Written by Stallion_85

07 Apr 2014

This happened a few weeks ago. I met a married couple on this site, we chatted for a few days and learned that they have never swung before or had a threesome and asked me how this lifestyle works, etc.

They then invited me over to their place for supper, and to watch a soccer match...more of a meet and greet as well.

I went over, the Mrs is about 1.6m tall, stunning legs, slim and a C cup bust. She was wearing a short black dress and heels. The Mr was chilled in tracks and a sweater.

After supper, we watched the game and the couple whispered between themselves (she sat inbetween her hubby and I), about 20 mins into the game, the Mrs walked away into the room and about a minute later, she returned in just a panty, bra and heels.

I immediately started getting an erection. Her hubby got up, and went into the room very quick and came back in about 20 seconds undressed and said let's go into the room. She held both our hands and led us to the room.

She grabbed my head and began to kiss me hungrily as her hubby got behind her and started to undo her bra. Within seconds my hand found its way inside her panty and I felt she was really wet. Then it occurred to me that I was still fully clothed and I moved back and began to strip, while doing that, Her hubby turned her around and began to kiss her.

Once I was naked, I put her on the edge of the bed and began to suck her gorgeous waxed pussy. I sucked her hungrily while she sucked her hubby. This carried on for about 5 mins, and then I stopped, got up and Fed Her my cock....she held it and gently began to suck me as she caressed my balls. As she feasted on my throbbing cock, Her hubby gave me a handful of condoms. Her sucking got faster and faster and I knew I was going to cum, so I quickly pulled out of her mouth and put a condom on as she turned and began to suck her hubby.

I made her lay on her back and slid my throbbing cock in her wet cunt...she let out a moan and stopped sucking her hubby for a second or two and then I began to pump her. I didn't last long as the excitement of me fucking this hot 28 year old married women while her much elder hubby looked on got to me and I shot my thick hot load deep in her drenched cunt.

When I returned from the loo after I cleaned up, etc. they were busy fucking. I sat at the edge of the bed for about 5 mins and then she said "come here", and then she sucked me hard again.

I put another condom on and the hubby moved away, I began to pound her doggystyle. Her hubby got in front of her and Fed Her his cock, and he also held her hips and moved her back and forth so I go deep in her.

We even proceeded to dp her. We fucked her for all we were worth...taking turns and dping her in every possible angle.

I got yo their place at 9pm and left at 2am.

They thanked me for coming over and we have become good friends....so much so that I'm at their place almost every weekend.