Written by Free Spirited lady

19 Jan 2018

I message someone I’ve played with before that made me squirt. And I need an aggressive fuck right now which he’ll gladly give. “if you’re available you’re welcome to come though, it’s late I know”. But he isn’t available then.

Someone else had also asked repeatedly to come over. Right...”OK come over then” I say to the newest guy I’ve met for drinks before but never given a chance yet.

I wear jeans but no panty with a top. He walks in and immediately pushes me on to the bed and starts sucking literally my stomach, my breasts. He pulls my jeans down and starts sucking on my pussy, my clit, slit, everything. He goes at it like he’s trying to suck himself free from prison and I’m between him and freedom. He does have skills.

He lifts my legs up and licks me from my ass to my clit repeatedly. But at times he presses too hard against me and it eventually starts hurting. The stubbles are chafing my shaven pussy. I ask him to go softer. I ride his face as well for a short while.

He’s trying his best to please me, but my mind is gone.

He is definitely someone that loves to please for as long as he can. He is a pleasant guy but I’m not completely feeling it. I am obviously irritated as well.

He has an attractive face but unfortunately his body type is not my preference. He would be hot if his body type did change for sure.

I love having my gspot rubbed while I rub my clit. I cum quicker & best like this, other than good oral.

I do cum. But I want to be on my own now. He is affectionate and compliments me a 100 times. But even this is becoming too much for me at that point.

I literally wanted a wham bam thank you mam by who ever was available at that point..I’ve cum. This session was purely to rid my frustration of someone else taking me for a cunt. I send the guy home without so much as a blow job.

Another guy I met 4 yrs back initiated contact when I joined the site again recently. He says hi previous day and we arrange to meet tonight (day after above session).

We have 1 drink & a chat. “I didn’t contact you again as you always seem busy on some play date”. I sigh and just throw my hand up in the air, "There are 7 days in a week"

He’s slim-medium build. I get up and go take off my clothes, I’m already bare feet. I come back to the lounge in lingerie.

“oh my word, please, sit down so I can enjoy this” he says. I reply with a “so must I just sit and look pretty?”

“no you do whatever you want” with a huge smile on his face.

I spread my legs and expose my pussy, rubbing my clit slowly. I am quite wet & i enjoy being watched and more so if the reaction is pure lust on his face. He rubs his cock as well. Seconds later he is towering over me and kisses me while reaching for my pussy.

He is good with his fingers, my clit is enjoying the just right rubbing. I start moaning and gyrating against his fingers. I reach for his hard cock. He’s of average male size. We move to the couch and I lie down while he stands over me. I take his cock in my mouth while he rubs my clit. He puts his fingers on my gspot and instinctively I go to my clit...the combination is potent. I start moaning louder and can’t focus on sucking him when I start climaxing. I almost shout as I shudder and it eventually subsides.

He lies down and I start sucking his cock. He is clean shaven thus I move around more with my tongue down his balls as there’s no hair to irritate me. I lick his tip, swirl it around in my mouth, suck his shaft in and deep throat him 3-4 times before I gag and come up a bit again. I suck his clean shaven balls while gently rubbing underneath his tip which is lubricated with my spit. I repeat all this for about 10min. He holds my hair up and just keeps saying “oh my fuck, yes, THIS is how it should be done. And thank you for that amazing sight” as I look into his face while doing all that.

I stop eventually as to not possibly make him cum. I tell him “you’re going to make me cum again”. He makes space for me and says “oh my pleasure”

Again he rubs me and finger fucks me till I’m close. Then he keeps at my gspot and I rub my clit. I cum again shouting and swearing in pleasure.

He gets on his knees and starts fucking my mouth. I just lie still while he’s ramming his cock in my mouth. I pull back wanting to say “let’s get the condom” & he wanks himself with his cum spurting over my breasts and my shoulder. “oh I still wanted to say let’s get the condom”....no too late sorry he says.

We clean up and chat and laugh like old buddies, making fun of each other. He sits up between my legs again wrapping my legs around him. He massages my pussy with his palm.

My clit is still swollen and enjoying the massage. Again he finger fucks me into orgasm loudly and vigorously.

I suck him again and put the condom on him. “I want doggy” I say and kneel over. He stands behind me. He fucks me fast & cums again.

After disposing of the condom he comes and lies on me hugging me. “thank your for the drink”

“seriously, you just fucked me and say thank you for the drink”...we tease and laugh again while he hugs me.

Still on the road he messages and thanks me for the fun eve.

As I’m walking back in the door someone else asks what I’m up to. “well, a playmate literally just left”

He replies “you're so naughty, i love it. So when am I being fit into your busy schedule again?”.......