Written by Bosman

21 May 2016

Quite a few years ago I was still living in the Cape. Beautiful scenery, a relaxed lifestyle, less worries than being a responsible working young professional. The only thing I did not have was a girlfriend, so no “sex on tap” but somehow I got by with the occasional date or sleepover.

This story starts a few days before Valentines day. Being single I had no plans at all for the moneymaking racket aimed at making couples spend money on soft toys and chocolates and singles spend money on booze and valium. I was going to binge watch a popular tv series and most probably fall asleep quite early on. Being a bit of a voyeur with a love for homemade snapshots I browsed through a singles site one evening, reading the profiles, looking at pictures and playing “kiss, fuck or marry” in my mind.

For some unknown reason one profile caught my eye. She was in the same town as me, seemed to have the same taste in music as me and that she shared the same opinion on V-day as me. So of course I sent her a message, never expecting one back. To my surprise, she did reply and we spent a few hours messaging back and forth and ended up agreeing to get drinks the next afternoon.

So on the 13th of February I met her at a local watering hole. From the first hello we got on really well, discovering many shared interests and pet peeves. It was however just a drinks date (which turned into a dinner date) so no nookie but it was a welcome change to an otherwise monotonous week. Just before we parted ways she proposed that since neither of us had plans for V-day, we should have drinks again and perv on couples staring into each other’s eyes over candlelit tables. This surprised me as she hated the romantic day, but nevertheless accepted her offer. She did however stipulate that sex was off the cards as we haven’t known each other well enough but if we ended up kissing she wouldn’t mind (hint hint?).

February 14th, and I had a date! Same watering hole, different table, same good company and a few drinks later... The romantic atmosphere was getting a bit too thick for our liking and we decided some dancing at a noisy club close by is just what we needed and we made our way through the mass of late night revellers to the front door of the club. Once inside, the thumping bass mixed with the alcohol induced tipsyness I got an urge to dance, so I got us both a beer and pulled her onto the crowded dancefloor. I don’t know what it is, but being on a crowded dancefloor with bodies constantly rubbing or bumping against you definitely has an aphrodisiac effect on me. Especially with an attractive lady opposite you!

We danced and drank, then drank some more with some more dancing.... Somewhere during the dancing I was bumped straight into her. She spread out her arms to catch me and as I regained my balance she closed her arms around me, pulled me closer and kept on dancing (at this point it probably was more like grinding!). Not one to miss out on a good grind, I mirrored her actions, putting my arms around her and enjoying the feel of her pelvis against mine..... her thighs slipping over one of mine occasionally and the distinct feeling of her pubic region sliding on my thigh. Our lips met, then opened, our tongues met and went wild. My hands slid down and cupped her backside as we got lost in the moment and each other. I remember at some point being grateful that this dancefloor did not have better lighting or we might have been thrown out of the club.

We had enough of the crowds but did not want the night to end. I knew of a spot by the small river running through town. Quiet, secluded, safe and I always had a blanket in my car so it was my first choice. Walking through the park to my spot we held hands and stole a few kisses. We unfurled the blanket, laid down side by side without talking and looked at the stars. The only sounds that of the running river. For a few minutes we enjoyed just being in the moment before we continued making out.

Leaning over her, tongues locked in battle, my hands started to explore her, stroking her neck and hair, her shoulders and slowly moving down, testing the water, expecting her to stop me at any moment, but my hand came to rest on top of her firm breast. Still covered by clothing but I could feel the heat radiating off her body, her flesh firmly giving way to my touch and her nipples, hard little pebbles pressing back against my hand. Her soft moan and the almost imperceptible up and down thrusting of her hips drew my attention to my own needs. I needed to feel more of her.....

My hand slid down over her pelvis and thigh and came up between them. Her legs parted slightly and I could feel the almost scalding heat emanating from between her legs. My fingers started lightly rubbing over her skirt, enjoying the heat, the excitement, the sexual tension building rapidly. Her hand snaked in between us and found my belt buckle, with some help the buckle was undone and her fingers slid inside my jeans, finding my aching hard-on and started rubbing it up and down. Following her lead my hand slid up her skirt, under her leggings, and I was met with a warm ocean of female wetness.

