Written by treydon

25 Sep 2014

hi, i only joined this site about a month ago. infact, never even researched this type of thing before. i have been with a good few women before but never cheated, mainly because ive never been serious with anybody and i have made that clear with them.

over the last 2 years ive been in my first serious relationship, or so i thought! since i joined this group a month ago, i have been hooked on it. this site has some very interesting links and features. as the librarian mentioned in a fantastic story on this site earlier, 'at the end of the day we are ALL here for nsa!

my partner and i have always been a straight one on one couple. shes never cheated and neither have i, until yesterday lol. we have been apart for a few weeks now over homefront issues but we still answer to each other lol. infact she has no idea im even on this site!

a week ago, an attractive profile sent me a message saying hi! notice i used the word profile, coz you never know what to expect here. especially with this profile not having any photos. weve been chatting everyday since that initial message and we have even spoken via cellphone this past tuesday. through all our chats and calls, all weve done is immense flirting! no dirty talk at all! so on tuesday afternoon shes asked what my plans were for tomorow, national braai day? i explained that i didnt have much planned. she very confidently and flirtaciously suggested that we meet at a show at the botanical gardens (pietermaritzburg. i agreed but instantly felt a rush as i ended the call. had a huge phobia for getting caught, or being recognized by someone, or getting in some sort of trouble as ive never cheated before.

she seemed to be quite familiar with the venue and suggested we meet at the first bench at the swings. i got there early and found the bench. i new that she was ten years older than me with her being 43. the place was extremely busy and i nervously watched entrance waiting for this blonde to arrive. i was suddenly shocked wen a seductive voice came from behind me saying hi treydon. man was i scared!!! she sat down and we chatted for a few minutes. shw was hot, but much older. she was a very very very well kept 53 year old.we took a walk along a hiking trail and she held my hand. i was frozen and scared lol. as we walked further along the trail, it became quiter,less people could be seen and forest got more dense. she got straight to the point and stopped me and began rubbing the 5 buttons on my levis!! wat a rush!! i was ready to rock n roll! i instantly ran my hand up her top and straight under her bra. surprisingly firm and hard, just like my cock! we moved behind a large information board and i ran my hand up her skirt and dropped her boylegs. i went down on her and licked a little but she just kept rubbing and pressing my face on her pussy. she moaned and amost pressed her fingers through my skull when she was cummin! as i stood up she went down! opened mypants all almost made my cock dissapear with her mouth. i was ready to come, from a while ago! she suctioned every last drop out ofme. it was all over in just a few minutes!!! what a rush!!! man was i nervous and scared, obviously more horny!!

heres to safe and clean nsa everybody!