23 Feb 2018

My life has been very interesting, from living in Hillbrow in the early 80's to living by the sea at the turn of the century. While living in Hillbrow, I had some very interesting friends, who always added spice to life and made living very interesting. Who will ever for get the tenants living in our building, from great lady friends, to meeting up with a transgender for the first time, her name was Vicky, always the life of the lift in the morning. My friend Ryan and his girlfriend always liked to pull the micky out of Vicky. It was the weekend again, and Ryan and his girlfriend had made plans to go clubbing with Vicky and asked, if I and my girlfriend Ursula would like to join them, Ursula, been a lady for all occasions, said lets join them Billy. So with all the plans in place and the name of the venue and the address, given to us, to meet them just past eight at the door. The name of the club was the Dungeon on the corner of Nugget and End street, but very little did we know about the venue, and every body we asked about the Dungeon, only said it was a club with a Medieval theme, so we decided to dress up to fit in with the theme. Arriving at the Dungeon, there were plenty of patrons milling around in the street, Ursula looking at me and said this could be an evening of great fun. After meeting up with Ryan and his girlfriend, we made our grand entrance into the Dungeon for a night of fun......Surprised and even more surprised we all were, as most of the patrons were gay couples, and Vicky recognized Ryan and his girlfriend immediately, and walked over to us and said follow me and let me introduce you all to my friends, there were about twenty of them, made up of male and female gay friends. Ursula look at me and said, " Billy this could be more fun than what we had bargained for." We both burst out laughing, and Vicky's friends just looked at us and said, don't worry we are people just like the two of you.

Ryan and his girlfriend, Ursula and myself join them at the table, sipping on our drinks and chatting and laughing.The band started to play, so Ursula and I got up to go dancing, as we both enjoyed to dance, while on the dance floor, it wasn't long before some of the other couples join us on the dance floor. On returning to the table, Ursula said did you see how Vicky was making eyes at you Billy, not quiet sure what Ursula meant, made me feel uneasy, as I am as strait as an arrow. So after dancing for a while again, and Ursula noticing I felt uncomfortable, she said lets go outside and have some fresh air, walking out the Dungeon we disappeared into the dark of night. That was our evening at the Dungeon.

After living at the sea for a while, I went back up to Gauteng to visit some friends again, and had to meet up with Chris as he had also lost his wife to the dreaded disease the " Big C." and we had been friends from school days, and he always used to mock me when we spoke about the evening at The Dungeon, when I lived in Hillbrow. The sun had set, and the fire was crackling, which we had made to braai some meat. Chris drinking on his beer and me sipping on my wine, and reminiscing about the past, the topic of the Dungeon came up again, laughing, I said to Chris you will never let me live that down will you. Chris also laughing said, no Billy, there is a club not to far from my place also called The Dungeon. Looking at Chris, I said, " no you will not get me anywhere near The Dungeon." Chris laughed and said, " Billy this is more your cup of tea." The meat on the braai, and me looking after the meat, so not to let the meat to burn to a cinder. Chris said to me," how would you like to be naughty to night again," not quiet sure what he was referring too, I made as if I had not heard what he had said. Chris hit me on the shoulder and said, "have you become a monk since you been living at the sea." Knowing all to well what Chris had in mind, and that he wanted to be naughty and have some fun, I hit him back and said, " the game is on." After eating a piece of meat and a bite from the salads, we had a shower and got ready to paint the suburb red. Driving down the dimly lit street, and passing by a few shopping centers, Chris said," this is an evening you will never forget, and this is my favorite place of fun. Driving further and further into the dark of night, and the traffic getting less and less, finally we arrived at The Dungeon, which seemed to be in the middle of nowhere, but there were quite a few cars, in the parking area for this time of the evening. The car parked, Chris and I make our way to the door, after ringing the bell, and no answer, I looked at Chris and said luck is out this evening. Chris looked at me and said, "don't be in such a hurry. Chris rung the bell again.

The door opened, and on the other side of the door way stood a massive dark gentleman, looked more like a person from Nigeria, but very well spoken. He recognized Chris immediately, and said come in. Chris led me to his favorite table in the corner, but we were able to see who was in the pub area. The waitress had taken our order, when the Madame of the Dungeon came over to our table and greeted Chris, and said, "so are you looking for fun to night." Chris smiled back at her and said, "you know me." She smiled at Chris and walked away from our table. The waitress arrived back at our table with our drinks, placing them in front of us. Taking a sip on my drink, thinking what was next on the menu, the Madame arrived back at our table, followed by two beautiful ladies to join us at the table. The one had long black hair, and a beautiful olive skin, which looked more like an Asian lady, Chris was quick to offer her a chair next to him. The other lady had long blonde hair, with large boobs which were trying their best to pop out for me, and a well tan body, and feet which were very well cared for. The chatting started, which led to fondling, and each lady running their fingers through our hair. It wasn't long and Chris and his lady stood up and walked through to one of the rooms. Myself and Amanda were still chatting, when Amanda took me by the arm and led me over to another room. On entering the very dimly lit room, with many toys hanging on the walls, and a massage table in the middle of the room. Amanda slowly removed my clothes, and touched on my cock with her finger tips, when in walked The Madame of the Dungeon, and said to Amanda, "you know the rules, all new patrons are mine." Telling me to climb on to the massage table face down and my cock pointing to the ground through a hole in the table. Me on the table face down, the Madame ordered Amanda to strap me down on the table, and to remove all her clothes and stand at the end of the table with her pussy facing me.The Madame then removed a paddle from a hook on the wall, and started to spank me on my butt, and running the edge of the paddle between my cheeks, spreading them further and further apart, then spanking the back of my legs with the paddle. The Madame then ordered Amanda to start rubbing her pussy with her fingers. The sight of Amanda finger fucking her pussy with her fingers, was causing my cock to grow and grow, The Madame looks under the table and said," who said your cock can grow with out her permission," and spanked my but again.Walking over to the toys, she took hold of a few clips and dropped to her knees and grabbed hold of my cock with her two hands and pulls on my cock, putting one of the clips on the head of my cock and the other on my ball bags squeezing my two balls together. I t was painful but not excruciating, The Madame started to pull on the clips, causing more pain. The Madame called Amanda, and ordered her to start rimming my ass with her tongue. While Amanda rimming my ass, the Madame unbuckled the straps holding me on the table, now all the straps undone, The Madame ordered me to roll over on my back, now on my back and my cock lying limp on my tummy, The Madame grabbed hold of my cock, pulling and pulling on my cock, she orders Amanda to climb onto the table and sit with her pussy pushed tight against my face.Amanda's pussy tight against my face and the aroma of pussy juice rushing up my nostrils, and me knowing I am under The Madame's spell, and could not even try to lick on her pussy, Madame grabbed hold of my cock with her mouth, sucking on my cock, and forcing my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth, and forcing my cock deep down her throat, and the feel of her saliva all around my cock, she slowly removed my cock from her mouth, Madame ordered me to suck on Amanda's pussy, pushing my tongue deep into Amanda's pussy, and Amanda screaming from the wonderful feeling of my tongue inside her pussy, and it wasn't long before Amanda squirted all over my face. Madame then jumped onto the table and her legs straddled over my body, she started to push her pussy against the head of my cock, entering slowly, until my cock is totally submerged in her pussy. Me grabbing hold of her breast and The Madame fucking me like crazy, bouncing off my hips and landing on my hips again, The Madame screaming, must I fuck you harder or are you ready to cum for me . After me shooting my load, The Madame got off my cock and said to Amanda he is all yours before leaving the room. What happened then, was for another occasion.....