Written by Mariaan

13 Feb 2017

I am a 35 year old married woman.Athletic build with brown shoulder length hair and brown eyes.My husband and I are from Johannesburg.Three weeks ago we went for a holiday in Mozambique.I must admit it was also business but mostly a vacation.On a Friday morning my husband left our room early to go and play golf.So not having much to do I went for a walk on the beach after breakfast enjoying the beauty of Mozambique.As I walked I saw a few people walking when my a well build black man caught my attention.He was lying on a beach towel looking at me he saw me looking at him.I could feel him undressing me with his eyes,a feeling I found arousing I must admit.I have always carried a secret from my husband and it is that I find interracial sex exciting.Especially seeing a white woman having sex with a black man.I had fantasized about sex with black men for years.I kept on walking.Then I heard a voice.I looked and saw this black man behind me.He introduced himself and we started talking as we sat on the beach.He informed me he was from France on business in Mozambique and I told him I was South African.As we got more relaxed with each other I could see he kept looking at my breasts and pubic area.I pretended not to notice but secretly I was getting wet and even no and again looking at his crotch.He got up and held out his hand to me and asked if he could show me something.We walked to some trees covered by brushes.Looking around to see if there was anyone around he lowered his swimming trunks exposing his massive cock.Not sure how I would react he looked at me.Looking him straight in the eyes I lowered my swimsuit first exposing my breasts and then my shaven pussy.He smiled of relieve as he stepped forward and touched my breasts and kissing them.My heart was beating like crazy almost jumping out of my throat as I saw this black man naked in front of me.His penis was so massive I almost couldn't put my fingers around it.He had large testicles and I remember thinking how easily they could get a woman pregnant.I was already so wet inside my pussy.Slowly I took hold of his cock and supporting it with one hand while slowly stroking it with the other I put it in my mouth.Their I was giving a blowjob to my first ever black lover.After a few minutes he was as hard as a rock and I knew I wanted him.He withdrew from my mouth.I took my beach towel and spread it on the ground and lay down.He got down on his knees and put my legs on his shoulders and started to eat me out.O my goodness I was in heaven his tongue was magical.I was close to orgasm a couple of times but he would stop just before I came.After what felt like and eternity of pleasure he moved up and started kissing me.As we kissed I felt his penis sliding against my pussy and ones or twice felt the head push against my vulva.I desperately wanted him in me but not without a condom.I pushed him of me and got a condom from my bag.I opened it and unrolled it over his cock,it was a very tight fit but we managed to get it on.I lay back down and opened my legs,he took position between my legs and slowly entered me.Very slowly at first so I could get use to him.When I his cock pressing against my cervix he was only halfway in me that's how big he was.Gently he started thrusting into me but increasing his speed as he got more excited.I was in bliss and lost all track of time.Having this black man using me for his sexual needs drove me crazy with lust.My arms and legs wrapped around him feeling him in me desperately waiting upon a anticipated orgasm,I was so close!He was close to orgasm also as he was fucking me like a jackhammer.Then finally electric shock of ecstasy and pleasure shot through my body as I had my orgasm.It was so intense that I peed.Then all of a sudden he tensed up and letting out a loud moan he started to cum.I could feel his cock pulsing inside me like it had a life of its own.It just kept on pulsing cum load after load of semen.After a few minutes we returned to reality.He slowly withdrew his still erect cock from me.As he pulled out of me my I froze and my heart skipped a beat.Pointing straight at me with all his manly glory was his sperm covered cock with the broken condom around it.I looked down at my pussy touching it and felt a river of sperm leaking from it.I looked at my lover and he at me saying nothing he got up and walked into the ocean to wash himself.I was shocked but what happened had happened.I got up and also went to wash in the salty water.Afterwards he dried myself and put my swimsuit back on.Before we parted ways he gave me one last kiss and said he was sorry about the condom breaking but he is clean.I walked back to our hotel and met my husband for drinks at the bar.Sitting their I couldn't help being excited of thinking that their was a black mans sperm swimming inside me.........