Written by redbruce

30 Jun 2014

As I drove past a local site (not my usual hangout) I turned in to see if anything interesting was happening. As I entered the area, I could see two vehicles there, a white Toyota bakkie with heavily tinted windows parked some way into the site, and a smaller bakkie with two occupants, parked closer to the entrance. I immediately noticed that the passenger-side door of the smaller bakkie was partially open, and this is a pretty positive sign for a watcher. I drove through the site, past the Toyota (couldn’t see much because of the tinting), and drove back towards the smaller bakkie. I parked where I could still see the larger bakkie off to one side, but more importantly where I would have a view, through the half open door, into the smaller bakkie.

I had parked roughly parallel with their orientation, but slightly behind them so that the passenger would need to look back over her shoulder to notice I was watching. There was a woman dressed in black in the passenger seat, and a guy in the driver seat, and they were just sitting chatting. I decided to hang around in case anything developed, as it was a pretty good viewing situation. They seemed comfortable with the door being open, despite me being parked just a few metres away…

The chatting appeared to get progressively more intimate, and soon they were quite touchy-feely. I started watching through my binocs to see more detail, and after a while he very evidently had his hand high up between her legs, rubbing against her pussy. So it was looking promising! Then I noticed him looking at me watching through the binocs, and thought that would be the end of it. They would now drive off, or at least close the door, or at worst he would come over and want to beat the daylights out of me! But he seemed quite relaxed, had a smile on his face, and carried on playing. At one point she turned back in my direction for a casual look, but then they just carried on talking and touching.

Then she closed the door! That’s it, my view was now gone. They’re miffed at me watching, or else they want more privacy. I expected them to drive off to somewhere more private, but they didn’t, so I just stayed where I was, hoping.

She moved around a bit in her seat, and then she opened the door partially again. Now I could see a flash of a pink thigh, where previously it had been difficult to see too much because of a lack of contrast between her black clothing and the dark interior of the vehicle, except when his hand was moving between her legs. This was looking VERY promising! Not only were they not pissed off at me, but they were prepared to keep playing and also didn’t seem to mind me watching. In fact they were making things easier for me with the open door! Initially she was half turned towards him, and it seemed as if she might be giving him a hand-job while he was playing with her pussy. After a while she turned more towards the front of the car, slid slightly forward in her seat, and I could clearly see that her legs were wide apart and she was also stroking her pussy while he was fingering her.

Another vehicle (a small truck) came in and drove past in front of them, and she closed the door over until they had parked further away among the trees on the other side of my vehicle. Once they were stationary, she opened the door again, and they resumed their play (I wasn’t sure if the two guys in the truck could also see her by looking over the top of my vehicle, or if my vehicle effectively screened the view and they were oblivious to what was happening in the small bakkie). Later another bakkie also came into the site, but they parked up away in the far corner. There was some occasional movement in the Toyota bakkie, where there was evidently also a couple busy playing, but with the dark windows it was too difficult to see what was happening, so I concentrated rather on the show that was readily accessible before my eyes!

Next she pulled down her blouse (it seemed to have a very loose neck), and hooked it under her boobs. So now her left boob was also visible to me, and he played with her boob with his left arm over her shoulder, teasing her nipple which stood out proud and strong. She turned around to look directly at me (to see if I was watching?), at which point I could see both her boobs, and I decided to just keep on brazenly looking at her through the binocs through my open window. I smiled and gave a half wave, which she didn’t acknowledge. She turned back into the bakkie, and I fully expected her to pack up and go, or at least close the door on me.

Instead, she opened the door fully! She then twisted in her seat and turned more towards me, her bare legs now facing the open door, leaned back against him, and spread her knees wide, revealing her shaven pussy! He reached around her with his right arm and worked two fingers into her pussy and fingered her, while she rubbed her clit with her left hand while also massaging a boob with her right hand. From time to time he stopped fingering her, and instead spread her pussy wide, then went back to fingering her or rubbing her clit. This very open pussy and boob play went on for at least fifteen minutes of the hour or more that I was sitting there watching them!

Then it seemed to be time to stop. She turned back into the interior of the bakkie, and closed the door over. She moved around a bit, obviously looking for her discarded clothing. She got her legs into her pants, lifted herself partially off the seat and tried to pull them up. This didn’t work 100%, so she again opened the door, got out next to the bakkie in full view and pulled them up properly, tucked in her blouse, and zipped up. Then she lit up a cigarette and stood there, standing next to the open bakkie door, talking to the guy inside.

I decided to go over and talk to them, seeing as they appeared so positive and obliging! I got out and walked over. She initially looked a bit apprehensive, and I thought she might get in the car, but presumably she didn’t feel too threatened by the look of me, and also wanting to finish her cigarette, so she stayed standing there.

I introduced myself to them, and thanked them for letting me watch. I asked “You did know I was watching?” They said it was pretty obvious that I was watching, he had seen very early on that I was watching them, and that this turned him on. She was initially very shy when he had told her they were being watched, but had grown progressively more confident under his encouragement when it was evident I wasn’t going to “do anything” to them except watch. Apparently he had even considered calling me over to watch from close up, and maybe even join in the fun to a limited extent (I had been watching and hoping for a signal from them to come over, but never saw one). But the presence of the other vehicles at the site was likely a bit inhibiting, and I think she was not happy to move out of her new comfort zone, having apparently just put on her first public “show”, and not wanting it to go any further.

She mentioned that they were swingers, and it turned out that she at least is a member of this site (probably both of them!), but from out of town! She and I swapped “nics”, and we have subsequently been in contact. Maybe I’ll even get to watch her / them again one day…. So, to the couple, thanks again for the wonderful show! I had a most pleasant afternoon, and I hope you did too!