22 Mar 2017

Jean arrived as expected and wyfie was made aware he was comming along. We'd showered and gotten comfortable, the kids long asleep. It was around 22H30. I'd previously prepared the guestroom bed, plastic over the mattress and base, sheet, towels and more towels within a hand's grasp away on the lower side between the bed and the exterior wall, so it wasn't visible straight off.

Jean greeted me and in his usual French, " sweep her off her feet" way, embraced, caressed, kissed and fondled wyfie all at once. Her sexy black lingerié was visible beneath a black fine nearly see through overlay that stopped just below her pussy. She kissed him and ran her hands over her lover as well. Jean was eager and not in one of those chit chat moods. He kissed her neck, shoulders and ran his hands up inside her sexy outit and engulfed her breasts, cupped her pussy.

She undid his belt and sought his cock. Once free, she knelt and slowly consumed his cock until his balls were against her chin. Jean looked down and then at me, we smiled. She does love the cock. Tonight she was going to get two.

I unzipped and stood closer, turning her head to my cock and got some mouth and tongue. Jean instructed her to stick her tongue out, she did, he placed his hand behind her head and I fucked her mouth and throat, then let Jean take his turn. What a willing bitch and she was ours. We picked her up and led her to the guestroom. Then Jean produced a blindfold that she was to put on and not remove! Smart move, I didn't think of that. Laying her on her back, we removed her sexy undies and set about licking her from ass to pussy and breasts, nipples. Jean came lower and we devoured her pussy together, taking turns to suck, probe, flic until she orgasmed, during which we tongue fucked her and took turns to pull the pussy fuck fluid out of her. Jean's finger up her asshole, his tongue inside her pussy. My tongue flicking her clit and my finger in her mouth, she sucking on it like a cock. Her orgasm was very intense and she thrusted her hips against the mouths, tongues and fingers.

I straddled her chest and gave her mouth cock. Jean got to watch my cock fuck her mouth and my balls punish her chin. He came up and I went down, penetrated her pussy and began fucking her. I watched him take her mouth. It is a beautiful thing to see her take cock in the mouth. I think it's one of the sexiest things woman do and look sexy when doing that. Jean looked back and was like " ok, give it to her! ". I fucked her hard and fast and stimulated her clit at the same time. The deep strokes, bottoming out, swivelling hips and slamming balls brought her to the edge, I pumped her pussy and went deep, ejaculated. I didn't cum wads as a result of being with K earlier in the day but there was enough to let her know I was enjoying her pussy. Jean came down, cock in hand, look of glee on his face. I pulled out slowly. Her pussy still slightly open, Jean inserted just the head. I kept a finger on her clit and licked her nipples, sucked in her breast flesh. It took a few seconds and Jean began to pee. She went "woooooooooo" her hand placed on his thigh..he slowed the stream but didn't stop. I kissed her mouth and said 'surprise' ...Jean took his time and pee'd inside her, then he pushed his cock in and fucked her until he orgasmed. All she could say was "ooooooh baby .......faaaaaaak........hmmmmmmmmmmm ......." then her mouth just would stay open as the sensations shook her." I'd put my cock in her mouth while Jean pee'd and fucked her. Now I pulled and went down.

As Jean pulled out, a gush of nearly clear pee flushed out and onto her butt and down the towels beneath that wyfie had detected. I took his place and he went up. I started to pee over her clit, then pointed inside her, pee'd then fucked her. It was a warm, wet strange but very exciting feeling. Something new! Jean's cock covered in pee and still oozing semen, he drizzled her chin, her cheeks, before penetrating her mouth. She didn't appear put off so he got bolder and began teasing her mouth, taking it out, pushing it in. She would raise her head trying to follow and keep it in. He would pull it and beat her over the lips with it, before pushing it in again.

I felt pee trickle down my balls as I finished peeing and ducked her. I went slow, made the fucking last and made her cum with me. She moaned and that stimulated Jean's cock. He came down and took over. Fucking a pissed in pussy is so hot, so sexy. He pulled and took a while then pissed on her clit befoe pissing inside her again. We spent the next two hours like this. Swopping towels was necessary. We were so horny, ended up taking her asshole in quick succession...nice tight butt fuck...mmm ....later we cleaned up, got the stuff soaked in a tub before a loading the washer. Wyfie took a shower with Jean. I heard her grunting like a pig...probably standing fuck in the shower. They enjoy the love making these woman, but they live to be fucked...and we do fuck them....

Later we had some coffee. Wyfie had her sleep shirt on, nothing else beneath that. Jean sat with her across his legs, occasionally kissing her, his hands caressing her pussy and her breasts. I could see he was hot for her and she was loving it. I suggested we spend the night together. he stayed and we slept together, she facing me, him spooning her from behind with his hand in her crotch. Towards the morning he mounted her missionary, gave her morning cream then left.

We spoke about last night and she said that she'd never felt so 'fucking horny' while and after being pissed in her pussy. She said that feeling of being 'full' and still feeling our cocks inside just blew her mind away. The pee striking her insides during or post orgasm was something she'd never felt nor imagined could be that way. I said that if she enjoyed it, we'd do it more often. Now will have to see if she has any vaginal issues or other effects from the internal peeing.

We did not get to dp her pussy and piss into it....thats something to savour another time. She did suck cock with pee so she's ok with that. We had all shower and brush teeth and that, mouth wash and drink plenty of water afterwards. She didn't suffer any ill effects this morning concerning her tummy or urinating or anything else. She also washed her pussy this morning again by precaution..more semen from Jean that oozed out than anything else.