Written by Funcouple3x3

19 Feb 2018

So to begin my partner has a friend that a I find extremely attractive, however she doesn't know about our lifestyle choices and the fun we have had before so never tried anything even though I can tell she feels the same, so just a quick bit of info to give you perspective we have had a few teasing moments and a flash of her tits on the beach etc. Anyways my partner was away for work and was just relaxing watching series when I heard a knock on the door, I opened the door and there she was quite drunk wanting to just come and off load to us as she has before. So i told her well its just me but you welcome to come in and personally don't think you should drive. We chatted for a bit and then told her I think she needs to get some sleep and can have the main bed and I will sleep on the couch. So i lead her into the bedroom and prepped the bed and she asked if i could get her one of my partners nighties as she cant sleep in these clothes, at this point I had no intentions of being naughty or anything just looking out for a friend. So i got out the nighties and to my surprise she asked if I could help her get undressed...... I was caught a little off guard but thought I don't want to miss the opportunity to get a little viewing after wondering for so long. So i helped her take off her white long sleeve top and turned around thinking i would give her privacy to take off her bra and put the nightie over so long.... however she asked me to help her with her bra too, at this point I felt a little guilty as she was very drunk and I was just starting to have naughty thoughts, I loosened the bra strap and she turned around removing her bra and i just could not look away as those big tits just fell as they were released from their confinement. They were big and firm and a nice natural roundness to them with slightly bigger areola's that were a dark shade of brown, i was so turned on but tried to keep my composure. She then asked me to help her out of her leggings but warned me that she wasn't wearing any panties..... I paused for a moment and she said oh come on it's not a big deal. So she fell back on the bed and i grabbed the leggings and peeled them off of her and as i got them off her legs was spread and i got to see that glorious pussy, she had a little bit of hair which was neat and just made her pussy look so good with those neat pussy lips just begging for a licking..... at this point i was so turned on and didn't care that there was a serious bulge starting to show in my boxer shorts. i then neatly folded her clothes and handed her the nightie when she made a comment that got me both excited and nervous at the same time. she asked in a naughty voice "MMMM what do i see there Mr, are you getting turned on by me? i simply replied "well what do you expect, you all naked and it's not like i can control it" to which she replied "well in all honesty i have always wondered how big you are as your partner always brags about it" I was a little thrown off as I have always imagined it but now in reality I had no words to reply and she took full control saying "well you got to see me now so let me get a peak at that will of yours" and without much thought dropped my boxer shorts and stood in front of her sitting on the edge of the bed hanging half mast...... before I could say anything she said " Mmmm now I want to see it fully hard" this got me excited and i started throbbing but replied well "i will need some motivation to get it fully erect" to switch she responded quickly "let me help" and grabbed my cock firmly and started stroking..... I almost instantly got fully erect and beyond horny..... i just stood there enjoying this rare opportunity and she just said "fuck it i want to taste you" and slowly took my cock in her mouth as she sucked and stroked me, she pulled me closer and looked up at me as she swallowed my cock, stroking,licking and sucking. I was still in awe not sure this is really happening when she stopped and said "now i want this big cock of yours to fuck me hard" and moved back onto the bed legs spread waiting for me to just take her and use her. I got on the bed and slid my cock in her wet pussy and starting kissing her as i slid slow and deep in and out of her, i sucked those tits and grabbed her arms over her head and held them there as i start to pound her pussy, deep, hard and fast..... she was moaning louder and louder and said don't stop don't stop until she just exploded and wrapped her legs around me tight holding me in deep kissing me hard. As she relaxed i told her to bend over and she got into position, i slid my cock in enjoying the view of her booty and grab her hips and started slow and deep again..... as i started pounding harder and faster i grabbed her hair and tugged her head back and fuck her as hard as i could until she climaxed again...... i gave her a little breather by just sliding in and out gently and to my surprise she demanded " i want your big cock in my ass now"

I wanted to get lube however she just said spit and fuck me.... so i gave her ass a rimming getting it nice and wet and with not much effort slid my cock into her ass, she was getting wilder and wilder thrusting back urging my cock in and out of her until I couldn't hold out anymore and said I'm going to cum and she said wait and I pulled out... she looked at me in a way I've never seen before and said i want to finish you with my mouth and threw me onto my back...... she started by sucking me slowly, deepthroating and then wrapped those tits around my throbbing cock, again i said i was going to cum and she stopped and said no not yet..... she then demanded i bend over she wants to taste my ass and as this is one of my kinks which she obviously heard from my partner i obliged and bent over, she spread my ass cheeks and started licking my arsehole and tonguing it until i told her i cant anymore she needs to suck me now and i stood in front of her and she sucked me furiously and it didnt take long before i said im going to cum and she stopped sucking and just stroked me until the pressure was so much and i exploded all over her face..... i fell back onto the bed quivering not able to say a word........ part 2 to come if you all want to hear it