Written by Guy

22 Dec 2016

ody I waited 3 months to get to see her again...Its been hell waiting. Now each night I go to bed, I know that I will wake with her sexy bodynext to me. When I wake I can touch her and feel the warmth of her sexy bum, I cant wait so all I have to do is get the mood going so I reach for the love lube and do the soft touch the way I know she likes it, she said I have an open invitation.... I slip inside slowly as I feel the softness that surrounds me, It all feels so new each time and I suddenly know what it means to miss somebody...She and I wake like this each morning the same way some people do with coffee.

I work my way round changing position slowly so as to touch her in slightly different areas...but not coming out, I feel the wetness build as she starts breathing hard and I can hear the moans getting louder...She is now aware that my love is all hers for the next while...I hold back on my orgasm until I know she wants me to shoot my anticipated load deep inside....

Its now been a while ,I feel I am tiring ..knowing this she ask for me to go from behind I turn her into the doggy position and while holding her cute butt, I slowly move in and out almost out, just not and push in all the way until I cant go anymore....

I do this for 10 hard then 1 soft, 9 Hard 2 soft and continue till I just keep it in her.... then slowly change my angle and push upwards for the grand finale and go hard for all I can til I release my last hours energy...She is so wet now and I can hear how we are melting together...Its poetry in motion and we both collapse and snuggle up feeling the closeness of our glow as we both go into some more sleep