10 Dec 2015

Many moons ago me (single at the time)and two very good friends( married at the time) went out for a few drinks at a local pub. I should have known that something was up when I got fed a lot more drinks than I would usually drink. On the drive home my buddy told me, listen don't worry about what is going to happen tonight. I knew then something was up but never in my life did I think that that night would change my life forever. We stopped at home and she was on me in the car. We started kissing passionately and she guided my hand to her now soaking wet pussy. I was scared exited confused all at the same time as she pulled me by the arm out off the car and into the house. As we entered the bedroom her hubby was lying on the bed already naked with silky cloth tide to his wrist and feet and he asked me to tie him to the bed as she disappeared into the bathroom. As I tied him up she came out with just a silky gown not closed and and I could see her perfect body for the first time. My cock was so hard and I could feel my juice flowing out. She demand me to put a blindfold on her hubby and to sit on the bed and wait. As she disappeared again. I was shaking not knowing if I was scared or just horny as hell. She entered the room and blindfolded me. She started undressing me and pushed me onto the bed. I was tied to the bed and could feel her dripping on my leg. She then started sucking my cock and in her hands she had ice with witch she rubbed on my balls and cock till it got to the point where it actually hurt. Now with a frozen cock she moved up and guided my ice lolly into her soaked warm pussy and the pain disappeared instantly. She slowly fucked me like this for a while and I thought to myself I wish I could see her face. She must have been busy with her hubby next to me because I could hear his breathing picking up pace. Her movement picked up pace with his breathing and I was ready to explode when suddenly I felt an intense burning on my chest. This was candle wax being dripped on me burning my nippels and chest and just before it became unbearable the burning was doused by ice. She then started screaming and I could feel her tight pussy muscles contact around my now burning cock and I exploded inside her like it was my first time. She lye on my chest and I could feel every intense shock that shot through her body. I was still tied to the bed and blindfolded as she and her husband started making love next to me. It was such a turn on and they saw that because I was hard again. They untied me and we had the most amazing 3sum through the night.

That night we formed a bond that still to this day is as strong as then.

We still talk every now and then and every time that night gets mentioned. I just wish I could have a similar experience like that again once in my life.