit against my tongue.Not long and she really pulled on my hair(so much so I got tears in my eyes) and she came in my mouth.I got up,took my pants off and positioned myself between her legs.I rubed my dick between her long lips and without warning pushed it in all the way.She gasped and clamped her legs around my waist.I got hold of her legs and pushed her knees on her chest.I started pulling out slowly and re-enter her slowly.She moaned soflty with her eyes closed.After a few strokes and sattisfied that she can handle all of my dick,I started ramming her hard and deep.Her soft moans turned into soft screaming.She dugg her nails into my forearms as another orgasm hit her.Her soft screams became a loud scream!!! With that the host burst through the door to make sure who ever was screaming is ok.The host quickly closed the door when she saw what was going on.But she remained in the room.When The host allowed her to have her orgasm and then commented-"U bitch!!! I told u u must wait till everybody is gone!!" I was so embarresd my dick went soft inside A.The host walked over to me and asked me if I came allready.I told her no,not yet.She asked why I'm soft again.I told her cause she cought us and I'm a little embarresed.The host turned around,locked the door.She then took her top off and bra off.Revealing her large boobs.The host is a bit chubby.She then took her jeans and panty off and walked over to me.She grabed my dick in her hand and told A she had her fun with me,its her turn now.A told her she's happy to share me,but its my choice.The host looked at me and I agreed before thinking.She then pushed me on the bed next to A.She straddled me,wanked a bit till my dick was hard again and guided it into her pussy.I was so flabbergasted I just layed there.She slowly took me in till there was nothing left to take in anymore.She started grinding her hips on me and I got hold of her large tits.I rolled her small dark brown nipples between my fingers.She started to talk dirty to me.She would say things like-"do u like ur dick in my pussy,Pinch my nipples,Do u want my pussy to cum on ur dick".She then got off me and layed down next to me.She told me to get ontop off her and fuck her hard.I did as I was told and I fucked her like she was the last girl I will ever fuck.She continued to talk dirty to me and her nails was burried in my back.This offcourse made me fuck her harder and faster.I felt that I was close and told her I want to shoot my load on her tits.She clamped her legs around my arse,dug her nails deeper and told me to just fuck her.When I felt my load is coming I told her I'm going to cum,she told me she's close too.I shot my first stream deep in her pussy and kept my dick deep in her till I felt the last drop squirt into her pussy.She started moaning to and clamped her legs harder and her nails deeper into me as she came.What felt like days and days of pain with her nails scratching my back,she eventually let go and stopped scratching.She took my face in her hands,kissed me and said-"she really neede that,now get off".I did as I was told.I got up and took a sip of my drink,trying not to pull my face as the pain set in from the scratches.The host got up,got dressed,opend the door and walked out.Me and layed next to each other and talked about what just happend.We got dressed and went back to the party.We ended up staying over at the host.But that's another story!!!!