Written by TanyaFantasy

20 Dec 2014

I’ve painted my nails and shampooed and conditioned and style my tumbling locks of wild curly hair.

I’ve shaved everywhere I could and some places I shouldn’t, and each tiny whisper of air against my skin sets my heart racing.

My rosy pink nipples are swollen, my breasts ache, and my groin trembles with anticipation.

There’s a dildo lying next to my thong, next to my bra, next to my dress, next to The Belt and next to my hair sash.

Before all that I must smooth cream into my skim, from head to toe, my breasts, between my thighs, behind my neck, my face, and my arms.

Then I will apply scent and perfume to my body, layering it to be subtle, but present yet unmistakably feminine.

After that, it’s barely there au natural makeup, just enough to bring out my beautiful eyes and pouting lips.

I’ll slip my sandals on next, sit on the bed to force my dildo in, my thighs will tremble, my pussy will complain, but it will go in.

Then I shall stand and grip my toy with my pussy and step into my pretty barely there thong, feel it cup my naked pussy and slide gently between my ass cheeks.

Then I must slip on my bra, feel the weight of my breasts strain against the cups, and feel gently their softness spilling over the top.

After all this shall be time for The Belt, cinched so tightly that between it and the dildo I shall be forced to walk by swaying my hips against the opposing forces, in order to glide smoothly across the floor.

After that, I finish with the dress, a little see through with the sun behind me, but it’s not a cheap look, it’s daring, challenging, offering an opportunity.

Finally, it will be time to go shopping.

Today is going to be awesome.