Written by Portuguese2013

11 Sep 2013

Well hi every one and thanks 4 having a look at my story, this is what I've been throo.(sorry 4 my inglish)

Well every thing started when I was with my 18, I was in a group of friends some of them with girlfriends another ones just hanging up some time with what show us some times, we were a united group and we used 2 go out 2 the coffee or just be out on the street(what we call spots)in places that we can drink and smoke some weed. Young crazy group. Some times we used 2 have some girls on the group and I must admit I was quite shy(and I'm still a bit) and very inexperienced.

I started masturbating on my very erly 13/14 yo. On the wide internet I found all kinds of sites and ofcorse I chosed one that were more my ''style'' . I like a lot porn videos, and I watched all kinds of this videos, Asian, black, threesomes , gangbangs , started my addiction for anal scenes etc. As I've grown up this video thing keeps always with me and as my age is going further so is this addition.

Always very tension when with womans, I didn't know what 2 talks or what 2 do 2 call the atention or create some interest coming from this womans.(I'm not really the womans most wanted or the handsome guy that all they want) I can say I was really far from getting started.

In that group of friends some times the sex conversations happening, and of course I was very shy because every one knew that I was still a virgin. I just stayed quiet and give a word or 2 but never put my self in a shame.(that was the last thing I wanted)I'm talking about my 17yo by the way. . .

By this time me and my friends were going 2 a coffeehouse and there we meet 2 beautiful ladys, very friendly but the 2 of them have boyfriend. Well we were an every day out together so we were friends by now, I really liked them but one in specific was putting me and my friends crazy, not only for the big round ass and clean well done legs but also for the open mind and way 2 talk, the conversation went to sex in a blink of an eye.. All my friends were flirting and pulling the conversations far as they could when we were with this girl in specific( how she like 2 be fucked, how the orgasms are amazing and sharing experiences) I was there quiet but geTting very interested in this girl and thinking that could be her a good person to make me start my sexual life but there was a ''but'', she haves a boyfriend and they are together for 2 years now and we talk but I never really tried my luck.

Since then I started trying to get some atention and put some conversations and one of this days I invited her to smoke a joint in a back road of a building before we go home(we used to chose quiet places so we can smoke and drink etc) then I think not only me but the bouth of us felt that conection, and my intentions were really naughty but I also create a friendship,a good one.

We chat for a few weeks and then I make her confused about the boyfriend and all this kind of things, I knew then that that was my chance, when in the coffee I called her apart and I let her talk, I kissed her and didn't touch any sexual part of her body even tough my main intention was that. Passed some few days we were kind of seeing Ish other a few times and the sexual tension started 2 go further every hour we were alone. One of that days we run away from all our friends and hide in front of a big bus, soon as I remember the kisses were going down my spine and they were full of passion and I was already feeling mi cock getting as hard as possible inside my tight boxers(pants), I grabbed her strong after we rub ich other in the back and my mind was telling me that I should go down to feel and 2 gain some trust also.. I grabbed her and lift her on the air, pushed her hard into the front of the bus and yes there we really realize that we need some time and space alone. After that we had a lot of paying, an example one of many, one day we went by couples to a dark quiet place. That was my best friend driving the car and her best friend also. They were in the front of the car chatting but tension every were(really)( they never went further then that), and me and Ana(that was her name) in the back seat. We started kissing, long love full kisses , I was filling her warm mouth and her toung didn't stop provoking me. I definitely go wild with a good kisser. The blood on my cock was pumping, it couldn't grow more inside my pents. I decided 2 finely put my hands inside her penties(long time I was praying from outside), now wow! I get there and was so so wet, soaping. I started on the top by the clit (as I saw many times on videos) we put a jacket on the top of us so our friends didn't realize until were we were going, I open my trousers button then she rudely(more like desperate) grabbed it and with short fast movements staked it. I knew she was horny and also me, my hormones were crazier then ever but I was limited to my virginity(not for long I hoped nervously and afraid). In the end our friend went outside to appreciate the beautiful view that we could se from inside the car(actually I don't know if they understood, maybe the fluids smell was reaching them but I dought coz I asked my friend some time later) I was with my cock completely hard, a lot of pre-cum but I didn't wanted 2 denunciate at that moment because I'm shy. So we had to wait a few minutes to step out of the car. Anyway

Next chance I had I when to her house, she was with tight shorts

(making a show 4 me, she knew that was her most attractive part of the body) with a beautiful round and hard ass , she was slim with very good legs, very sexy! Blond with good eye contact I could tell what was coming.. And she was older than me, I forgot 2 say it(I was going to 18 and she was going to 23)

I was very nervous and even though I liked her and we already had some intimacy I was decided do it in any circumstances. We went to bed and started 2 watch some TV, small kisses on the way then we went inside the blankets. It started slowly kissing and rubbing, then the kisses went longer and the breathing harder every minute, but there was a 'but' again, I was in the top of her my cock was medium hard and my pre-cum was all over my pants. Every thing was almost fine, not my half done cock, not my nervous system that was making me shake, and I'm sure she felt it. She was so horny and that time she just wanted me to penetrate her. Unfortunately and ashamedly when I take out my pants the worst starts hapening, my cock starts going down as I try to put a condom , and fast and 2 tell the true I can't even explain how does it fell . Worst thing that can happen to a men is now the bigest problem I could think about. She didn't talk Sinking me down, but that didn't mether(she didn't knew that I was virgin) . I was very ashamed and really wored about it . How could I have a full hard standing still cock watching this videos and imagining my self with a woman, and the moment I have my own sexual intimacy ready this can hapen, I mean I'm so young...

