11 Jul 2019

A good while back my then girl-friend invited me to join her and her family to lunch on a friend’s farm. The lunch was great but the chatting afterwards left the two of us thinking what now? If I hear another knitting story of a dropped stitch I am going to go nuts. The farmer must have picked up on our distress and said that if we wanted to we could go for a walk. Just go about 200m down the drive way and turn left onto a path and it will take you along the orchards to the top of the farm and there is a lovely view from up there. We jumped at the opportunity set off.

The path took us up the side of a couple of orchards, into the bush a little and then took a sharp turn left to come out on top of the farm overlooking the valley. It was a stunning view and someone had placed some huge logs to sit on or lean against. Leaning against the one log I took my girl-friend in my arms and hugged her to me while looking at the view. I was in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt while she had on a pair of yoga pants with a g-string and a T-shirt and bra.

After a little while, once our breathing had settled down from the walk, the amorous “me” came to the fore and I started to kiss her neck and move my hands up to under her breasts. She gently pushed them away saying “stop it”. She did not sound very convincing at all. After a few more attempts the “stop it” changed to “we shouldn’t”. With her leaning into me I slid both my hands up under her T-shirt and with no protest from her slid her bra and shirt up to just under her chin. Her proud and expectant nipples greeted me as I played with her breasts. Turning her slightly we started kissing. Without any resistance from her I slid my hand down over her flat tummy, under the elastic waist band of her yoga pants, under the g-string, over the fine haired landing strip and into the soft wet folds of her pussy. By this time she had a firm hold on my dick and was doing everything in her powers to free it.

Without a word we release each other. I drop my shorts and jocks to my knees and she slid her pants over her hips and leant forward at the waist. With a flurry of hands and thrusting hips I slipped into her. With my hands firmly on her hips I gently thrust into her until I was as deep as I could go. This was not doing it for her so she hopped off and turned around. With me half sitting and half standing against the log she hopped back up with her legs around my waist and over the log and she lowered herself onto me. The clothes were making it awkward to move but she is happy and off we go. With her arms around my neck and my hands on her butt cheeks we set a familiar rhythm and soon I was exploding inside her and a short while later the tell-tail signs of her orgasm presented themselves and her body went into spasm. Her orgasms were always so out of her control.

We were still holding onto each other, joined by our genitals, chatting and kissing when all of a sudden I felt this cold wet thing on my knee. I look down and there is the farmers dog looking up at us with it’s tail wagging as if saying ”BUSTED”. Just them we heard voices. The dismount was impressive but she did not spot the landing to well. I bent down and yanked my shorts and jocks over my wet crotch and tried to look nonchalant. She on the other hand was close to petrified panic. She grabbed her pants with one hand and pulled up and with the other reached for her top and pulled down. The pants looked acceptable except for the g-string that was caught in no-man’s land. You could clearly see it outlined on her super sexy arse. The top was not quite as successful. She managed to get the t-shirt down but the bra was still way too high to be of any support to her breasts or cover her erect nipples.

Seeing some movement off to my left I grabbed her and pulled her towards me and wrapped my arms around her like we were just looking at the view. The farmer, his wife and my girl-friends mother were about 20m away heading towards us. Half covered and using the opportunity when the others looked at the view she straightened her clothes. The farmer still made some comment “Have you been up here long?” After a while they all decide to head back and the farmer said to us, ”When you are ready why don’t you come down to the house for some tea and cake.”

Once they were gone we realigned out clothing and headed back. Half way down she turned to me and said, ”I can still feel you running out of me.” And then burst into fits of laughter. We walked back hand in hand as lovers do.