Written by Anonymous

01 Jun 2019

Every now and then you get the chance to live out some really kinky fantasies. I wish it was weekly, but alas I take whatever I can get!!

So...I start chatting to this couple. Initially the husband is doing all the chatting...then the wife gets involved. They seemed pretty tame, just wanting a nice threesome.

One thing leads to another, and I receive the invite I have been begging for!

A couple hours before I am due to meet them I am asked if I would mind being filmed. I have no problem at all, and mention it adds to the excitement.

I arrive, and hubby greets me at the door, but before I am allowed in he gives me his rules. He is in control...I am to do as he says. I agree. He leads me inside and introduces me to his trophy wife.

She is very flirty, he is rather quiet.

We chat, I compliment her on how she looks...and then after a few minutes he calls out an instruction. "Enough talking, open her blouse and play with her boobs"

I comply. Both her and I shiver with excitement as I open her top and her nipples pop out. We kiss. I take her breasts into my hands and then my mouth.

"Lovey, jump up on the bar and open your legs for him to taste your pussy"

She complies and so do I.

She tastes divine. As I am feasting away he wanders over, filming everything.

"She likes a finger in her arse"

I comply...she gasps as I press into her tiny hole.

"Pull her down and start fucking her" he tells me.

She slides off the bar top, turns around and I grab her hips...I navigate my cock to her sopping wet snatch and slide in. Now I am aware he is on his back on the floor filming it all. I pound away.

After a minute or so he tells me to stop. I do...and he hands me the camera and he quickly gets onto his knees and starts eating her out. He stops, tells me to follow her upstairs...and then the fucking resumes. She starts by riding me...grinding deep and hard as per his instruction. Within seconds she cums. I feel her gush all over my balls. He instructs me to go back down and taste her. I comply once again. She tastes amazing.

I look up to see him standing over her, his cock in her mouth and him filming it all.

I am instructed to resume fucking her...so I do.

He films everything...I start wondering how my ass must look on their video playback!

He asks if I am close to cumming...I reply that I am and he instructs me to stop fucking her and to go and start wanking myself over her face...

I do...she stops me every now and then to quickly suck on my cock...and then I cum. She manages to get my cock into her mouth just as I do, and I can see she is shocked by how much cum there is! She grabs my ass cheeks and pulls me deeper into her mouth. (I almost feel bad for her!)

I finish cumming, he asks her if she enjoyed it and then tells me I need to leave so he can reclaim her!

Once again...I comply!

He lets me out...and I drive home wondering if he will ever show me the video!!

The next morning I wake up to several whatsapp messages...videos of the night before!

I shudder as I watch my own ass thrust in and out, but smile knowing how much fun I had!!

I am hoping he wants to film a trilogy...and a prequel!!