After that we were seeing ich other, I told her that I was virgin and it was really hard but she said that that was great and she wanted to be the first) but as I could understand she was back and getting strong with the boyfriend. That didn't make me feel nothing, my worries went to my self but I tried to meditate inside and kind of forget that.

We stayed far for some time, we used to see ich other on the coffee near by her house(where me and my friends aaaand her used to go) and the tencion was still there, maybe even stronger but I was not ready.

My best friend had a big heart break with his ex maybe for more than 6 mounths and we talk about everything so we were seriously thinking in go to some bitchs to release the tencion. one of this days near by I when to his house, play some playstation, check some series and drink something from his father bar, I show up with a newspaper. Right that one with more than 4 full pages of advertising numbers of 'ladys', describing then etc. The funny is that we both wanted to do it but so u guys can see how shy we were any of us wanted to phone them. I kept my idea, and I knew that my friend don't like that womans so much.

Next weekend I was alone at home , all my friends were busy, can't say with what coz have been some time . I got my new newspaper and when for a look, there I found a near by brasilian, good adv, it interested me so I got my balls on the place and phoned, lovely voice invited me and gave me de indications how to get to her place. ....I arrived , phoned her and then she gave me the floor and house number. I went inside the elevator and to tell the true I was nervous but not worried about what could happen, after that I nock the door and fastly opening she answer with a (Jesus) with a short dress, good body and big assents . I got inside her house, I went tru the the hal entrance were was a big aquarium with a blue light. inside the room we didn't chat much, she told me that I could relax and so I took my clothes of wile she when to the toilet, when she came I was feeling my cock growing and soon as she took the dress I felt my body going to a sexual trance, she carefully clean my cock and put a condom . She started sucking me and she asked me if my cock was going 2 grow more coz it was getting hard and still not in his full streinght.a good warm mouth was doing the job but not a deep bj, so it was not my kind. She also asked me what positions I liked more and I just answer 'all' so she stopped, and maked the doggie style 4 me, it was going fine but I still know that my cock is not like I know him and how it suppose to be, I fucked her watching the big wall mirror in front of us, a large hot pussy, not to wet. She was hoping I would finish fast but well my masturbations wouldn't let it happen. We didn't change positions and only to finish she sucked me until I came . It happened but it wasn't so 'sex' like I was expecting..

On my way home my legs were losing the straights and well, at least I'm not virgin and I definitely I'm relieved( for not been virgin, for my cock working and for the tencion inside of me)

Passing this, a few weeks later I started again with this girl(ana), she was fine with the boyfriend but our thing wasn't finish, neither for me or for her. I could feel, I could know. I looked at her with other eyes definitely I ear some os my friends saying that they would love to have something with her and they even tried(all of them more experienced then me) well it was my turn I could say and this time I hope my nervous system don't make me ashamed again, I told her that I wasn't virgin any more but today I could see how much virgin I still was.

I was for a few time telling her that I wanted her and that our story is something etcm the things with the boyfriend were not good anyway so I used that and it worked really well, she fall in love for me and I was looking only for sex.

Next time I went to her house again, I was in the coffee with my friends and waiting 4 her 2 come, she told me that the parents are not at home. And soon as she drop the pHone I was at her door. My friends didn't suspect but I felt that one of them was jealous and soon as I walk away I was going to make commentaries to put me down, I didn't care what they were going to say or what. I went to her place, she kissed me, good kiss like the passionate boyfriends do and went to her room, we chat a bit so I can know were and when the parents are coming, we went to the kitchen we came back and then I started my thing, I was hoping the best, and she was horny. After all we've been through I knew that she wanted my cock so bad. I was excited and nervous again, I thinkd ' I'm gonna take it slow this time, gonna wait until we can't hold it' and was what I did, I started kissing , controlling her on the kisses and batting softly her lips, then I went to the ears and neck were she went crazy and didn't wanted to wait.. She also wanted to give me action so she did the same and my cock started to give some signs, is not to much hard but I feel every thing like there was no panties, my nervousness was slowing down and I knew that was the right time to try, I just felt her pussy with my fingers first, is was hot wet and this 'sex smell' was every were so I took my clouths out and put my cock in that wet sweet pussy, she told me if it was so hard to do and I just say no and started penetrating her, that feeling wet and warm made my energy flow, my cock was geTting harder every time I go in and out and I felt powerful and already in control by that time, she really enjoyed it so as me and it was sad because she wasn't my 1st one. After that we had been together for more than 6 months, we had sex every day(or almost) and some times more than 2 times a day..

By the way, She wasn't the fist that I licked a pussy that was sad, I admit but the ones I've done next were ofcorse much more fully and detailed adventures. By now I'm still learning, and only my instincts can chose the right womens and the right moments . I'm still young and want to have fun, I want to open my mind a bit more so my cock never disappoint me again .