Written by anon

13 Jun 2013

Hi All me again thanks for the feedback .....so what happened next well here goes oh please forgive my spelling and grammar.

Well a few days passed and we chatted subtly setting the ground rules and feeling each other out ....that whole are you a freak and a weirdo type or can you converse about more than sex.We decided to meet again for coffee this time we were determined to actually sit in a booth and consume the stuff.

At the appointed hour we met in the same parking lot same spot a warm kiss hello and in we went.

The nice thing about meeting in the mid morning is that the steakhouse was empty so we had the entire smoking section to ourselves.Once again we chatted about life the universe and the need for physical contact something that was lacking in both our marriages.we spoke about our kids and the trials and tribulations they represent and we kissed and kissed long and deep ...have i mentioned she is a great kisser.

This time it was her hands that wondered into my lap a gentle caress and i was already perking up ...so to speak .I had made a conscious decision before the meeting to not push and let her make the next move and she did the gentle caress became a firmer rub then she withdrew her hand.

I couldn't resist and we kissed i slide my hand up her jean covered thighs straight to that sweet spot she opened her legs and I cupped her the heat was unmistakable. Well her hand returned to my crotch but we both well aware of the security cameras in the shop so we were more in exploration mode rather than trying go for the big O.

Well the second cup of coffee was over and we both more than a little aroused so i suggested that we head of somewhere and be together (like our Pres I would never leave a woman in need) alas she said she couldn't as the kids were on their way home from school.(aching balls screamed in frustration)

We wondered back to the cars and I asked her to join me in mine for a farewell kiss (hey a little privacy is required).She jumped in the passanger seat we locked lips the semi privacy of the car and lack of video surveillance meant that hands were no longer restrained.My hands were under her top caressing her breasts her hands were back in my lap.

I stopped kissing her and asked her "If I try and undo your jeans will you stop me?" and her response was "I don't think so"

so with permission granted I reached down and popped the button she pulled down her zip and pulling them down just a smidge i slid my hand into her panties.

Her womanhood was superhot and drenched the slippery feel of her and the scent of her arousal driving me wild.When wouldn't you know it four cars rock up park next to us...sigh back to been ordentlik I sat back in my seat and couldn' resist sucking on the fingers that had so recently been o and inside her the taste was exquisite and made me want to go down on her that instant.She playfilly punched my arm when she say what i was doing.I glanced out the windscreen hoping the new arrivals would get the hell outta there only to notice a little smirk on the face of one of the men ...ooops BUSTED!

I grinned back as he and his party headed off.

As soon as they were gone i leaned over and kissed her she pulled her panties away so i could get my hand back to where it was .Like a child with a nw toy i explored her womanhood with the tips of my fingers delving inside and then dancing over her clit too soon for my liking that little shudder ran throgh her and I knew she was complete.

Now while were in the coffe shop we had played truth or dare now when it came to the dare part she had dared me to take a pic of my manparts and send it to her......easy peasy you may be thinking but I hate pics of the old junk perhaps its insecurity who knows so I look up at her and reaching down lower my zipper and pull out the old one eyed monster ..."If you want to know what it looks like" I say "here it is" .

She looks around quickly then reaches over and starts stroking me AHHHHHH HEAVEN given the blue ball syndrome of the last few days .Then she dropped her head into my lap I swear to God I heard the heavenly choir the moment I entered her warm willing mouth and when she swirled her tongue around the Devil himself popped a boner.Man it was good I was trying to keep an eye out for people and at the same time enjoy the sensations in the nether regions.

Knowing we were in a open place obviously inreased the turn on factor tenfold but it also meant that this had to be a quicky so I reached down and started working the shaft as she used her talented tonge on the crown soon I felt the heat rising and knew that it was almost time .....now here is the big problem with an improptu BJ in the car where to cum considering we were fully clothed that could be a problem and cumming in her mouth well would she bite the head off out of spite as some woman would a conondrum indeed.

Been the gentleman I warned her of the impeding explosion I think the words were "FUCK i am gonna cum soon" see plenty of warning!!Now i was fully expecting her to back away and that would be that, another visit to Mrs Palmer and her five daughters later on.But no she worked her tongue harder and sucked down on the head well that was it for me I came and came and came my toes did literally curl up and I looked like I was having a fit jerking around .

She swallowed every last drop and made sure i was clean as a whistle before sitting back "WHAT A WOMAN" .

Well after that we just got our breath back before bidding each other farewell we went our seperate ways till today....... and thats another story