Written by redbruce

12 Dec 2013

This story is a direct follow on from my earlier “Invited to Watch” story, posted on 10th September 2013…

The couple who I had previously watched on invitation contacted me again, saying they wished to meet up again for another session, but that this time they wished to take it up a level. They were wanting to be watched by a small group, and did I have any friends that I could bring along? The friends would also need to get naked and be prepared to wank while watching, and again there would be absolutely no touching. So I contacted a number of my dogging friends who I know are also keen watchers, they agreed to the conditions, and they were on "standby".

We needed to find a better venue than the sex-shop cubicle that we had used previously, and this proved initially to be a bit difficult. One of the options that we considered was the possibility of using the cottage of a lady-friend of mine. She agreed and was keen, even prepared to be naked and wanking along with the other male watchers, provided there was absolutely no touching, as she did not want to be groped by the guys watching. When the couple heard of this possibility they changed their mind, and thought it would be better rather for us two couples to meet, my lady-friend and I to first watch them making love (while wanking), and then for them to watch us. So this was arranged, we set a date, those who needed to do so took leave for the day, and the four of us looked forward to it with eager anticipation.

The day dawned, and there was a major problem! There had been an attempted break-in at her place that night, and gates and motors and locks needed to be repaired or replaced, and her place was no longer available that day. Because of having taken leave for the day, the couple couldn’t switch dates, and still wanted to go ahead. But now we had to resort to Plan B! Back to guys watching and wanking. The couple stipulated though that it should be just two male watchers, no more.

I phoned a venue I had meanwhile found that we could rent for the day, and made a booking. Then I contacted one of my dogging friends. Would he be able to make it at short notice? He works close to the venue, and said it would be no problem to get away from work and be there at the appointed time.

I got out to the venue early, a pleasant enough chalet with a double bed, bathroom and kitchenette, a small table and some chairs. My male friend (gonna call him “F”) arrived, and we sat chatting in anticipation.

The couple arrived a while later, we greeted and I introduced them to F. The male of the couple asked “Does F know and agree to the rules?” F and I promised that there would be no touching, we would just watch and wank. With that, we locked the door, and all started undressing. F needed to go and take a pee, and by the time he returned in his boxers the rest of us were already naked. I had watched her undressing as I did, and marvelled yet again at the beauty and variety of the female bosom. She (“S” for ease of reference) has wonderful full boobs with small dark pink areolas but prominent nipples, and a beautiful shaven pussy.

S dug in her large handbag and found her pink vibrator, turned it on and off to check that the batteries were working, and then she and “C” climbed onto the bed. F had shed his boxers, we had each taken ourselves in hand, and he and I moved closer to the side of the bed. S lay back against the headboard, smiled shyly (or was it naughtily?) at F and myself, turned the vibrator on, and spread her legs. She started by running the vibrator along her slit, then opened her inner lips, where the moisture was already evident, and then gently inserted the tip of the vibrator. Soon she had it fully in, and she proceed to enjoy herself with it. F and I both moved to the end of the bed, from where we had a better view of this action. I had brought an extra towel, and spread it on the foot of the bed in anticipation of there possibly being some mess later on!

S loves using her vibrator (and I love watching her do so!), and soon she was starting to moan as her enjoyment became more and more evident. C was playing with her boobs, and stroking the inside of her thighs. It was obvious that she was approaching her climax, and again the flush of excitement spread from her boobs up over her chest towards her throat as she came, just like a blush. C and F and I all expressed our appreciation and enjoyment of what she was letting us experience.

She then discarded her vibrator and reached for C’s dick, took him into her mouth and quickly sucked him to full erection. She lay back on her back, and he raised her right leg, moved into position and entered her pussy while lying on his side. F and I were able to move around the bed as we wished, to optimise our viewing position, and C and S then gave us a show well worth watching. It was so much easier with them being on the bed (rather than on a couch in a cubicle!), and a lot more comfortable for them. But all good things eventually have to come to an end, and C came with a big grunt. He rolled away, and laid his head back on the pillow.

S looked at F and I and asked “Didn’t you like that?” We both assured her that we LOVED it, and asked why she had asked the question. She teasingly said “Because you haven’t cum!” All the while, F and I had been gently wanking, with me at least determined not to cum too early. S again laid back against the headboard with her knees up and her legs apart, and with her fingers played with her now swollen clit and wet red pussy. Both F and I stepped up the intensity of our wanking and each came in turn on the towel I had placed on the bed, while S watched us intently.

