Written by madmax_1

18 Nov 2014

This happened last year November. I have a friend who with his wife often attend swingers clubs. They always invited me to go along and enjoy a night of fun with them. Due to the fact that I am single I did not want to go as a single male as I felt it won't be much fun.

At that stage I knew 2 girls, one who is openly bi sexual and another which loved sex but was in 2 minds bout having sex with another female. I made a plan and invited both to my house on the same evening with the bi girl fully aware of my plan to let us both spoil the other one and let her experience the best of both worlds.

Needless to say the evening arrived and both girls were present and quite happy in each others company. As the wine flowed so did the conversation turn to sex. As the straight girl went to the kitchen I followed and there we kissed and our hands started exploring. As we were busy the bi girl arrived and asked to join. Needless to say the straight girl stood back to let the bi girl have a turn but I held her hand while kissing the bi girl. I pulled her closer as well and like in a group hug kissed them both. With all 3 our faces so close together the bi girl took advantage and also kissed the straight one who didn't resist at all.

We spent about anothet hour flirting around when the straight girl asked if I am gong to have sex with them both. The answer was simply YES. Her next question was who was 1st and I replied both of them but should she not be comfortable with anything we will stop immediately. From there we went to the bed room and I paid attention to the straight girl to get her relaxed and when she was all turned on and very wet the bi girl joined in and started giving her oral sex. I have never heard her moan like she did that night.

The three of us had sex for hours and we were all exhausted when we went to shower and sleep.

The straight girl was no longer straight and could not believe how good a 3 was. Over breakfast I asked them to accompany me to the swingers party with my friend and his wife which both agreed to in excitement.

Will write that should there be any interest.