Written by redbruce

05 Sep 2012

For a long time I have been wanting to get involved in some “proper” dogging. Voyeurism is one thing, dogging is very different, where one can be a whole lot closer to the action than in the case of being a remote voyeur, and maybe even sometimes get to participate in some way. And so I check the SH Dogging Forum quite regularly. That morning I finished typing a reply message to a friend, and went to check the Forum. And there was the post that I was hoping for – “Anyone interested in some hot dogging? We are going to be at ………... between 09h00 and 12h00. Come and join us!”

I was supposed to be leaving to go off to work in the opposite direction, but I immediately made up my mind, to do the dogging thing instead. I checked the profile of the couple (let’s call them “N&N”), had a look at their photos, and (although they were already off-line) sent them a quick message saying I was on my way, and asking them to send me an sms confirming where they would be and what make of car I should be looking out for, as I would be logging off and heading their way.

I got to the venue about 09h30, but still had not heard from N&N. However, in one of their pics, Mrs N is reclining on the front fender of a car in a very sexy pose, and I thought I would be able to recognise the type of car from the photo. Looked all over; they definitely weren’t there yet in “their car” (there were only two other vehicles, wrong colours, and each with a single male occupant). So I parked up in a spot where I had a good view of much of the venue, waiting for them to arrive.

A few minutes later a blue BMW X3 (not “their car”!) arrived and drove past. Middle aged guy driving, with a sexy blonde female passenger wearing a pink top. They parked off to my left, but I had a clear view side-on of their spot, and through my binoculars could easily make out what they were doing. They were obviously very much in love, as it didn’t take them long after parking to start some serious snogging and heavy “petting”! After about 10 minutes, they decided that they would be much more comfortable in the back seat. She dropped her seat-back and climbed over, while he got out and climbed in the rear door. I thought to myself – “this is looking promising!...”

Two other vehicles had come in after them, and, probably also sensing that there might be some action, also parked so that they had a view. There was some more snogging and clinching, and then she slid down largely out of view and there was just the tell-tale slow rhythmic bobbing of a blonde head visible above the door sill. We all knew exactly what she was up to!... Blowing his whistle, baby! (I love the innuendo of that new song!!!)

While watching the blonde bobbing, I was also still checking the rest of the venue in case anyone else arrived. Then I saw “their car” pulling in! Cool, they’ve arrived! This day is getting better and better!! About this time, blondie pink-top decided that it was time to sit on Mr X3’s lap for a great ride of her own, so I concentrated my viewing in that direction! Meanwhile, “they” (N&N?) drove past and parked between me and the X3 (fortunately without blocking my view), as they also realised what was happening inside the X3!

Blondie pink-top (unfortunately she kept it on!) seemed to be really enjoying herself, from what we could see, slowly riding up and down, and gradually increasing the intensity. But all too soon it was over. She dismounted like a true cowgirl, flashing her bare bits a bit too quickly for us to check the details, fetched her pants back from the front seat, and got dressed. They both got out, looking a little sheepish, climbed in the front again, and then drove off quite quickly! I figure they knew that we had been watching, were a little embarrassed, but had been enjoying the moment too much to even think about stopping!

“N&N?” stayed where they had parked, and it looked as if they might also now be enjoying a little "petting" action of their own now that the X3 couple were gone, from the way they were turned towards each other, and some of their movements. I decided it was time to go over and introduce myself. I drove over, and stopped next to them, facing in the opposite direction so we could talk through the drivers’ windows, about a meter apart, looking down into their car from the height advantage of my double-cab. As I pulled up, Mrs N adjusted her clothing a bit, but I still had a great view of her exposed legs pointing towards me, with her skirt up around her waist, and with her lovely cleavage in full view! She was wearing sexy fishnet stockings with what looked like suspenders, and a very low-cut blouse, so that her bra and her beautiful tits were mostly visible, except for her nipples just tucked out of sight.

I said to them, “So I guess you guys are Naughty?” (The introduction was deliberately ambiguous, as N&N’s site name includes the word “naughty”) They grinned and agreed, but when I introduced myself as Redbruce and asked if they had received my message, they looked (or pretended to look?) puzzled and asked what I meant. They then professed to know nothing about the SH website, but they obviously had a great interest in watching sex! We talked about the X3 couple that we had just been watching, they quite disappointed that they hadn’t arrived early enough to see all the action from the start, asking me for more details of what had happened (they had only seen the second half of the joy ride!).

I asked them a couple of times, but they denied that they were N&N, he doing all the talking, she just sitting quietly watching me intently, occasionally adjusting her blouse to try (fortunately unsuccessfully!) to cover more of her sexy tits (or draw my attention to them?), but did very little to smooth down her skirt and cover her lap! I was enjoying the wonderful view!! (Thank you, Mrs N!)

They said they hung out at venues like this quite often, as they enjoyed watching other couples. So I naughtily asked if they would enjoy being watched themselves, as I really enjoy watching, but they ducked the question, saying that they preferred to get more involved with other couples. From our chatting it was obvious they knew all about swinging and dogging, and also seemed to know a lot about and have been to all of the “naughty” sites around Gauteng that I know of, where they’ve been watching others! He even had advice about venues worth visiting that I was not familiar with…

Eventually she whispered something quietly to him and he then said they needed to go (damn!, I could happily have sat there all morning chatting while looking at her lovely tits and up her skirt!). So we parted, agreeing to look out for each other and chat again if we ever ended up in the same place together....

They said they weren’t N&N. But I’m damn sure they WERE!! No “other” N&N couple arrived at the venue that morning. Their car was the same make and colour as the one in Mrs N’s photo, with the same wheel trim. Their race and apparent ages and sizes tallied with those stated in N&N’s profile, including the size of Mrs N’s gorgeous “assets” (I didn’t see his, so couldn't verify!). They knew a hell of a lot about dogging and outdoor sex venues, and seemed to have a serious interest in watching couples doing it. But what I believe convinces me the most that they were in fact N&N, is that her fishnet stockings and the view up her skirt appeared to be very very similar if not identical to those in one of Mrs N’s pics! She was hot!, and really looked like she had come dressed for some dogging action!

So maybe they just weren’t comfortable “doing it” with just one "old" guy like me around, at a first meeting! Maybe I wasn’t their “type”, and it was easier to claim they weren’t N&N, rather than risk “offending” me by telling me so. They did after all say that they preferred getting involved with other couples… Or maybe they really weren’t N&N, and there were just a LOT of coincidences at play…!

To N&N, if it WAS you, and you’re reading this, you’ll definitely recognise yourselves. I really enjoyed meeting with you (or whoever else it was!) and chatting as we did. You’re a very sexy couple! I hope we can meet up again sometime. Obviously I would have liked to see a whole lot more of you, and especially of you two enjoying each other’s company (the “petting” action and maybe even more). This time it wasn’t to be… Maybe next time!!??

And that’s why I am describing this as “almost” dogging……………. It didn't quite work out altogether as I had hoped. But, still, a most enjoyable morning!