21 Jun 2017

A dogging post yesterday reminded me of this incident, which happened more than a few years ago... I had started chatting via email to another man that I had met on a personals website. He worked for a bank and was based in a multi-storey building in Parktown, a couple of kilometres from where I worked. Although he was married and I have always considered myself to be straight, we both had fantasies of watching and being watched whilst masturbating. (We never discussed it, but I imagine he would have enjoyed being watched by a woman too, I know I do). The building in which he worked had recently had a couple of floors left empty when the company that had been based there had moved to new premises and he suggested that we use a toilet on one of the vacant floors to meet. Like me, he was a little shy and so made a small spy hole between two cubicles in the gents. He would occupy one cubicle and I could enter the second and watch him through the hole. There was no discussion around him watching me at all. I visited the building and cannot remember how I signed in past security. Perhaps security was less of an issue at that time. I made my way up the stairs to the loo on the second or third floor with my heart pounding from nerves and anticipation and on entering the room I noticed that one of the cubicle doors was closed. The nice thing was that with the floor being unoccupied, the toilets were not in regular use and therefore clean and odour-free which contributed to a positive environment for such a venture - a smelly toilet would have been very off-putting. I entered the cubicle to the right of the occupied cubicle and immediately noticed the small hole in the partition where the toilet paper dispenser had been removed and one of the screw holes enlarged. I closed the door and lowered myself to the correct level. He already had his zip down and his cock out, which he was stroking slowly, but he was otherwise fully clothed in fairly smart attire, although I could not see all of him. I fixed my gaze on his cock and watched him stroke away for a couple of minutes. Neither of us said a word the whole time this was happening, and after a little while he ejaculated into some toilet paper and quickly zipped himself up. I wanted to say something. A word of thanks, that I was really aroused and that it was now my turn, but my mouth was dry and I could say nothing. I heard his cubicle door open and by the time I opened mine to try and stop him he was already disappearing from the toilets. I left having enjoyed the show but feeling a little disappointed that I had not reciprocated. I returned to my office and immediately emailed him, thanking him and sharing my thoughts, saying that I would like to have seen more as the tiny hole had made viewing difficult. And also indicating that I had been rather aroused by watching and that I had also wanted to masturbate. We made an arrangement to meet again in the same location - I cannot remember if this was the following day or only a few days later. In any case this time he would be at the urinal and I could stand next to him and watch. As with the first meeting, my heart was racing when I entered the toilets. Again he was there before me, with his back toward me. I noticed that he was fairly tall and that his hair was greying. I positioned myself next to him and looked down, and again his cock was already out and he was stroking it. A much better view was offered and I greatly enjoyed watching, although from time to time he used some saliva as lubricant which I found a little unsexy. Again, my mouth was dry and I was unable to say anything during the process. This time he ejaculated into the urinal and only wiped a little before putting his cock away and zipping up. Dry mouth and all I somehow managed to thank him and then said that I wanted him to watch me. I walked away from the urinal and backed into a cubicle. He followed me and stood in the doorway. Pulling just my dick out of my zip wasn't enough, I wanted to expose more of myself, so I undid my belt and dropped my pants and underpants to the floor. I also pulled up my shirt so that it wouldn't be in the way and spoil his view. I remember him warning me that exposing myself so fully was dangerous as the toilets were sometimes, although rarely, used by security. I didn't care, I was really horny! The other words I remember was his admiration of my cock and him saying, "You could pole vault with that thing". I stroked hard and furiously and being really aroused by being watched had a huge orgasm as I ejaculated onto the floor. He hurriedly left after that while I closed the door and cleaned up the floor before leaving myself.