Written by sandygstring

09 May 2014

Went to the Doctor at least once a month for a vitamin injection. Everything went well and at a later stage he requested me to undress as I had to weigh myself, not that there was any problem, he just needed to note it in my file according to him.............well,I never took my undies off but as the time went on I noticed that he liked wat he saw as he complimented me on my body. At first I thought nothing of it but as the time went on he complimented me more and more and every time he gave the injection he would pull my undies almost all the way down. It went on for months and for some reason I realize that I liked it when he complimented me and I felt good and a bit turned on........not that it showed. As the months went on I bought myself some sexy tiny g-strings and would wear them to the Doctor. He liked it and also complimented me on that aswell and one day as I got undressed I was so turned on that I could not hide my erection........I tried but it slipped out on the side of the g-string and he noticed it and informed me not to worry but to leave it as it could happen to any one and that it is natural. I manage to get it back in the g-string and he gave me the injection but while he was doing that his one hand was on my bum and it felt to good my cock slipped right out again and I tried to hide it but could not as I was so hard and horny that it was impossible.He then asked me to lay on the bed and slowly took my g-string off...........he touched my clean shaven cock and balls and it really felt so good than I could not resist.............he could see that I was so horny as I was dripping and he gave my cock a few strokes and asked me if I like it..........oh, it was so nice and I could not help myself as I exploded and the cum was all over myself and his hands............