With a whole evening’s build-up to this point, both of us were, well....... as horny as a pair of rabbits. Her hand closed around my shaft and she started giving me a slow handjob, the buildup of pre-cum lubricating all her actions. Not to be outdone, I started gently rubbing her nub, eliciting deeper moans from her and even deeper kissing. But what happened next was totally unexpected.

“Come lay between my legs”. That was all she said. Of course I was still under the impression that sex was still off the cards so I figured we’d dry hump a bit before finishing the evening. As I got into position and pressed down on her she had a sly smile on her face and told me to back off a bit, and started taking her leggings off! The bulb in my head came on....... sex was imminent..... and being a guy who likes to think he is good at listening to what women want, I didn’t bring condoms as sex wasn’t initially on the cards. Luckily she was on the pill.

With both of us half naked, I crawled up between her legs but couldn’t help stopping on the way for a taste. My tongue slipped up and down the outside of her wet, swollen lips, tasting her excitement, experiencing every fold and crease of her perfectly shaved womanhood. Slowly teasing her, purposefully avoiding her nub, as my tongue slipped between her swollen lips, lapping up her nectar and exploring her inner reaches as far as it can go. As her body tensed in preparation to orgasm, latched my lips over her nub and sucked, my tongue flicking her nub fast and she came hard. Grabbing my head tight with her thighs she “rode” my lips and tongue. Every muscle in her body tense with pleasure, slowly releasing me as her orgasm subsided.

I just couldn’t wait longer. I took up my position between her trembling legs, my manhood rubbing against her warm lips. I kissed her, and she excitedly kissed back, thrusting her pelvis against me, beckoning me to enter her. The head of my manhood rubbed up and down between her lips, gathering lubrication and then slowly started to slip inside her. That feeling of extreme heat and tightness, the urge to thrust in with one stroke but also not wanting the feeling of slow penetration to end.

As I slid in she pulled me against her, my face in her neck, kissing her. I was all the way inside and for a brief moment just stayed still. Enjoying the feeling of being connected to her, the warmth of her around me, the heaving of her chest against mine, her breath on my neck. The salty taste of her skin on my lips. I slowly withdrew a bit before pushing in deeper again, savouring the feeling of her body trying to pull me back in. My hand slid up under her top, lifting her bra and exposing her gorgeous firm breasts to the night air and my hungry lips. Slowly at first but getting faster I moved in and out as my mouth latched onto her breast, increasing my excitement as her moans became more urgent.

Suddenly she tensed up. I could feel her contract around my manhood, desperately trying to pull me deeper into her, she gasped, moaned, pulled me against her and then released. She took on a post orgasmic glow, a stunning smile on her face and a look in her eyes that seemed as if she stared right into my soul. Being a gentleman I gave her a moment to enjoy the bliss before starting to move again, this time more vigorous than before, her moans and words egging me on. Her hand slid down and started rubbing her nub. Again she exploded and froze in orgasm.

We took a quick 5 minute breather. She laid in my arms, sharing my bodyheat and stealing a few kisses. Of course our hands never stayed still. Continuous touching and caressing kept us excited and wanting more. Before long she sat up, swung her leg over me and sat down, trapping my manhood between our bodies. As our tongues intertwined again she started moving against me, her lips rubbing me up and down, copious amounts of fluid spreading over both of us. Her hand slid between us and took hold of my manhood. Lifting her hips she angled my manhood up, placed it against her entrance and slowly sat down again, impaling her on me. Fully filled she bent down and kissed me whilst moving her hips, drawing pleasure out of both of us.

My hips started thrusting up on each of her down strokes, holding her waist as the feeling of my building ejaculation took over. I slid a hand down between us and rubbed her nub as my stroking became faster with the increased need to consummate our union. She took over rubbing her nub as I started pushing into her more desperately. On the brink of orgasm I looked into her smiling eyes, “Come with me please, I’m close”. Her rubbing picks up pace and as I explode inside her she tenses up, bends over and with our foreheads against each other, she lets out a primordial, glutteral moan and begins shaking as her orgasm washed over her, her contractions milking me dry.

We stayed in that position for about 10 minutes. No talking, no kissing, no distractions, we were just “being”, appreciating the closeness, the intimacy and each other.

After our evening together we saw each other regularly until I moved away, but we never had sex other than that one time. That evening the stars aligned and offered us the opportunity to have great sex, but also become good friends.