Written by Lucky me

24 Oct 2013

I've met this girl on a site.We exchanged numbers and we chatted for

A while.She was uncertain to meet.We decided eventully after talking

And exchanging pics that we would meet for a drink and see if there is

A sexual connection.Well,the drinks flowed and we both left tipsy after

One in the evening.She messaged me the next day saying she wants me

But her place is off limits.And since I'm living with people to,we needed a

Venue.As I wanted to have sex with this girl all night long without interruptions.

So I booked a room in a hotel for the friday night.Friday after work I bought

Us some drinks.She arived maybe 20min after me at the hotel.We imediatly

Started kissing and stripped each others clothes off.We landed up in a 69 on

The bed with me underneath.It wasn't long before she grinded her pussy

Into my mouth and let me know vocally(with moans) that she's about to cum.

I got hold of her hips and forced her down more on my mouth.She came hard,

She collapsed ontop of me trying to get her breath.I licked her long pussy lips

And the inside of her pussy softly,trying to get her to relax.She rolled off me

And turned around.She got hold of my shaft again and stroked it up n down as

She kissed me deeply.We got up,had a drink while we chatted.As soon as her

Drink was empty,I took her and layed her down on the bed.Went down on her

Again.When she was about to cum I possitioned my dick and slowly entered her.

When I finally had it in balls deep,Ijust kept it there and enjoyed the thightness of

Her pussy.I started playing with her perfecly shaped boobs and nipples.She closed

Her eyes and moaned softly.I orderd her to look me in the eyes.As I withdrew my

Dick slowly she closed her eyes again.I shoved my dick back in hard and oreder her

Not to take her eyes from mine.I started to withdrew slowly again.She gasped and

When only the tip of my dick was left,I started to push back sloly.She gasped again

And begged me to fuck her harder.I ignored her and carried on for a few more strokes

Till I could see she really needs to be fucked hard.So without warning I grabbed her

Hips and started fucking her hard.She came harder the 2nd time.I carried on fucking

Her hard through her orgasm and she reached her 3rd orgasm.I slowed down and left

My dick deep inside her as I felt her pussy conrtacing to her orgasm.When it subsided

Pulled out and licked all her juices up that started to run out.I went to lay down next her

And told her to mount me.She did just that and with one smooth motion my dick was

Burried balls deep in her again.She grinded me for a while,then she started up n down.I

Took this oppertunaty to rub her clit.She took my hand away from her sensitive clit and

Layed ontop of me with her boobs in my face and grinded her pussy hard aganst me.

If it wasn't for my balls she wouldve tried to take it deeper.I heard her moaning as I

Sucked on her long hard nipples and she collapesed on me again.The feeling of pussy

Contracting and getting wet was almost a bit much for me and got my dick out in time

And I really had to concentrate not to come yet!!!!! She layed ontop of me kissing.All

Her juices ran out down my balls into my arse.So we got up and went for a shower.I

Slowly and sensually washed her body with the small hotel soap.When we finished we

Ordered some food for delivery.We had a few more drinks till the food arived.After we

Ate it was my turn to be "spoiled".I got the blowjob of my life!!!! The 1st deepthroat

I eve received.she sucked and licked like a real pornstar and for almost 30min.(I thought

If I'm going to have sex all night,I need "help".So I took 2tablets) after she sucked me,she

Got on all fours and told me to fuck her from behind.I really fucked her hard and deep till

She came again.The more I see her boobs sway in the mirror the harder I fuck her!!! I

Was out of breath and took a drinks break.I sat on the edge of the bed when she mounted

Me again.This is UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I penetrated her deep and felt things inside her that I

Neva thought/knew was there!!! She grinded me for a while till she squirted on me.She felt

Embaressed but I assured her I loved it!!!! Her body quivering in my arms and her pussy "pumping"

My dick insede her as her orgasm subside.Man I started regretting those pills.I wanted to come

Inside her so bad!!!! We layed watching a movie all the while she wanked me.I got ontop of her

And wanted to enter her.She was too sensitive and to enter.She said we can do anal.I've neva

Done anal before,so she got up.Got some lube from her bag.Lubed herself up and mounted me.

I thought her pussy was thight.She lowerd herself very carefully down on my shaft as I just layed

There in awe watching my dick dissapear in her arse.When it was all in she wiggeld around till she

Felt comfortable enough to fuck my dick again.And did she fuck my dick hard and deep in that sexy

Tight arse.I started to feel reliefed when I felt that familair feeling of my balls tightening amd I warned

Her.She got off me and layed across my stomach with her boobs facing my dick head.she pumed figuorosly

As I moaned.I came with a loud roar.Spraying her tits and face with the biggest load of my life.She kept stroking

Till the last drop that she had to suck out of the tube.We went for another shower and went to bed.The next

Morning we woke up,had coffee and chatted briefly as she had to go off to other commitments.Can't wait till

Our next meeting!! She texted me later that day to tell me she can't walk properly and had to take her underwear

Off as she was sore and sensitive.She wasn't the only one.My leg looked like a snail gang crawled up n down

As I was dripping precum the whole day thinking about the best sexual experience of my life the previous night.