02 May 2017

I am a swm in my early 50 and in a snr management position. Lee worked for the same company but in a different department as me but our paths crossed quite often during work. I must admit that I often thought about shagging her as she is quite hot. This remained thoughts as she is in her late 20's.

Last year Lee resigned and her last working day fell on the same day as our year end function. While she was working her notice period the flirting started and at times got very sexual and at times even right to the point of direct telling me what she wants me to do to her. To me it was just flirting but to be honest it did boost my ego due to the age difference.

The day of our year end function arrived and the festivities got off to a great start. Drinks flowed and food was plentifully. Every so often Lee made eye contact and smiled or licked her lips. At one stage she licked her lips and stoked her books then smiled at me. This carried on until about 4 the afternoon when she came to me grabbed my shirt and told me she would be leaving in 15 minutes and expect me to leave as well as she is following me home.

I did not know what to say at that stage and the only reply I could give her was, ok.

I saw her say her good bye's as she made her way to her car. I made excuses and also worked my way out the function refusing the normal one for the road on a few occasions. As I drove out the gates I saw her car behind me and she followed me home. My heart pounding thinking of what is about to happen. Needless to say my cock was rock hard and throbbing.

As we arrived at my place I offered her a drink to which she replied she needs to work up a thirst first. She didn't waste time and took my shirt off, kissed me deep and pushed me backwards onto the couch. She undid my belt, lowered my zip and took my cock out. Without hesitation she lifted her skirt and pulled her gstring down and sat on me with my cock between her pussy lips and rubbed it on my cock a few times. She was very wet and I was throbbing. I decided to let her take the lead as she made it clear there is no time to be a gentleman.

After about a minute of rubbing her pussy on my cock she said she waited long enough to feel me in her an positioned my cock and the next thing I felt my cock slip into her very tight and dripping pussy. It felt amazing. More than I could even imagine. As my cock slid up her she threw her head buck, her eyes rolled back and all she said was fuck!!!!!.

She fuck me in this position and she came twice in a row in a short time. I decided that she needs more and lifted her off me, took her by her hand and took her to my bedroom. Undressed her and laid her on my bed.

Now it was my turn to explore, take in the sight of her young tight body and go to town. We kissed, I sucked her nibbles and played with her clit, making her cum a few times more. She was in another world when I went down and started teasing her clit with my tung and liked her till she came again. As she came down from her orgasm I put her legs over my shoulders and pushed my cock deep into her she sighed and took it like she never had a cock before. She pushed back and met me stroke for stroke, moaning and kept telling me she like the way my cock feel in her. This made me to cum quite quick and as I felt my sperm rushing I took my cock out to cum on her tummy. She changed position and took it all in her mouth swallowing it.

What an amazing sight and feeling. This sexy young woman taking my cock and cum in her mouth. It felt like I was never going to stop.

We layed there catching our breath and she said she was then thirsty. We had a drink and a shower and had some fun in the shower when she sucked my cock again till it was hard and I fucked her bending her over.

Once showered and relaxed we just chilled and listened to music until she left at about 9 that evening.

When she got home I received a msg saying she will see me soon. Since then we regularly have fun. Sometime during the day, even some mornings before work.

Last week I received a msg from her telling me she feels like KFC and if I am free for lunch.

I replied yes and we met at a KFC and placed her order. She went to the ladies and called me. I thought something was wrong when she pulled me into the disabled cubical and started sucking me. People were in And out the toilets and we tried to be as quiet as possible but was rather difficult. She sucked me till I shot my load down her throught and once she swallowed it all I wanted to return the favour. She just said she will be calling on me after work and then I can thank her for the bj.

She did come to my place after work but was not alone, she came with a friend from work who is equally stunning. I will post the happenings if that shortly.