Written by downtoearthguy

07 Aug 2017

my second posting and an unexpected encounter. still will put up others of experiences through SH. I was n Hyde park corner on Wednesday last week had just interviewed a chap for a job position and after two coffees and a juice decided to go to have a pee. the upstairs corner cloakrooms on the wollies level just up from the escalators must have been about 11am. walked in and there was a chap in the one corner at only urinal on that wall taking a leak there was an Indian fella at the sink with his young daughter! he was washing her hands i pushed my lap top bag to one side and unzipped. i began to watch my pee flow and then was more conscious of the guy to my right who seemed tobe peeing for ages. i turned slightly not wanting to look too interested after all a public space. he sort of turned my way didn't make face contact i carried on peeing thought I had misread the situation. i zipped and as i turned aorund he looked straight at me def positive eye contact still pretending to pee i was sure his bladder was empty even if his balls were not .... the Indian chap was still there i began to wash my hands slowly wishing the Indian fella and his daughter would leave. the guy was still standing unzipped at the urinal this was for me a definite try at a hook up. the Indian fella left i went immediately to one of the only two toilets both floor to ceiling walled and went in and left the door closed but unlocked. i waited no more than a few seconds and yep he was coming in. i sat on the toilet as he closed and locked the door this was going to be about him not me. he was a blonde perhaps 30 or so much younger than me he unzipped not a word his cock came out surprisingly limp cut and i took it in my open mouth he bent as i sucked n him feeling him grow his one hand gave a quick squeeze of my groin and then began to suck hard as his cock hardened i sucked long and deep for not even a minute and he rewarded me, quietly sending his load into my closed mouth. a medium load he must have cum recently but hot all the same. he pulled out patted my head! he zipped up and left. i waited to hopefully ensure coast was clear and then came out the cubicle to an empty cloakroom. it was meant to be lol i need to spread the news of hoe to read if a guy is there to piddle or wants you to fiddle i seem to be able to detect the difference as this is the third d time in ans many years i enjoyed an incredibly hot opportunistic encounter the one was in lakeside benoni and the the other at the now Maslow hotel all one sided but all erotic and fulfilling to the extreme.