Written by madmax_1

19 Nov 2014

Thanx for the comments guys. Here's the 2nd and final part to the story.

I booked and paid for a party which was 2 weeks away. During this period I had fun with each of the 2 girls on a few occasions but not in a 3sum situation. The newly converted bi girl was very keen to learn more about her her new found bi sexuality and I was willing to do anything possible to make it happen. I arranged for her to visit the girl that lit her fires and the two of them spent another night together and I was told by both that it was exceptional.

Well the time of the party came closer and on the Friday before the party Murphy intervened and both girls cancelled within an hour of each other leaving be with a paid booking for 3 of us. On Sat morning I thought of another lady friend I have, we will call her J. J and I have never had sex or even spoke in that direction. We used to run into each other and would have a few drinks, chat and part ways. I thought I was gna tata ma chance and ask her to accompany me.

I gave J a call and asked if she would be interested to accompany me to a party together with some friends of mine. I told her that my friends are quite nawty and I don't actually know what to expect myself. Trying to find a way to soften the blow by telling her outright its a swingers party. Boy was I surprised when she said a swingers party, ok that's cool, what time am I picking her up. We arranged a time and we agreed that there be no expectations from either and we take it as it comes.

I picked J up and we arrived at the club just after 8 30. Needless to say she looked stunning. I introduced her to my friends who in turn introduced us to more of their friends at the party. We had a few drinks and was taken on a tour of the facility which I must say was very nice and it included a jacuzzi. I was quite happy with that as I quite enjoy being in a jacizzi. J was worried bout not having a costume and when she was told she don't need 1 she seemed nervous but another whisky solved that.

The party started, ppl were in various stages of undress and we decided to go into the jacuzzi. We sat oppisite each other and we talked, had a few drinks and just chilled and let the nervesnous subside. J wanted to dance and due to her being in the jacuzzi with her underwear she decided to only whrap a towel round her. We were having lots of fun between the dance flooor, bar and jacuzzi and I started wondering if anything was gna happen or not.

At one satge as we were in the jacuzzi she came and sat next to me and told me I am wicked. Surprised at her comment I asked, why ? She replied cause I made her so horny. WOW !! Hardly touched her through out the eve. She then moved inbetween my legs, took her bra off and pressed her body up against me and gave me a kiss that gave me an instant hard on. Well now it was game on. I rubbed her nipples and sucked on them in the jacuzzy and when I put my hand into her panty I was surprised at how wet her pussy was even though we were in the jacuzzi. As my finger found her clit her lips found my neck and she was moaning her approval at what I was doing I was doing it right. The rules at the party said no full sex in the jacuzzi and J suggested we find a room which we did.

We both just had towels around us and as we entered she dropped her towel and went to lay down on the bed. As I was looking at her sexy body she told me to frop the towel as she wanted to see my cock which was by now throbbing. As I took the towel off she didn't say a word, she moved to the edge of the bed and started licking the tip and down the shaft. She teased me like that for about 5 min when she swallowed my cock all the way down without warning. I nearly lost control right there and filled her with cum but with huge concentration I managed to contain it. She sucked me like I have never been sucked before. The sensations I experienced I can't put into words. While sucking me she looked into my eyes and took my cock out of her mouth just to ask me to feed her my cum and sucked me again. I aim to please and withinn a minute I filled her mouth with my cum. She swallowed as much as she could but some trickled out the corners of her mouth. My legs were like jelly and I fell down on the bed next to her. She immediately started licking all the little drops of cum off my now deflated cock.

We laid there for a few minutes as I was catching my breath and J was purring like a kitten after a bowl of cream. I was softly rubbing her breasts and teasing her nipples. Soon I saw and felt her moving her hips on the bed. I kissed her and could still taste myself in her mouth. I kissed my way down her neck, spent a fair amount of time kissing her nipples and boobs. Down her tummy to her now dripping pussy. I teased her pussy and clit with my finger while I take my time licking and kissing her pussy lips. She was now bucking like a bronco and making the most exquisite sounds which started bringing my cock to life. My tung replaced my finger and I likcked her up in down her pussy parting her lips and as my mouth locked onto her clit I slowly inseted 2 fingers into her pussy. She came insantaniously. Her body shaking, legs squeezing my head and her hands pushing my head down onto her pussy. I felt her juices escape her. Not squirting out but like constantly flowing. I felt her relax and as she went limp I rolled a condom onto my rock hard cock and she pulled me towards her and kissed me again. This time in a more soft manner, less urgency but way more tender. As we kissed I got myself into position and when I felt my cock at the opening to her pussy I slowly pushed it into her all the way. The look on her face and the way she moaned told me she is very close to another orgasm. I tried to prolong it by slowly pulling back out and as I pushed it in the second time I felt her clinch my cock, she started bucking, moaning and I felt her juices flowing once again. I started fucking her hard while she came all the way till she relaxed. She was breathing hard, her whole body covered in sweat and she was holding onto me tight whaile I layed on top of her slowly moving my cock in and out short movements.

When she regained her breath I took my cock out of her and turned her arround doggy style. Now there was no holding back. Her theighs were soaked in her juices and all the way down to her little butt hole. I placed my cock at her opening and pushed it in all the way, pulled it out, took her by her hips and started fucking her like its the last time I will ever fuck a woman. She moaned and met my strokes each time I banged into her. She loved it. I loved it. We were both on the same page and knew exactly what the other wanted. I felt her pussy clinch my cock again and I knew she's coming again. This pushed me over the edge and I pushed my cock deep into her pussy and let my cum shoot into the condom. As my first shot of cum squirted into her she went wild, moaning, pushing herself back into me, rubbing her pussy hard onto me. I was spent, took my cock out and layed down next to her. Both batteling to control our breating. She was the first to react by taking the condom of my cock and softly licking and sucking me clean. We took our towels, found our clothes and got dressed. Said cheers to my friends which looked like me all funny and left. On the way J said she wanted to spent the night at my place.

We arrived home at just after 4 in the morning. I poured us a drink and we decided not to sleep. ...........................