Written by 1wulfa

02 Dec 2016

Mansell had crashed out of the race and Prost had won the title so we headed out passing the spliff into kent town and got into the party lights buzz or slack steve rene and myself navigating the way we found a wine bar in melbourne street with some blues going ....hot and crowded on a high the place was sexy as hell and its four afternoon time ...finally geting drinks from the lil hottie behind the big sqare bar i turned with a glass and spilled red wine down a long tan leg wearing black cullottes and a long tall good looking woman ...slightly stunned my gang behind me i knelt and grasped her ankle and took her shoe off and kissed the wine on her shin and looked at her with my best labrador eyes she cooly gazed back and smiled i licked some more wine from her shin my heart hammering in my throat and chest ...she opened her leg and laughed i was licking the fine blonde hair on her thigh now my right hand slowly moving her leg more open when she said "that is definately far enough for now " most of the wine was gone i was straining against my chinos i stood and pulled her up past the barflys to the small wooden dance area her accent was hard to pick but she could dance with rythymm her feet smooth and agile her breasts were cute some freckles and her valllley deep she could feell my cock now and flirted with it pushing her lithe body at me and pushing her mound against my thigh crowding us sexy hot people just as fun loving as us dressed for summer the air was electric she was palming cock when she hit me and laughing at her girl friend making faces back at her when the set stopped we had to get some air and landed in the old lion beergarden smoking and cooling with beer sweating out some she was beautifull her anglais funny stilted and cute the point of her shoe was running to some piped dire straits lets go to my place and have a party are you cool with that her hands and eyes dancing yeh sure ill cook if you want i replied ...my mates were all over the place poor married buggers and stevo was breaking up with wife ...we had to walk to a nice little north adelaide cottage upstairs downstaits sorta thing ...more later this is hard hard work on a samsung phone so please excuse bad or no spell check just get on with it okay ? .....