Written by Dave

18 Jul 2018

The wife and I have always had an active sex life. We are a mature indian couple that have explored and ventured into the unknown at times.

Recently whilst driving to a birthday function, I asked the Mrs if she has a bubblegum for me. Yes I do, and she pulled up her handbag and pulled out a bubblegum and gave it to me. I grabbed it without looking and popped it into my mouth.

Wow, these are violet chicks, and I used to love them back in the day.

Where did you get them, I asked. I bought them at a shop was a sharp reply.


A bit of mumbling, I bought them at a garage, whats the big deal?

No nothing I responded and continued to drive but my mind was racing.

Firstly they are very hard to find and secondly, they are the chosen brand for the drinkers in my neighbourhood. Most indian drinkers will tell you, that Violet Chicks has to be one of the most desireable products when drinking on a saturday.

A couple of months ago whilst getting a blow, I said to my wife, I bet HayG would love u to suck his cock. HayG is a family friend about 10 years my senior.

What the fuck is your problem she asked.

I replied, why dont you have tell sex with him and tell me what he says.

Dirty talk is a big turn on for me and I pestered her to talk dirty to HayG but she refused.

So one day I took her phone and was chatting to him and got bolder with the conversation as time went by. He was shocked at first but slowly started getting dirty. I always felt he fancied my wife but I knew my wife and didnt worry about it.

When she saw the phone and the conversation she was furious with me and we didnt talk for a few days. But slowly I noticed her chatting to him on a regular basis.

A bit about HayG.

He lives in Dubai and is divorced. He is one of the top Directors there. He lives alone and he drinks quiet a bit. The whiskey is his comfort.

With the distance between us, I always felt comfortable with her chatting to him, late at night. At times I would ask her and she would show me the dirty stuff that they were talking about.

At night I would find her very wet and I knew that they were fucking on the phone. And in the process I used to have fanatstic sex.

Back to the drive. I knew HagG was drinking more now that he was all alone there, so when I popped the Violet chicks into my mouth, my first thought was did he give my wife that pack.

No it cant be, he is million miles away. But the more I thought, the more suspicious I became. The wife never ate those and why would she buy them now.

My mind was racing and somehow I felt that he had come down and the both of them had met. But this thought turned me on big time. In fact I was now imagining that they had met and had fucked. I should be furious but I was not, I was excited.

When we got back home, I virtually interrogated her and she denied the entire thing. So i left if at that.

That night I had great sex. But i still believed that they had met.

Next morning I took her phone and I sent a text to HayG.

Its so dam cold here, I texted.

Yes, cant believe that its so cold in Durban these days, I am freezing my butt off here.

Bang!!, the fucker is down in Durban.

I immediately went back to my wife. So you did meet HayG. WTF no man, what are you on about.

I pushed the phone in her face and said, look.

I could see her face change colour.

My wife immediately shot back, well you started this whole mess now go fix it up.

Yes we did meet and he wants me badly now. So u go fucking fix it up.

I was furious bet yet at the same time i was turned on.

I sent a text to HayG from my phone and told him I know about everything and I need to see him urgently.

I told him that my wife had confessed.

Immediately there was a ping on her phone, he was checking if she had confessed.

I got back a response, I cant make it now but I will see you guys for coffee later in the evening. I am really sorry bro.

I think the meet you for coffee was because he was scared to meet at my place for fear of being fucked up.

Later that evening, I told the Mrs get ready, we going to sort this out. I told her dress sexilly, I might take you out for dinner if all was Ok.

She wore a lovely short black dress and off we went to Gateway. He met us there and said lets go in Circus Circus. It was full so he knew that he would be safe.

We sat down and immediately I asked, so what the fuck is going on.

I am sorry he said, I am really sorry.

What did you guys do I shot back.

He looked at my wife and was speechless for a few minutes. We, fucked once, just once I promise.

Fuck, where. We booked into a room. I am sorry.

I was so horny it was unbelievable, but I could not show it.

We had some coffee and then I blurted out, I want to see!!

What both of them replied in unison.

I want to watch the two of you fuck.

What, are you mad was the response from my wife. He said, I am not doing that.

I said, well you both cheated on me, now I want some action.

What do you want, a threesome? I dont know, we will see, but for now I want to see you guys.

What, are you a fucking cuckold? do you want to see me fuck your wife. Wow, I was getting turned on more and more.

Yes, I want to see to tear her.

My wife replied, be careful what you wish for. I might enjoy it to much and then you will regret. I will take my chances.

My wife and I have been together 32 years, there is no way she will leave me for the drunkard.

Ok, lets do it Hayg hit back.

Where and when.

Now, i want it now.

Are you crazy?

No lets to to Virgina.

Ok, lets go you morf was what my wife said.

You go with HayG and I will follow you guys. Off we went to Virgina. The night was cold and dark. We arrived there and parked in front of the airstrip.

I went to their car and said, I will stand outside and watch.

They started kissing and his hands was roaming all over her tits.

I knocked on the window and said, please lower your window. They then got back and continued. Slowly I could see his hands slide under her dress and her hands slide over his crotch.

Next thing he moves his seat back and lowers his pants, suck my fucking cock. Then he says, you like watching your wife suck my cock.

O she is good, mmm, her tongue is working my balls. MMM u taught her well, My wife was moaning as he was talking and he was rubbing her clit.

Next thing he pushes her seat back and says to her, lie back, let me taste that juicy pussy.

He dives down, rips her Gstring and starts eating her big pussy. She is moaning and going crazy.

I want to fuck you now is what he said.

No we cant here was my wifes reply. Why not?

The cops are to hot here.

My wife and I are regulars there and once we were caught so she is paranoid now.

I want to fuck.

The next remark shocked me.

Ok, you fucking brought me here, and you wanted to see.

Jump in and drive while I fuck your wife. Jump in man, your wife wants it.

Like a zombie, I jumped in and he rolled onto the passenger seat over my wife and started kissing her.

I put the car in reverse and drove out.

The next thing I see is that his pants are out and he is putting his cock into my beautiful wife.

As I drive and he starts pumping her and she is moaning loudly.