11 May 2017

In part one Lee gave me a bj in the toilets at Kfc and said she be visiting me later that evening at home, which she did but she brought a friend with her from work.

Her friend is called Gene and is in her early 40's. Toned body and very sexy. When they arrived i didnt know if i should be upset or happy. I had no idea if i would now get to return the favour for Lee or not. After all there is now a third person. I had to get Lee alone to find out what the situation is so i decided to have a shower and deliberately left my towel.

Once i was done showering i called Lee to plz bring me a towel which she did. I asked why she brought her friend with as i was looking forward to having some fun with her and now we have another lady present. Lee responded that Gene have been divorced for just over a year and seperated for over two years. Since her seperation she have not been with a man and that she have 2 very demanding kids. Lee thought it will do Gene good to have a break and just relax with some company and asked her to come with to my place and Gene agreed.

I normally only wear boxer shorts when i am at home so without thinking i put on a pair of boxers and joined the 2 woman in the lounge. At that stage they already had 2 glasses of wine each and was very chirpy. I ordered pizza for us and settled for an evening of chatting and relaxing instead of having awesome sex with Lee.

Pizza arrived and we ate, the woman had more wine and i had some whisky and the evening was turning into a nice social and relaxed visit.

Lee sat mext to me on the couch and was stroking my leg now and again. Every so often she would move her hand close to my cock and at times touch it. My cock having a mind of its own decided to start swelling and before long a blind person could see i had an errection . When Lee drained her glas she asked me for a refill, i replied that i am in no state to get up. She replied that both of them girls have seen a hard cock before . I then got up with a tent in my shorts and poured them more wine. I saw Gene checking out my mid section and didnt know what to think about it.

When i sat down again Lee wasted no time and took my cock out my boxers and started stroking it slowly. I asked her what she was doing as there is company and without hesitation ahe replied shes getting my cock ready for Gene. I looked at Gene, and there was mo response from her but she had her hand beween her legs and was squeezing her hand between the thighs and she was actually breathing different.

Lee pulled me up from the couch and led me to my bed, took my boxers down and pushed me onto my back on the bad. she climbed on the bad next to me and started sucking my cock as she did earlier that day. She called Gene who came to my room and just stood there watching Lee suck me. Lee told her to join us on the bed. Gene didnt say a word,she just watched Lee and i.

I could see Gene was very horny and in she seemed like she was in a different world than us. Lee changed her tactic and asked Gene if she want some of what Lee is having. Still not saying anything, Gene moved onto the bed, stradled me, moved her panty to the side and lowered herself onto my cock. She was sopping wet and i felt my cock penetrate her all the way. She was hot wet and tite. She thew her head back, rolled her eyes, appologised for just taking over and rode me till she exploded on me twice. Her juices were all over me and running down my balls onto the bed. After her second orgasm she fell forward and i could feel her heart beating on my chest. She layed like this for a while and then rolled off me and wanted to appologise again. Lee told her not to be or say sorry as she needed it and then Lee said its her turn. She started kissing me and lifted her leg over me while we were laying on our side and i slipped my cock into her. We fucked like this for a while when she wanted it deeper and harder. I moved her to the edge of the bed where u put her legs over my shoulders and fucked her deep and hard till she cum as well. Then she turned around and i fucked her doggy style and she exploded 3 more times. Gene was once again watching us and rubbing her pussy at the same time. Watching Gene while fucking Lee pushed me over the edge and i pulled out of Lee and she turned and accepted my cum all over her boobs.

I layed on the bed with Lee in my arms and Gene sitting at the foot of the bed while we caught our breath. Once we rocover i asked whose for dinks and Lee decided i cant walk to the kitchen dripping cum on the floor so she started to lick and suck my cock. Gene joined her and they cleaned my cock.

The 3 of us sat on the bed talking and having a drink when i pulled Gene closer and started sucking her boobs and playing with her pussy. She soon found my growing cock and she knew hot to get it hard again. I told Lee to join us but she just smiled and sat back, and said she wants to see us fuck ea h other.

Gene and i fucked each other in every possible position for about an hour before i unloaded all over tummy and boobs . During this time she lost count of her orgasms and complained that her pussy was tender. Lee had a number of orgasms as well during this time as she was playing with herself .

The thee of us ended up in the shower together and we took Gene home. Lee came back to my place and spent the night. We did not fuck again that evening but we had a good session in the morning before she left.

After that eve i have not had the 2 of them together again but have played with both on seperate occasions with the one telling the other what happened. I have planted the seed of them pkaying with one another and it now seems that they are getting very curious about it.

Will update once that have happened.