Written by orangeswing

26 Jun 2013

Jean came over as expected, alone. His wife Karine wasn't up to it so she didn't mind him playing without her. He arrived about 22H00, kids long asleep, wyfie and I out the shower and relaxing downstairs. She was aware he would be joining us so she was a bit excited that we were playing during the work and it turns her on that we do so in our own home.

Jean arrived and I greeted him, welcomed him in. He greeted wyfie with a single long stem red rose. She was very pleased with his gesture and kissed him on the cheek. Jean pulled her close, slid his hand between her legs, over her silky nightgown, no dout feeling her sexy mound, clit and labia as she didn't even have any underwear on, just her sleep shirt beneath that. He kissed her mouth, sucked her tongue and kept the pressure over her crotch. I could tell her legs were beginning to buckle from the intense lust she was feeling from Jean. Then he broke the kiss and she caught her breath! What can I say, the man knows how to seduce a woman.

Relaxing on the couch, I got us a few cocktails to take the edge off the day. We chatted a bit but Jean's eyes seemed fixated on wyfie. His hands resting on her lap, inner thigh, his fingers running small circles while he spoke had probably begun to create the moistness within wyfie's pussy. Thats a good thing. We really need her wet and ready because Jean and I do get carried away a bit when we fuck her together. We don't aim to hurt her or cause any kind of pain, but when you have two cocks trying to exploit the same pussy, consecutively or as has been the trend lately, 'at the same time', it can leave her breathless and tender.

Jean was very lusty, very single minded about his need and he soon put his drink down, turned to her and kissed her, his hand undoing her robe at the front and slipping beneath her sleep shirt, engulfing her breasts and nipples, before raising her sleep shirt abover them and devouring them with his mouth. Her legs instinctively beginning to spread, I cupped her crotch and ran my middle finger. It slipped in wihout much effort. She was ready to be fucked hard. Her flow would help Jean's insemination.

Jean stood up, unzipped and freed his cock. Then he leaned in and held her head to his crotch. I watched his cock own her mouth and her throat. It was a horny, beautiful sight watching his cock saw in and out of her mouth. His hand at the back ensuring he got her throat at will too. Eventually her dropped his hand from behind her head and she didn't change her approach. She sucked and licked and let him inside her throat like his cock was mine. Jean looked down at her, she looked up at him but then kept working his cock. Jean looked at me and smiled while and prepared her pussy for his cock with my hand caressing her now very wet fuckhole.

Satisified with her mouth and throat, Jean slowly pulled back. She tried to lean in and keep his cock but her held her chin and cheek, making his cock 'plop' out of her mouth. He bent and kissed her fucked mouth, her hands stroked his cock, caressed his balls. Jean pulled her up and led her to the guest room, once there, her pushed her to her knees facing the bed, got down behind her and split her pussy with his wet cock all the way up to her cervix. I positioned myself in front, on the bed, legs spread. Wyfie leaned forward and sucked my cock while Jean slowly got a rythm going, fucking her pussy, his balls slapping her clit, his finger gliding over her anal rim. She began moaning, her breathing becane unsteady, her mouth sometimes stopped sucking as Jean found her 'spot' and hit it again and again, each time trying to push past it, strike it harder. I loved watching him fuck her. I loved watching her secumb to the pleasures of his cock and the consequence.

She threw her head back and groaned, her body shook and she pushed her ass back against him. He in turn clasped her neck with both hands from behind, steading himself that way, he met her rearward thrust with forward thrusting of his own, forcing her orgasm to consume her. She couldn't decide if she wanted to suck my cock or throw her head back, mouth open as Jean worked her pussy with his handsome cock. "Shit", Jean said, then he groaned and thrust deep, hard and held. Wyfie winced as his ejaculate hit home and groaned as wave upon wave of another man's semen attempted to wash over her ovaries. Jean swivelled his hips, rotated them, his cock honing and widening her fuckhole, as he continued to inseminate her, holding her in position, keeping his cock locked in. I wanted to take his place, but Jean said "no, she's mine tonight, she's only getting my cock in her pussy"....that turned me on...I pulled her head down over my cock, aided by Jean's hands on her neck. She sucked me till I gushed my load down her throat. Jean caressed her back, hips, abdomen, all the while keeping his cock deep. Soon he recovered and proceeded to fuck her. This time he held her hips while he hammered her cervix.

I could only spectate and keep her mouth full of cock while Jean sowed seed repeatedly. Eventually, I need to fuck her, but we placed her on the bed, over Jean, his cock inside her pussy, I pushed her forward and plunged into her asshole. I was intrinsically happy she was receiving Jean's semen exclusively. At the same time I wanted her to 'pay' for that so I made her feel my cock up that tight ass. I made her grunt and groan while I treated her asshole like it was pussy! I could feel Jean's cock inside her pussy and it seemed to make me want to compete with him. He pistoned her pussy from below, while I bounched my balls at her anal rim. I eventually blew it inside her asshole. Jean again showered her fuckhole.

Spent, we cuddled with her. Our hands met between her legs and we took turns rubbing her clit and finger fucking her pussy. She was sopping wet, semen drivelling out ass and pussy. Jean eventually straddled her chest and teased her mouth with his cock. He fucked her mouth slowly, before raising her legs, cradling her ass cheeks and driving his cock up her cervix again. The man seemed insatiable. She seemed to be on another planet. I turned her head to one side and fed my cock to her mouth. She sucked..I fucked her mouth....came in her mouth. Jean withdrew his cock and used it like a baton over her clit, then dragged it up and down her slit, pressing her labia against it. The he used the underside of his cock head to flick her clit from side to side. He kept it up until she orgasmed, at which point he pointed and thrusted into her.....hammered her....inseminated her with his last ounce of baby juice. Her legs seem to instinctively wrap around him and lock him in. I almost felt like an outside, a stranger. They looked so at one. I withdrew my cock from her mouth so Jean could kiss her like she likes being kissed when she feels ejaculate inside her.

Spent, we sat on the bed. Wyfie on her back, Jean gave her small kisses, trailing from her neck to her breasts, her nipples, her belly button, down to her pussy, her clit...then he lay next to her, nursing her nipples and gently rubbing over her abdomen, kind of soothing her.....relaxing her....Then he sat up against the bed, pulled her over him, his cock and balls lost between her pussy and ass. Jean rubbed her shoulders, caressed her, her pussy, her thighs....wyfie and I smiled. Jean seemed pleased. Wyfie certainly enjoyed us.

Then Jean asked me, " do you want her pussy"? "Of course I do", I replied. Jean spread her legs and I watched this man's relentless cock hard, erect get shoved into her pussy. She gasped. "Now put yours inside her", Jean said to me. I went in front, knelt, as Jean lowered them both. I slowly eased over his cock and took wyfie's breath away as we slowly stretched her cunt enough to have us both big handsome fuck sticks inside her. Once penetrated, Jean's finger probing her mouth, We gave her a fucking like every woman should experience now and again. I felt Jean's wet cock get wetter, warmer before I added seed of my own. I pulled out and put that into her mouth, giving Jean a close up of my cock fucking her mouth....Jean rubbed her clit and made her orgasm while his cock remained inside her. At the end, he said, " I can't fuck her enough.."......she smiled....."It seems you both can't" she said!

Jean had to leave. So he had a quick shower with her. I heard some sucking sounds from the shower....then later some grunting.....Jean left, I took her to bed......"he took your ass in the shower?"...."yes"...