Written by Blue Lion

29 Dec 2015

After chatting for a while with H,a single guy from around Cape town, he asked me the 1 day what we are doing the next evening because his on holiday at a place not far from us.We ended up meeting the Saturday evening at a small pub here in town.We played some pool and as usual my wife,L, lost her g-string in a wager on the 1st game played and H had the honour of taking it off and she let him keep it as a moment.The drinks flowed and L was teased every now and then when passing 1 of us by means of a quick clit tickle or ass rub.

At around 1am we decided to take a drive out to Arniston beach seeing that H had a matress on his bakkie and a blanket behind the seat,present arranged by me and him offcaurse lol.

He drove a single cab bakkie witch all 3 of us jumped into.H driving,me on the other seat and L pearced on the centre console with a leg over each of me and H's legs either side of her,PERFECT.Quick stop at the garage for some drinks,firewood and smokes and off we went.

The 30km to Arniston took us more than an hour.Every now and then we stopped and gave L a taste of whats comming,either getting a quick bj from her or us taking her doggy with her standing on all 4's on the seat or us bending her over the hood.

When we arrived in Arniston we drove well into the dunes to a nice secluded open area,made a fire and placed the mattress between the bakkie and the fire.L. knew all to well that playtime was starting now.She had me and H stand together and started giving us a double bj.We then later her down and treated her to some serious oral play,touching,fingering,sucking nipples etc.I pulled a bottle of lube and some toys from out goody bag,as if she wasn't soaking wet already by that time.We spoiled her a while longer with the toys until she started sucking H while by no luck at all standing on all 4's swaying her sexy ass at me.Now she is damn sexy,slim built,sexy ass,narrow waist and perky b-cup titts.

Not having to invite me twise,i dropped down behind her and sank all of my 18cm in balls deep in 1 swift push.She gasped and swallowed H's cock all the way.I pounded her pussy for about 10min with giving H the bj of his life.I didn't want to come yet cause i had other plans with her.I told H to take over and played down in 69 position with her with my head between her legs an i showed H he must pound her pussy hard and deep while i licked and sucked her clot from below.She had 1 huge orgasm within a matter of minutes and soaked my face.

L asked for a smoke break.She had a quick smoke before H picked her up and lowered her onto his shaft while holding her in the air.I moved in behind her and lubed my cock up well.Before she knew it i eased my cock into her pussy together with He's.She was in heaven from there on.She doesn't do any anal but loves 2 cocks together in her pussy.We fucked her like that for a good half hour and both us guys exploded inside of her and by that gave her an awesome cream pie i was hoping for.When we pulled out the come was oozing out of her,running down her legs.

We cleaned her up and packed up because the sun was rising and we had to get home.What a night.Hope to repeat it. Again real soon and who knows,maybe we can get a few well hung young guys together for a gang bang on L.Will keep all you naughty people updated on that 1.