Written by redbruce

22 May 2014

This story is a direct follow-on from a story called “From Voyeur Watching to Dogging to Threesome” which I posted on 16th September 2013. That story was posted as “fiction”, but I guess most of you who read it realised that it was pretty factually-based!....

Because “Daan” and “Sune’” are not members of this site, I had printed off a copy of that story and given it to them to read, the next time I saw them. They didn’t read it immediately, but took it home to read in private. Apparently they had some pretty enjoyable “remember when…” sex after and again while re-reading the story. The next time I saw them, they told me how amazing (true to actual circumstances) they had found the story to be, and that they wanted to provide me with further material so I could write another story about them. I had explained at length that I was essentially a “watcher”, so he said he would organise for a friend to join them for an extended threesome, which I could watch, and join in where I wanted to, and then write about. He did so, true to his word, and set up a date for us to meet, but unfortunately the friend arrived very late, and I had time-constraints, so I regretfully had to leave them to have their fun without me watching. But I heard all about it from the couple the next time we met up!

Time has since passed, and we hadn’t arranged to get together again, but we do see each other from time to time when I am visiting the park. But it had seemed to me as if their interest had waned…

Then, this weekend I received an sms from Daan asking why I had been so scarce of late, was I no longer interested? He said he had a long video of Sune’ and a guy called Hennie having a really good time, and he thought I might like to see it. I replied that of course I would like to see it and get together with them again! So we set up a date and time. He added an interesting comment – “she wants to give you a blowjob while you watch it”! Wow!!!

Because they had family staying at their home, we ended up meeting out at the park again. When they arrived we got out and chatted, but there was a cold wind blowing so we decided to get back in one of the vehicles, Sune’ and I ending up in the back seat of Daan’s car.

The video was on her Blackberry, so the screen was pretty small. They got the video going, and gave the phone to me to hold, for us all to watch. It wasn’t long before Sune’ had her hand on my thigh, and then on my crotch, and was soon happily stroking my hardening dick through my jeans.

The video started with Sune’ already largely undressed, wearing a short red camisole top and a G-string, but with the cammi pulled down below her boobs, so those beautiful big areolas and prominent nipples were in full view. Hennie was still dressed, but quickly got rid of all his kit. They were sitting on the couch, and playing with each other, Hennie with one hand on a boob and the other between her legs. When Hennie stripped and stood next to Sune’, she wanked him a few times, then got out a condom and rolled it on, and proceeded to give him a great blowjob. She then removed her G-string, and lay back with legs spread so that he could really finger her.

Daan is not a professional videographer, but the delight of the video is that it is totally natural, absolutely true to life – it is one constant video recording from when they started to when they ended, with no cutting away or breaks or editing, so it is a real reflection of that evening’s enjoyment. At times it’s a little blurry or a little dark, and there is the unfortunate noise of a rugby match on the TV in the background. But each time Sune’ orgasmed, Daan would move in close and her loud moans of pleasure are quite audible! And orgasm she did, three or four times during the course of the session! Daan’s comment was that, despite the importance of the big rugby match, they had totally forgotten about the rugby they intended to watch and were fully engrossed in the sex play, so much so that he was unaware of the TV noise in the background.

They fucked in a number of different positions during the first 10 minutes or so, with Sune’ having a great orgasm while on her back, and Daan then zooming in on her face and her evident pleasure. After this “first session” Hennie lost his erection for a while, so Daan went off to the bedroom (carrying the camera!) and returned with Sune’s favourite vibrator, which Hennie manhandled while Sune’ stroked her clit, and soon she was orgasming all over again! Then she went back to working at getting Hennie hard again, while he lay back on the carpet enjoying a smoke, and soon he was ready for action again. New condom on again, and this time it was a very long doggy session, with Sune’ moaning like a cat most of the time, and cumming again and again. Her enjoyment was very obvious! Eventually Hennie came (again?), and pulled out, and there was a bit of jocular discussion about how he should leave his day-job and get into the “blue-movies” industry. And that’s where the video stopped.

Early on I had asked whether Hennie was another long-standing friend of theirs who they regularly played with. I was most surprised to find out that he was a stranger they had met in a local pub that afternoon, had “clicked with”, and had invited back to their place for a play session. But this was exactly what they told me they did, when I first met them. They told me then that they were swingers but that they didn’t need to belong to any swingers website, because they just met up with people wherever they went, and if they clicked and the circumstances were right, things would just develop from there! (which was how I had met up with them in the first place…)

So I guess you might want to know about my blowjob? At some point fairly early on, Sune’ decided that she had had enough of just stroking me through my jeans, and wanted the real thing. She undid my belt and unbuttoned and unzipped me, and exposed me to the very cool late afternoon breeze (the rear doors of the car were closed, but the front doors were open). Then she took me into her mouth, and I was in heaven! There I was trying to hold the cellphone still so Daan and I could continue watching the video, with Sune’s head slowly rising and falling in my lap, some occasional soft slurping sounds, and this wonderful sensation in my crotch. Her lips were soft, and her movements calm and steady, just the way I like it. She gives an absolutely fantastic blowjob! I had never been deep-throated before, but she effortlessly took me all the way in, without gagging, and it was superb! I warned her not to go too fast, as there was still a lot of video to watch (40 minutes in total according to Daan), so this time she took her time and was a lot more gentle with me. But even so, maybe a third of the way into the video, I had to warn her to stop before I exploded, and from there on she just continued gently wanking me and rubbing my pre-cum all around my knob. What a great sensation!

I was naturally very keen to get at her boobs while we were busy, but with the cold weather we were all pretty warmly dressed up, and she had too many layers on for me to get anywhere. Besides which, I was holding the cellphone in my hand all the time, so only had one hand to work with.

At the end of the video, I told them how much I regretted that I was “not a Hennie”, that I would not have been able to keep going anywhere near as long as he had. “But”, I added, “I have a couple of friends who I am sure could keep Sune’ very happy!” Daan’s response, through his big smile, was – “Let’s talk next week”!..…

Of course I have watched some porn over the years, and my preference is for amateur home-made stuff, and particularly for “voyeur” videos where folks indulging generally in outdoor public sex weren’t aware they were being filmed. These provide the most “natural” episodes, and I far prefer that to the “staged” action of professional porn, even if the lighting and definition is better. But to be sitting watching a home-made video, chatting to the people involved in making and performing in it, and being deep-throated by the star of the video, definitely for me took things to another level altogether!