C and S went through to the bathroom to shower and dress before leaving. We thanked each other for the wonderful experience, said our goodbyes, and they left. F and I chatted a bit further, he thanked me for including him, and then he went back to work. I tidied up the chalet, did what I could to clean up the big “wet spot” on the bed, and took the key back to reception.

A couple of weeks later the couple made contact again, wanting to pick up again on the “two couples, each watching” idea. They proposed meeting on a Friday afternoon, as they would be able to take off work without having to again take a day’s leave. Unfortunately my lady-friend has meetings on a Friday afternoon, so again she was not available! Damn! (But we are GOING to find a time that suits us all, and that hopefully will give rise to a different story sometime in the future!).

So once again we had to go with the Plan B option. Again it was to be maximum two males, same rules to apply. This time I contacted a different friend, who had been No. 2 on my list previously. He would be able to make it. He had asked about and I had given him some feedback on the previous encounter, and obviously he had read my earlier story, so he had some idea of what to expect. Booked the chalet, and got there a bit ahead of the arranged time, and “A” and I met up again. We had met once for drinks and a chat some months ago (he had messaged me saying he thought we had common interests [“we both like watching!”] and would like to chat), and we’ve been in email contact since then. He also appreciated the opportunity to be included in something like this.

The afternoon unrolled very much as the previous one had. Again, at the introductions, C asked A “Do you know and accept the rules? No touching!”. A and I were naked and watching and wanking. S had made good use of her vibrator and once again had cum most enjoyably and vocally, and C and she were fucking on the bed, once again S on her back and them in pretty much the same position as before.

Maybe the bed in this chalet was smaller, or maybe S was just lying closer to the edge of the bed? A and I had moved in very close, standing at the side of the bed on S’s side, A closer to her head and me closer to her knees, both looking pretty much directly down onto C’s dick sliding in and out of her wet pussy, while she played with her clit. C was fondling S’s right boob, and then suddenly, out of the blue, asked her “Would you like the guys to touch you?”!!

This was such a turnaround from the “rule-setting” arrangement, my heart skipped a beat and then the adrenaline levels shot up. S looked up at A’s dick which he was wanking no more than a half metre away from her face, and smiled and said “Yes, that’s okay”! I don’t know if it was the sight of A’s dick that did it, or whether C and S had maybe discussed the possibility of “taking things a step further” prior to their arrival, and then waited to see whether they were happy with A and my behaviour before deciding? But suddenly there was even more electricity in the air!! We asked her “Are you sure?”, and she confirmed we could go ahead.

C withdrew his hand, and A and I each reached out for a boob and started fondling and teasing her erect nipples. She looked up at us and smiled, and it was evident that she enjoyed the touch and the extra stimulation. She then reached out and took A’s dick in hand and started wanking him. Before moving his hand down to her clit, A asked S if she was sure it was okay to touch her there, and again she nodded and smiled. A and I then took turns stimulating her clitoris while C continued to fuck her slowly, the other continuing to fondle her boobs. Then A and I swopped places, and she started wanking me off. I responded too quickly to the extra stimulation, and warned her I was getting close! She stopped the rapid wanking, and played with the pre-cum on the tip of my glans. I went down on my knees next to the bed and started sucking at her nipples. “A” frigged her clitoris vigorously while I was busy with her nipples, with C also doing his bit, and soon she was moaning loudly again, and then came with yet another blush all over her breast. Meanwhile, C too came inside her, and they decided they were done.

S looked up at me and A and said “Now I want to see you guys cum”. I asked if she wanted to wank me off, but she said she wanted to watch rather. When I asked where she would like me to cum, she pointed to the towel on the bottom of the bed. So A and I moved back to the bottom of the bed, and once again S spread her legs for us and played with herself while we wanked, and both came on the towel.

This was the third time that I have been together with this lovely couple, and each time they have been a bit more adventurous, and I have seen how their growing confidence in their sexuality has been expressed, as our relationship and trust has developed. But there is no expectation on any side. Each time we meet we start with the same basic rule. And then it’s up to the lady to decide if she wishes to take it any further, provided she feels that she is comfortable with the circumstances.

S and C, you guys are awesome! Thank you for letting us share these intimate moments together. It’s truly a privilege each time to spend time with you!