Written by Zain96

13 Jul 2015

I have always been a lucky guy... here's one of my short stories... one Saturday night I went to Vaca with a buddy of mine. We were at the bar and in walked this young lady, couldn't be 20 yet. For some reason I smiled and looked into her eyes and she stared at me. I continued talking to my buddy as we sipped on our drinks. She went across on the dark side of the bar towards the corner (only if you've been there you'll know what I mean). The club was really full and she battled to get a drink so I did the gentlemanly thing and I walked around to her and offered my assistance. She said that I should try my luck and I asked her if I should try my luck with her or for the drink... she obviously said with the drink but she found it quite funny. The bar tender who got a very handsome tip from me earlier came across quite quickly and served the young lady... she was impressed! We did not chat after that, instead she chatted to her friends and I to mine but still in the same spot. Our butts touched a bit and then our hands would touch each other "by mistake"... her friends had no clue whatsoever as we fondled each other. I was really hard and I'd turn from time to time to rub it against her. She unzipped me with one hand so cool and calmly without anyone knowing and she pulled my thick hard dick against her... she was really hot and she had the softest smoothest skin. A bit more time passed and her friends left to the dance floor she looked at me with such a sexy passionate look that I knew she wanted me inside of her. As she pretended to try to order another drink she stood on her toes with her legs slightly apart. My throbbing dick slipped between her legs... it was HOT and WET. I slid inside stretching her hot moist lips... I was so scared at the same time... can you imagine? I was so horny but I could not cum, I got harder and bigger and hotter and.I probably gave it to her for about 15 minutes before her friends came back... she was wrecked! I pulled out and I continued to enjoy my drink. She made eye contact every now and then and we touched some more. I needed to leave a while later and I gestured goodbye... she signalled me to wait and she came across, took my phone and dialled her number. I don't think that she wanted her friends to know cause I am an indian and she is white. Anyway I left and I called her the next day... we chatted and we have become the best fuck buddies ever. We still go out sometimes and we play with each other secretly in public... it's the best!