Written by paulus

30 Jun 2012

i was 16 and sent by my parents to stay with a family friend for the school holidays. it was supposed to keep me out of trouble. i arrived at my "aunts" house and soon settled into the area and made some friends to keep me busy enough.

my routine was pretty relaxed and i was partying a storm most nights and sleeping most mornings until noon.

after a week or so my "uncle" was called to London for his business, it left me alone with my aunt. i had not really paid much attention to her looks and thought nothing of it. Laura (my aunt) was like my parents and about 38 years old and was about 1.7m tall, always wore her hair in a bun and almost always wore baggie trousers and as a keen gardner some sort of overall top.

Laura had asked my to go with her to dinner at one of her friends houses whilst she was alone, she did not want to drive home in the dark alone. i must admit not wanting to go but after a few glasses of wine, it was supposed to be mixed with soda but i had skipped the soda water after the first glass. dinner was great and we said our goodbyes and made our way to the car to go home, as we got to the car Laura stumbles and broke one of the heels on her shoe. i helped her to the car and for the first time noticed that she was a real looker, nice sized round tits stood against the material of her dress and her skirt was hitched up sowing a great set of pins covered with some hold up stockings, granted they where full of grazes from her stumble, but i felt the early signs of my dick responding to the sight.

when we arrived home Laura offered to make some tea before we retired for the night. i sat at the TV and thought nothing of the sights i had witnessed.

thinking that i would drink the tea and try to catch up for a party with my friends i was surprised when Laura returned carrying the tea and wearing her night gown.she bent down to put the tray on the table and i caught a glimpse of her free swinging breasts. again i could feel the response from my pants.Laura sat next to me and started to ask about my girlfriends ,sex and all sorts of issues which made me blush. i noticed she was not drinking her tea but had a glass of wine and the bottle was opened on the tray, i was sure it was the wine was talking but was still embarrassed. Laura then started on about her lack of sex and the fact that my Uncle paid little or no attention to her needs. i did not know what to say but Laura then stood up and went to her bedroom, i though that would be that and gave my tool a quick rub. Laura returned with a video and put it in the machine, she asked me had i ever watched a blue movie, before i could answer the grinding bodies appeared on the screen in front of me. i should not have rubbed my tool earlier the sight sent me rock hard,i hoped Laura had not noticed. she sat next to me again, reached for her wine, and sat back in the chair. she placed her hand on my thigh and only then seemed to notice me squirming and not knowing what to do, although being a virgin could not take my eyes off the screen.

Laura noticed this and moved closer, her gown rode up a bit and hung open slightly giving me a great view of the top of her tits. she asked my have i ever been kissed, her hand still on my thigh, before i could answer she reached across and planted her lips on mine. her tongue trying to work into my mouth, i had no idea what to do so left her to do her thing. Laura turned to me straddled me and carried on doing her thing, she was moaning and i am sure i had her lipstick all over my face. Laura moved my hand to her tits, i am sure i came in my pants at this time, i had never touched boobs before. i was trying to watch the video to get some idea of what to do with the boobs now i had my hands on them. Laura then stood up untied her gown and let it fall to the floor. she was hot, her daily dress code did nothing flatter her at all.

Laura asked me if i had ever had a blow job, shit, besides my mum (when i was a baby) and the scope centre fold i had never had my dick this close to a female. sure as nuts Laura opened my pants, i just stood there like a show room dummy and did nothing besides carry on watching the video, it was the only was i could not look at Laura. My seven inches sprung out of my Y fronts and Laura had a firm hold of it, she then did something that all young boys dream if and wrapped her warm lips around my head. slowly she moved up and down on my tool, i couldn't move, my trousers where still around my ankles, and i was holding my shirt up so i could get a look at what she was doing. Needless to say i lasted no time at all and felt a feeling what i now know is my seed about to explode, i told Laura, she sucked deeper and slower, stopping only to tell me to shoot it in her mouth. i did as i was told and shot everything i had in her willing mouth, she sucked until i had nothing left, opened her mouth and showed me my cum and swallowed everything!! FUCK, I sat down could not focus on anything including the video and tried to catch my breath.

Laura stood up, turned the movie off and went to the kitchen, she returned with another bottle of wine and some beers. i tried to clean the living room but was given the drinks to carry and lead by the arm to her bedroom. Laura did things to me that night that i have not experienced since, we drank and fucked as long as we could, i got a lesson in how to lick pussy, something i love to do whenever i get a chance to this day, the musky smell reminds me of that night.

the next morning we cleared up and said nothing of the night, the phone rang, it was my uncle, he had been delayed in europe on business and would be a few days, my dick throbbed at the news, Laura just smiled and told him not to worry.

needless to say over the next few days i got fucked and sucked, for to suck and lick Laura as often as i wanted. i do not think i got out of the house during my final week at Laura's. i returned home my mum was apologetic for sending me to Lauras for the school holiday, i never told her the truth of what happened but could not wait to return.